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Passages After 50

Honey Good sitting at desk holding book taking the high road

Today on Ask Honey: How To Take The High Road

Do you know how to take the high road? When we are falsely accused, professionally or personally, we are faced with three difficult choices. We can let it go and allow the problem to continue. Or, we can let it go because it feels right. Lastly, we can fight to clear our name! In all […]

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Honey and Shelly Good

New Beginnings & Journeys: Today on Ask Honey

I wrote this story about new beginnings and journeys a couple of years ago in response to a reader’s question. Those of you who have been with me for a while may remember my “Ask Honey” posts. Well, I’ve been pondering bringing it back. Would that be something you would like? Please let me know […]

Advice, Dear Honey, Passages After 50

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I am Buzz Buzz Buzzing with advice today. Like a Queen Bee, I have had my share of life experiences and learned many lessons along the road of life. As you know, I enjoy sharing my knowledge. Today I will share my insight on how I handle toxic women. Truth be told, my editor chose […]

Passages After 50, Relationships

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Honey Good sipping coffee contemplating her role as a caregiver to her spouse

Urinary Incontinence Prevention: Kegel Exercises for Women After 50

It’s a fact of life that we can’t ignore, urinary incontinence is an issue, and we have to talk about it, darlings! And since this is International Women’s Month, we may as well talk about something that plagues women more than men, and what we can do about it! Let’s get into it.  Why Are […]

Passages After 50, Self Care, Wellness

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honey good in athletic wear after 50

Has ‘Finding Your Purpose’ Become a Hobby?

With all of the changes that come after 50, has finding purpose become our new hobby? From the time we were small children until our last child left the nest or we retired from the workplace, our purpose was cut out for us. And then the day of reckoning arrives! We all say to ourselves, […]

Passages After 50

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Passages After 50


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