Grief & Widowhood

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Finding Strength After 50: Exploring Challenges and Building Community

Several online websites and social media channels on lifestyle appeal to women after 50 in beauty, fashion, entertainment, food, and travel. I frequent some of these sites. As a woman over 50, I have earned my Ph.D. So, I decided to discuss topics outside the limelight. My site,, and my three private FaceBook groups […]

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The Tools I Used to Survive Widowhood

  Navigating widowhood is a painful and aching experience. I understand this firsthand, having walked this path myself. It’s been more than three decades since I received the phone call and received the news of my first husband’s passing, and the feeling is still palpable. My story and experiences will hopefully enlighten you with the answers […]

Advice, Grief & Widowhood, Relationships

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How I Survived The Loss Of My Husband


My first experience with death and mourning occurred with the untimely loss of my late husband, Michael. Losing my soulmate was debilitating. I can best describe myself as shattered and shocked. One day I was young, in my forties with two precious daughters living near the sea, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Life in the Islands with Michael, also […]

Advice, Grief & Widowhood, Relationships

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Many women over 50 do. I have found, the key to feeling relevant, important, and VISIBLE lies within you. I hope my free eBook will help you rediscover your purpose, and see the value that I so clearly see in you. 

as a woman, do you feel invisible?