Read Honey’s take on “old-age survival” and reflections on dealing with life changes – from deeply personal stories about widowhood, surviving cancer, and overcoming losses to a lighter, often humorous look at the little everyday challenges encountered by women after the age of 50, like surviving a semi-retired husband or pessimistic friends who try to drag you down, bearing with trivial problems and maintaining your sanity during the holiday season.

spilled gas

Learning to Laugh At Yourself Over a Little Spilled Gas

When I want to teach my grands about true grit, I tell them this story…


packing tips

The Best Memorial Day Traveling Tips & A Facebook Live Announcement

Packing! Packing! Packing! Most people dread the ordeal. Does this sound like you?


month of rebirth

The Month of Rebirth & The Three Rs

Do you struggle with confrontation? Try this technique!

How A Simple Circle Can Represent Strength, Love and Gratitude

How A Simple Circle Can Represent Strength, Love & Gratitude

I think our passion for our jewelry and its sentimental meaning tends to grow deeper each year for women over fifty…


A Love Letter to my Husband, Sheldon F. Good

My darling husband and Ultimate Concierge, Shelly… this letter is an expression of my gratitude and devotion.


Add Women to Your Life with Varied Interests & Subtract Those With Distasteful Traits

I have always, from the time I was a young girl, cherished and respected my relationships with my girlfriends. But not all friendships are created equal…


Are You Fluent in Kindness Over 50?

Kindness is one of the only universal languages, so let’s speak it every day.


5 Herbal Teas to Relax Aches, Soothe Pains & Improve Your Health

This guide makes it easy to see why more and more people are adding herbal teas into their daily routine.


We Use Adjectives Before Nouns to Describe Our Significant Others

You know the adjective and noun I use to describe my husband, Sheldon Good. He is my ultimate concierge, and here’s why…


The Power of Surfing Your Edge

Exercise is about so much more than looking and feeling your best…


A Three-Minute Read That Will Teach You To Listen To Your Inner Self

Trust listening to your authentic self because it represents all that is true about you…


How To Cultivate Enthusiasm

My husband’s days fill up with meetings, as a past President of The International Real Estate Federation, otherwise known as FIABCI. The main headquarters is housed in Paris, France.


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