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Assemblage Art: The Easy-to-Start Endeavor That Brings Joy in Retirement

Today’s post was written by artistic and intrepid couple, Esther Siegel and Spencer Brewer. They have discovered a unique secret to keeping the retirement blues away … Assemblage art!  Enjoy, darling. The joy and freedom of one’s retirement years can often come at the cost of a reduced sense of purpose and meaning causing the […]

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Aging in Confidence: From Wobbly Steps to Headstands

Today’s post was written by insightful Ann Richardson, who is a frequent and popular contributor to international sites, as well as the author of the book, The Granny Who Stands on Her Head: Reflections of growing older. Enjoy, darlings! I am personally of the view that when we pop out of the womb, we already […]

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Finding Strength After 50: Exploring Challenges and Building Community

Several online websites and social media channels on lifestyle appeal to women after 50 in beauty, fashion, entertainment, food, and travel. I frequent some of these sites. As a woman over 50, I have earned my Ph.D. So, I decided to discuss topics outside the limelight. My site,, and my three private FaceBook groups […]

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Pilates, Perseverance, and Positive Thoughts: How I’m Embracing Change

Embracing major life changes demands a woman’s resolve, her honesty with her feelings, and the courage to navigate the labyrinth of emotions until she reaches an outcome that benefits her and those she loves. Personal aspirations may not directly improve our lives, but they can be a powerful catalyst, a driving force. Why? Because genuine […]

Passages After 50

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Are We Too Busy? Ways to Rest With Love In This Busy World

Darlings, today we have a great article written by Dr. Bethany Johnson. She is a professor of sociology with 20 years of teaching in the classroom and online. Today, she writes about being busy and gives us tips and tricks on ways to rest with love. Enjoy! Chaotic and Busy Schedules Life is chaotic at […]

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Many women over 50 do. I have found, the key to feeling relevant, important, and VISIBLE lies within you. I hope my free eBook will help you rediscover your purpose, and see the value that I so clearly see in you. 

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