The Passionate Pursuit of Solitary Pleasure

Millions of women’s lives turn on a dime when illness strikes their spouse or partner. It is a heartbreaking and shattering experience, emotionally debilitating to watch one’s partner struggle. It’s a game-changer to suddenly have a new title—Florence Nightingale—and the time to put the medal to the pedal with all her love, intelligence, and time. […]

Advice, Passages After 50

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Simple Luxury

Embracing the Luxury of a Simple Life and Finding Peace in the Everyday

The first thing that pops into our minds when we think of the word luxury are material possessions. Right? I happen to love the meaning of the word for a different reason. Luxury, to me, is a ‘lasting’ state of great emotional comfort. A material possession brings a woman instant comfort, like a shooting star. […]


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Honey Good in her kitchen showing us how to overcome obstacles in life.

Life Is But a Bowl of Cherries, Even With the Pits

We all have regrets, which are self-imposed punishments — I see those as the pits in the sweet bowl of cherries that we call life. Some pits linger inside forever, some are throwaways after we make amends to those we love. There are dumb things we did or didn’t do, and some have been put […]

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Honey and Shelly with Stories for my Grandchild book

How to Mother Yourself This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Today, I celebrate you because you spent years of your life holding your children close, stroking their heads, helping them solve their problems, tucking them into bed, and telling them that all would be well. You asked for nothing in return except their love and respect. You were unselfish in your devotion. […]

Advice, Mother's Day, Self Care

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Honey Good the Queen Bee

The Art of Bending With Empowerment

A woman who practices the art of bending with empowerment is a powerful force. She understands that positive bending leads to a charmed and richer lifestyle. This woman flows with the tide and positively bends with the wind. She is wise and flexible. To a point, she follows rules. She also makes her own. She is […]

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