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From Chivas Regal to Ensure: The Transitions of a Charmed Life

Can a wife continue to live a charmed life when her husband is aging and ill? The obvious answer is no. I became the wife who finds herself suddenly serving her ultimate concierge a glass of chocolate or vanilla Ensure or a smoothie (I am now the queen of smoothies!) instead of a smooth Chivas […]

Passages After 50, Relationships, Self Care

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plus size fashion how to dress plus size body

How to Dress a Plus-Size Body at Any Age!

Today, the great fashionista, Andrea Pflaumer talks about how to dress a plus-size body. Just because you don’t fit a certain mold, does not mean you can’t be fashionable. Enjoy, darling!  You Can Be Fashionable at a Plus-Size There’s a terrible misconception that plus-sized women will never look as fashionable or chic as the rail-thin […]


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black friday 2022

The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – What I’m Buying 2023

Darlings, today is the day — BLACK FRIDAY 2023! See everything I’m shopping for (plus my favorite brands to check out!) *Affiliate Disclosure You know, I can remember the craze of Black Friday’s past where people would line up outside stores on Thanksgiving morning to get the deal. And honestly, I’m glad that is now […]

Entertainment, Fashion, Holidays, Home, Shopping, Style

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How to Dress for a Holiday Party After 50

*Affiliate Disclosure The holidays are a time for getting together and that means holiday parties! Not to mention an endless list of things to do. (Are you making your list and checking it twice?) Get ready for shopping dates, long phone calls with friends and family, nights spent chatting and wrapping gifts, dinners with those […]


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best moisturizers fall for aging skin

Winter Sunscreen: A Necessity for Women over 50

Darling, as a cancer survivor, and skin care enthusiast, I am excited to introduce you to Lisa Cooper. As a visible woman over 50, she makes her mark as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and like me, she is a cancer survivor. You can read more about my favorite sunscreens in this article. Enjoy. -Honey […]

beauty, skin care, Style, Wellness

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