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Today on Ask Honey: How To Take The High Road

Do you know how to take the high road? When we are falsely accused, professionally or personally, we are faced with three difficult choices. We can let it go and allow the problem to continue. Or, we can let it go because it feels right. Lastly, we can fight to clear our name! In all […]

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Looking Forward: What Is Coming Down the Line?

Today’s post was written by Ann Richardson, who is a frequent and popular contributor to international sites, as well as the author of the book, The Granny Who Stands on Her Head: Reflections of growing older. Enjoy, darlings! It seems to be human nature to think about what is coming ahead, but not too much. […]

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How to Handle Divided Loyalty

I have learned that understanding how to cope with divided loyalty starts in our heads. How can a person handle divided loyalty? By finding themselves placed in the position of choosing a side. Rule #1. As a woman after 50, you should have established your personal thoughts on loyalty. First and foremost is to be […]

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