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You’ll grow from one passage to the next when you continuously work on yourself. When you raise the stakes, you are living! A positive attitude is your latitude! So, set aside all fear and aspire; remembering you are at the controls of your personal journey. 

The HoneyGood community is made up of women around the world who want to learn now to reach new heights of awareness, who don’t want to be lonely, who want to remain visible and make the decision to make their lives interesting by being interested!
I personally welcome you with open arms to Honey Good, a community of women over 50 who recognize the importance of ‘women needing women.’

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Trust me, darling, I know. As a storyteller who delights in sharing my pearls of wisdom, I’ll show you that you will transition with style through life passages. You will experience incredible possibilities if you push yourself into the unknown, fill your eyes with newness, leave your comfort zone, and aspire to live each new day with joy and a new profound purpose.

As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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The Modern Matriarch


Your destination for travel tips and tricks - packing, closing up your home, traveling solo, great walking shoes, safety tricks, the perfect travel agent and other insights on how to make the most of all types of travel. Honey's extensive travel experience makes her the perfect guide. 



What is style as a woman over 50? It’s the right attitude towards life and confidence in who you are. Style is rooted in a woman’s inner beauty and poise. Explore ways to emphasize and discover your personal style with Honey as your stylist.



Read Honey’s real life experiences with relationships as a woman over 50. From love and marriage, connections with adult children and grandchildren, the art of blending families, and the importance of friendships old and new, all the while nurturing the most important relationship of all – the one with ourselves – so we can stay confident and visible through every season of life.



Master the art of entertaining and making your home a haven. Honey knows, every woman over 50 deserves a comfortable and stylish living environment. Follow Honey’s innovative home decor ideas to transform your space into a sanctuary. 



Honey is your guide to discovering new hobbies and infusing vitality into your leisure time. Whether you're looking for book recommendations, movie reviews, or insights into the latest entertainment trends, Honey has you covered. 



Explore Honey’s thoughts on outer beauty for women over 50. Learn how to be a visible, beautiful woman who carries herself confidently. Get tips and trends on makeup and skincare, how to care for silver hair, and the best products for the modern women over 50.



Honey has earned a PhD in life through experiences beautiful and sad, and everything in between. Dive in for insights on love through every season, and the importance of positivity. Her wisdom shines on all aspects of life’s journey, including personal growth, travel, style, health, and happiness. 


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“The welcome I have felt here is palpable. This special group of mature women is the first online group within which I feel comfortable and safe to be me. The acceptance and humor and wisdom, such amazing gifts.”


“Honey, you have pizazz! I am going to try and live outside the box like you. Your
stories help me realize I have untapped potential.”


“Honey, you are the most positive thinking woman! You give me hope that I can
think like you. Thank you for your stories.”


“I so enjoy reading your daily blogs. Your post are interesting, informative, touch my soul and enhance my life. As I mature gracefully, I am working to being my “best self” and staying blessed and being happy. You radiate all that I aspire to do and be as I prepare for retirement and my next phase of life. Your look is star studded everyyyyyy day and I love your style. Thank you so much for pouring into my soul and your “wonderfullness”.”

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