Honey Good at her computer being positive and enjoying her positivity and older Instagram

8 Older Instagram Accounts to Follow for Vibrant After 50 Inspiration

Today’s style story is really an education about trends and technology for the 50+ woman, specifically “older Instagram”. Forget being a wallflower – it’s time to step into the spotlight and celebrate your razzle dazzle self after 50. And guess what? There’s a whole world of inspiration waiting for you on this popular platform (yes, […]


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How Short is Too Short

‘Older Women’ in Short Skirts: How Short Is Too Short After 50?

When it comes to “older women” in short skirts, who gets to say what’s wrong or right for us? This is just the type of topic I love to discuss with our community of women on and my private Facebook group, Women Over 50: Celebrate Visibility. We are a group of women who are […]


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Earth Day everyday

7 Ways to Bloom in Life After 50

It’s June, Darlings! And June is the time to bloom – in life, love, career, personal experiences, or even within yourself. No matter your age, you have the power to flourish and blossom. Continuing to Bloom in Life After 50 We hold the power to keep blooming after 50, just like we hold the power […]

Passages After 50, Self Care

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ENLARGE YOUR WORLD Honey Good walking in floral pants

Grace, Grit, and Glam: Traits of an Empowered Woman Over 50

As I think about my life, my girlfriends’ lives, and the lives of all the incredible women in my community, I see that being an empowered woman over 50 is a recipe baked with resilience, continuous learning and goal-setting, emotional intelligence, grace, and unshakeable self-confidence. Empowered women are powerful but not power-hungry. We are strong […]

Advice, Self Care, Style, Wellness

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Honey and Shelly with Stories for my Grandchild book

How to Mother Yourself This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Today, I celebrate you because you spent years of your life holding your children close, stroking their heads, helping them solve their problems, tucking them into bed, and telling them that all would be well. You asked for nothing in return except their love and respect. You were unselfish in your devotion. […]

Advice, Mother's Day, Self Care

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