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Why Travel Is Not About the Destination

Women Over 50 Travel

As most of you know, my ultimate concierge and I are world travelers.

I have wanderlust in my DNA and am fortunate to have an ultimate concierge who also enjoys seeing the world. As a matter of fact, he is taking me to Russia at the end of May. I tell him often how much I cherish and appreciate him. A good traveler recognizes her Journey is a step by step process. It begins with excitement and anticipation, then a plan is set in place, always seeking out new travel tips. This is a very important part of the Journey. It is thrilling that travel includes many stages of exploration. The destination is but one important part.

Because I am a world traveler I am often asked the following questions.

“What is your favorite country?”
My reply. “I don’t have a favorite country.”
“Why?” they ask.
I respond again and again with this answer,

“Each country is distinct because of its unique literature, music, art, philosophy, food, language, architecture and customs. How can I have a favorite? It is impossible. I do have favorite experiences, some very small and yet so large to me, and some so grand I am still in awe. I share with family and friends the marvelous encounters I’ve had in each destination.

A Traveled Woman Becomes a Worldly Woman

A traveled woman has significant opportunities for personal growth. She learns new skills as she organizes for her Journey. Because she leaves no stone unturned she travels to her destination relaxed and eager; leaving a far more enriched woman. She is an explorer who desires self-growth so she knows the importance of packing her Journal to record her experiences. Her travels remain etched in her memory bank, enriching and broadening her visual and mental scope of destinations of different types. She experiences exciting challenges and new opportunities that engage all facets of her emotions.  Her intellectual curiosity, her substance and verve give her value. She has attained the status of a worldly woman.

A Traveled Woman Becomes A Prepared Woman

Preparing properly for a destination is an acquired skill. The more you travel, the wiser and more efficient you become. This is self-growth. You are the one to organize plans and set them in motion. In order to have a fabulous time on your travels, you know your house must be left in order and your trip be organized properly. It is make-a-list time, darlings! You are the  coordinator; the wind behind the sail. A worldly traveled woman is a proficiently organized woman.

The To-Do List of A Wordly, Traveled Woman

  1. Travel agent: Pick a good one, darlings. By good I mean well-traveled; not computer traveled. Let her make your airline and hotel reservations, book professional guides (a must and worth the money), purchase travel insurance and medivac.
  2. Passports. Check your passports for expiration date. Must have six months remaining. Make a copy in case you are robbed or lose yours.
  3. Visit a travel doctor to update your Immunizations and research your destination for other inoculations and meds. This is very important. A travel doctor saved my life.
  4. Refill your prescriptions.
  5. Have your doctor prescribe an antibiotic, just in case.
  6. Call your credit card company to tell them where you are traveling. If you don’t, they may put a hold on your credit card.
  7. Leave the itinerary of your trip with loved ones or friends.
  8. Leave the key to your home or condo with a family member.
  9. Provide for your pets. Leave the name and phone number of your vet. Write detailed instructions for the vet or person taking care of your pooch or cat. Tell loved ones  where your pet is boarded if it is not staying in your home or with family.
  10. Cancel manicure, trainer, hairdresser and all other obligations.
  11. Adhere to this rule: Get to the airport two hours before your flight. It will save you infinite stress.
  12. Put these two apps on your cell phone: WhatsApp and Pocket Travel.
  13. Call your phone provider to learn cell phone charges.

A Worldly  Traveled Woman Is Skilled At Packing What She Needs

Knowing what and how to pack makes your journey stress free. I don’t want to brag, but I must, because I care about you. I want you to trust my rules of packing because I am a pro. To learn read my tips on packing and what to never leave home without. I have had “near miss” experiences but in traveling to over 60 countries I have never had to buy any necessary items on a trip. Packing properly has another advantage … you learn that you don’t need all the “stuff” in your closet. I “pack my closet” like I pack my suitcase. I don’t over-stuff.

I have added a few new essentials to my packing list.

I don’t leave the country without these products. I am always adding and subtracting and so should you, darlings.

  • Eagle Creek packing organizers. My girlfriend Kay, a world traveler, suggested this brand to me a few months ago. I trust her opinion so I ordered them.

  • Flip and Tumble Reusable Shopping Bag is a tiny crush-able tote to throw in your handbag. They come in multiple colors, are light-weight and resemble a little ball until opened for use.

  • Elvoes Electronics Accessories Case is waterproof. It is an organizer bag for my digital accessory cords, etc. I  take my laptop, my charger, my cords for laptop and phones, and my backup with me so I can continue writing on my journey, and this is the best 5 Star storage case. I am in love.


A Worldly Woman Is Smiling When She Touches The Ground Of Her Destination

A worldly woman smiles when her feet touch the ground of her destination because she learned the skill of organizing for a trip. She was efficient in her preparation. She knew how to coordinate and arrange her life at home so when her jet took off, she could lean back in her seat, take a deep breath, sigh and smile to herself. She was ready to embark on her journey, feeling as free as a breeze. Her mind and heart were open to take in new adventures and experiences. She opened her journal as the plane veered off toward its destination. She began to write…Honey Good Signature

  1. Love this article!! I love to travel and have done a fair amount, though I’m thirsting for more adventures … some day. Lots of great tips for us “wordly women.”

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