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Passages After 50

why women should do yoga after 50

Why Women Should Do Yoga After 50

Jordan Morgan wrote today’s post on the benefits of doing yoga after 50. Enjoy, darlings! As women age, their bodies and minds go through many changes. For many women over the age of 50, these changes can be challenging and can lead to feelings of loss, insecurity, and isolation. However, yoga can provide a supportive […]

Passages After 50

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My favorite books of 2022

Darlings, books can have a profound impact on our lives as women, so I want to share my favorite reads of 2022 with you. Books allow us to explore new ideas, expand our knowledge, and gain new perspectives on the world. Through reading, we can gain insight into the lives of others and learn from […]

Passages After 50

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The Value of Remaining Body Positive Through Aging

Charlie Fletcher wrote today’s post on the value of remaining body positive through aging. Enjoy, darlings! As you age, you’re likely to face various challenges. One of the most common of these can be how you feel about your body as you transition into later life. After the age of 50, many women start to […]

Passages After 50, Style

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The meaning of the red string

Darlings, we are in the final month of 2022 and as it begins to draw to a close, I always enjoy looking back on the year. Each year I learn so much. I have traveled, I have met new people from all over the world, I have reacquainted myself with past experiences and friends, and […]

Passages After 50

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If you’re struggling to be thankful, catch love!

Truth be told, like all of you, I am thankful for everything!   I am thankful for my mistakes, my self-inflicted punishments, my surprise accomplishments, the joy in watching a sunrise, the stars in the sky, my ability to forgive, my love of nature and my curious mind, my lack of fear to test all […]

Passages After 50

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Passages After 50


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