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– Warmly, Honey

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter Day!

Honey wishes you a happy easter and passover

Wishing You the Hope of New Beginnings Easter Brings!

I hope that no matter what religion you practice, or holiday you celebrate, today on Easter day, you cherish each other, and love each other deeply and fully. Remember that we are all blessed with life and the ability to love.

I hope you get to spend the day or evening with those you love, even if it’s virtual. Practice gratitude today and every day. Love yourself and tell yourself how good you are handling this new world I call, Elsewhere. Remember darling, you are practically perfect in every way. You have gotten through another year, and you will always get through another day with a smile.

Journal Your Memories

As a fun Easter day practice, I suggest taking out your journal or pulling out that journal you haven’t yet opened. Since spring has sprung, and Easter is the time of new beginnings, write down your hopes, dreams, and goals for the next few months. It could be as simple as starting a garden or making a practice of calling a friend each day. Then, write down memories of this holiday, or childhood memories you simply adored. By doing this, you will feel a sense of joy and nostalgia. Once you’ve done that, take that happiness you feel and apply it to your new goals and dreams you’ve written down. Trust me, you will feel invigorated and ready to start as soon as you’re done writing.

And darling, if you just want to practice how to “simply be” this spring, use this journal exercise as a way to walk down memory lane. If anything, you will feel joy…and isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Sending love to you on this blessed day. Happy Easter and end of Passover. I am smiling!

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    1. I am a little late in thanking you but I want you to know the thank you is heartfelt. Warmly, Honey

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