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Passages After 50

exploring chicago

Honey’s Guide To Visiting Chicago

Darlings, I just love my beautiful city of Chicago! After growing up about an hour away from ‘The Windy City’ in Kankakee by the Sea, and living parts of my life in Hawaii and California, there is nothing quite like my ‘Condo in the Sky’. Chicago is a beautiful place to visit any time of […]

Passages After 50

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Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving With Moxie + My Tablescape

I am a Moxie type. No getting around it. I go for the unusual; unafraid of repercussions. It’s interesting because it seems like the older I get, the more Moxie I acquire. Thank goodness! I appreciate and admire the Moxie in others, too. Moxie means a lot of things; from attempting to do something serious […]

Passages After 50, Style

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Keeping in Touch Keeps You Alive and Lively

Stay Lively And Beat Loneliness After 50 By Doing This

Blogger Rosemary Bointon wrote today’s post on how to stay lively and beat loneliness after 50! Enjoy, darlings!   Have you found that you’re not keeping in touch with friends and maybe even family after 50?  You lose the camaraderie of working, your kids have long since set up their own lives on the other […]

Passages After 50, Relationships

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going grey, grey hair after 50

Why I’ve Embraced Grey Hair & How You Can Too!

Darlings, If you’ve struggled with whether to keep dyeing or to go grey once and for all – I hope my story can help you. To tell you the truth, I embraced my grey hair ‘doin what came naturally’! I’ve always been an empowered and enlightened woman who dances to her own drum and likes […]

Passages After 50, Style

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How to deal with widowhood during the holidays

How To Deal With Widowhood During The Holidays

The topic of widowhood often comes up in my private Facebook group, Celebrate Life, especially around the holidays. Many women after 50 have suffered the devastating loss of a spouse. I am certain there will be discussions on how to deal with widowhood during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah holidays. (If you are interested in […]

Passages After 50, Relationships

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Passages After 50


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