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HOW TO LIVE AN ENLIGHTENED LIFE AFTER 50Two long-term double whammies at once, my age and living in Elsewhere! you can think to yourself. You go on to think, Both events can have long-term unpleasant effects on me. Or, you can think to yourself, I have decided to live a passionate life after the age of 50+, even though I am living in troubled times. Obviously, sweet reader, the second thought is far more positive but will take determined effort. 

The first thought causes the doldrums; inactivity, stagnation, and depression. You definitely do not want to go there! The second thought puts you into the positive territory of enlightenment; a cycle of wanting to grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Now that sounds better!

Positively Passionate 

Let me begin by saying: Be positively passionate about your life. You can weather your valleys and storms and smile at the mountains you climb. I know I do. And, while you are going through this difficult change in attitude seek out those who are happy campers.

It is a raw fact that you have entered the passage of life where you begin to really think about your chronological age. And in Elsewhere, no less, a place that festers “the doldrums.” I know because Elsewhere has had a very negative effect on my emotional well-being. Even though I  say to myself, La De Da, deep within I know I have little control. My only control is to have dual citizenship to escape, if need be, and live an enlightened life with all of you and my family.  

I just adore saying the word Enlightenment. It is so telling. It puts me on an emotional high. Saying and seeing the word lights up my life. 

I have spent the past few days writing down how I spent my time. Why don’t you do the same? My days are filled with highlights and lowlights and I do not mean my hair. I asked myself, “Did I manage to live an upbeat lifestyle? Furthermore, did I continue to laugh and smile through my “woes attacks?” You, betcha! And, so should you. Remember my saying, “See your downs as the color grey, not black.” 

Being Enlightened and Proactive

In the past few days, the one major pitfall that will not go away is living in Elsewhere. But, not down enough to stop me from being enlightened and proactive about my personal life. Here is what I accomplished and it all took a lot of effort. But, that effort propelled me into positive territory. 

First on my list of accomplishments, I hired a decorator to help me redo our foyer. I will show you a “before,” in the process, and the final showing in the spring. This took considerable time and effort because I had to find my decorator of choice. Initially, I called friends for advice. Then I set up interviews with two decorators. I interviewed them at our home and that took time. At last, I made a choice that I am thrilled with. Finger’s crossed!

A close friend told me about the practice of lymphatic massage. Once I began to understand the connection between the lymphatic system and the immune system, I wanted to learn more. Dear reader, you know I have a curious mind. 

After much consideration and research, I’ve decided I will get a weekly lymphatic massage. The next step was an investigation into practitioners. 

I did my digging and found there are only three qualified people with the right degrees in the entire city of Chicago. That includes all the suburbs. Then I had to wait for an opening and the person I decided on does not live close by. It is a 30-minute drive.

This has taken a lot of time – almost two months! But it was worth it. Yesterday I had my first massage. Now I am set up with a schedule and I am enlightened because this is good for my health and yours too! I was proactive and let me tell you, I wanted to throw in the towel a few times.

Enlightening Accomplishments

Yet another accomplishment? I finally found the place for America to have his bath and cut. OMG, you would think I was researching a place to save his life! And, the drive is 30 minutes each way. America is worth my time and the effort it took to find the perfect place for him. Because America sits by my side, I don’t mind the trip. I play my French music and we are each other’s Romeo and Juliet in the quiet of the morning. I am enlightened by the experience.

All the while, I have been interviewing women and men to join the HG team. This, too, has taken some time. Between writing the job description, placing the ad, reading the resumes, and phone interviews with prospective people. And now…it is decision time! I am down to two and I cannot decide yet. There’s an idea I learned from a young woman who owns her company: Fire fast. Hire slow. I am between two candidates. This is a difficult decision because my heart says go left and my mind says go right. 

And next up, the holidays! Our Thanksgiving trip is now in the finishing stage. We are spending Thanksgiving with my daughter Jenny and her family in Scottsdale. I am very excited.

Dear readers of mine…

Mentally, I had to put everything into perspective and evaluate the positive side of each situation. So should you. Remember, I do not see black. I see my woes grey, the middle of black and white. Or I see them as, white. And, through my woes, I always see my glass half full. You have to. You just have to.


  • You will not age if…you do not let your spirit age.
  • Don’t carry grudges. Let go.
  • You have the freedom to accomplish a dream. The children have left the nest. Concentrate on your personal endeavors. Find laughter and humor.
  • You have earned emotional freedom. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone any longer. You are no longer stuck in what other people expect of you. Please yourself and those who enlighten your life.
  • Say yes!
  • It is time to fall in love with your mind. Your body will act accordingly. You will smile more, you will stand taller. Your eyes will sparkle. 
  • Take a hot shower each morning. As I mentioned I do my best thinking in the shower. I pretend every drop of water is a blessing. Be grateful.


A short story. 

Yesterday as I walked through the revolving door of Neiman’s, I was in a bit of a funk. The streets were dirty and there were empty shops in my beautiful Chicago. You have to walk looking down, the streets are so filled with holes. I thought to myself, I cannot endure Elsewhere.

Anyway, I need my Channel mascara and my Tom Ford lipstick, Casablanca.  

On my way through the empty store, I saw salespeople who know me by my first name. Though I was not in my best frame of mind, I hugged some. Others I waved at. I gave all of them my big smile. 

When I left Neiman’s I was smiling. I was happy and remembered short upbeat conversations, some quite humorous. 

I had an enlightened moment. “Sometimes we have to fake our attitude so we can live a passionate life.”

So, say yes to life! It will benefit you.

What are some things that bring you an attitude of enlightenment? Please let me know in the comments.

Warmly, Honey

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  1. Thank you so much Honey for the tips on Enlightenment. I am going to print them out as a reminder! My arthritis has been causing me pain and getting me down but my mind is sharp and there is no reason I can’t do what I love!
    Thanks again for the boost!❤️

    1. It is ‘mind over matter!” And, you have a good mind. A blessing. Thank you for writing to me! Warmly, Honey

  2. Good article. As a breast cancer survivor, lymphatic massage helps. I need to
    find a person here in Denver…will check it out. I learned years ago that in
    Germany they offer lymphatic massage with many surgeries, etc.
    It is good for about anybody…….
    glad you mentioned it.

    1. Look up Lisa Levitt Gainsley. She is tops in the field. I learned a lot from her. I think this may lead you to how to find the right person in Denver. Hope this may help. Thank you for writing to me. Warmly, Honey

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