What I Learned on a Soul-Soothing Visit to Garden Valley, Idaho

*Affiliate disclosure If I could wish upon a star I would wish that with a snap of my fingers, I would return to this time at Garden Valley, Idaho. I love Garden Valley. It does take a special type of personality to be content year-round but in today’s world, most of us yearn for contentment […]


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Before You Hit the Road: Essential Pre-Trip Checks Every Driver Needs

Ready to hit the road, darling? After years of holding down the fort, the travel bug is probably biting you something fierce if you are a woman over 50. Not to mention coming out of the gray cocoon of winter. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape with your husband, a fun-filled adventure with the grandkids, […]

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Wanderlust should bring about a strong desire to travel and see new things and spark new curiosities.

The Surprising Joys of Wanderlust After 50: Ignite Your Passion for Adventure

  *Affiliate Disclosure I think the benefit of wanderlust is one of the ultimate currencies. You are giving yourself a chance to fill your pockets with the wonder of exploration and discovery. What could be better than to embark on this type of adventure after 50?   To be able to wander and gallivant through […]

Family Travel, Solo travel, Travel, Traveling with Friends, Traveling with Grandkids

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How Travel After Loss Can Bring Hope

I wrote this as I traveled. I was in Paris with my Ultimate Concierge. Travel is truly transformative and I got to thinking about how it can be a form of therapy. I will share my story of how travel helped me in a time of surviving the loss of a love. After a loss […]

Grief & Widowhood, Travel

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Today’s story will stimulate your travel bug — see what I chose for some of the best travel spots to visit in the fall. The best time to travel in my opinion is the fall (and I consider myself an authority in the art of travel, so take my advice!). School is back in session, […]

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