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Join Honey as she revisits lessons on love, life, and growth after 50 from Greece (originally published on June 26, 2022).
Travelling in Greece teaches growth after 50
I am thinking … about the choices we make after 50. I choose to bloom every day of my life. And, so should you, especially after 50. It is easy for me to talk on this topic because I believe choosing to remain tight in the bud is no option. It is claustrophobic. Your choice to bloom creates positive energy and emotional fulfillment.
I wrote this story while in Greece. Spending time on the Islands of Mykonos and Santorini left me reflecting on Greek culture. On its people, and the natural setting of flora, fauna, and the sea.

Talking about growth after 50 from Santorini GreeceMYKONOS AND MY BLOOMING IDEAS OF GROWTH AFTER 50

To begin, the Islands are very different. My fondest memories of Mykonos, the happy island, are the stunning olive trees blooming in the thousands. I adore the ever-changing Aegean Sea, little shops and shopkeepers, and … oh … the music. A combination of the Frank Sinatra generation music sung by new artists with a flair, modern jazz, and emotionally happy sounds. Nothing of what some refer to as “music” today.
I spent four days on Mykonos and bloomed. I made a promise to myself to carry part of Mykonos home with me. We fell in love with the music. We’re going to set up a CD system in our condo-in-the-sky and purchase CDs to play all day instead of listening to the news. I have a friend who can help; my Ultimate Concierge’s barber, Fernando. He is 88 years young and has a sound system in his tiny shop where he only plays the CDs of the famous songwriters. I am so excited and so is my husband. We will bloom doing this project together.
metal olive tree gift reminds me to find growth after 50


A diamond necklace. I mean it.
I truly bloomed when I met a woman, Sofia, the owner of the boutique hotel we lived in for four days on Mykonos. We bonded. On the night before we left the Island, on my side of the bed was a gift for me … a metal olive tree!
She knew, because of several conversations, that olive trees enraptured me. They are my favorite tree because, in my opinion, the olive tree only gives. It never takes. It shades us from the heat, it provides olives for food. Its bark builds homes, its oil gives nourishment and light. And, its beauty brings heavenly bliss.
In the middle of the night I got creative … why not ship a real olive tree from Mykonos to my condo-in-the-sky? I’ve been wanting an olive tree for two years. The morning we left I asked Sofia if she could ship me a tree. She is going to try. I know if at all possible she will accomplish this. Am I thinking outside the box? I sure am and why not? Would you?
In the meantime, I will display the metal olive tree with my other gifts from special people and special times in my life.
Honey Good Travel After 50, Mykonos olive tree 


I have always looked for circumstances to bloom. If you live like the bud who never opens you cannot grow. I have friends who are closed to new ideas and I love them just the same. I suppose and hope they are feeling as fulfilled as I am. They simply choose to find their means of fulfillment differently after 50.
Or, I ponder: are they afraid to leap and explore a new project? A new trip, meeting new people, etc.? If you are afraid, I say, “take one baby step at a time and try, try, try. You may be pleasantly surprised by your outcome.”

 a love of beaded bracelets from GreeceSANTORINI

Santorini is known as the quiet and reflective Island. The Aegean Sea is very peaceful. There are no trade winds. The town is not as humming as Mykonos and yet, I was able to bloom internally. We shopped for beaded bracelets till my girlfriend and I dropped. And I spent part of the day on the sea on a yacht and celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday.
Over dinner one night we decided to plan a trip, God willing, and travel to Rwanda to finally see the silverback gorillas!
On Santorini, I decided the leaves of my life will never turn brown because they will always be watered by my thirst to continually bloom after 50. And, this is my wish for you… bloom.
I am leaving Santorini with my new love for beaded bracelets. Also, a beautiful white stone heart that was given to me by the captain of the yacht that we chartered. I’m also leaving with the desire to start another Enlightenment Salon, a woman’s group, and to begin planning for our trip to Rwanda. Though I was on the quiet island inside I was humming!
On Santorini, I also had the time to be still and reflect. Oh so much … I could write a book. Maybe I should.
After the age of 50, we can look back and rejoice. We can wonder why this happened, why this did not, and treasure our good luck, our scars, and our way of surviving. We can find growth after 50.
Lastly and most importantly, rejoice in what we have, who we have become and where we are going. Not to mention, what we can continue to accomplish. And, let that be your thought in moving forward.


Set goals, and repot yourself for self-growth.
1. Visualize and dream.
2. Start laughing and looking forward.
3. Spark your imagination with something new or an unrealized dream.
4. Go back to college, one course at a time.
5. Learn to speak a new language.
6. Start a garden.
7. Attend a lecture series.
8. Start your own business.
9. Put together a group of women for a monthly get-together.
10. Start a project you have put on the back burner.
12. Purchase a ravishing straw hat.
13. Live.
14. Laugh.
And never forget to…love!

Do you feel as though you are choosing to bloom? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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Blooming begins with goal setting. To experience growth after 50, download my free workbook!

growth after 50 happens when you choose to set goals and bloom

August 23, 2023


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  1. Patti says:

    Dear Honey,

    While I don’t have the means for quite the lifestyle you have, I truly enjoy reading of your adventures! I can feel your energy and zest for life in the words you write. It is inspiring and uplifting and so welcome as I am in the early stages of After 50 and see so many friends feeling on the downslide of life in these days while I feel energized and ambitious in these days as my children are now grown and I am watching them make their way into the world. I am also making my way into the world in these new chapters of my life. Thank you for the fun, inspiring stories you write!

    Safe Travels,

  2. Sandrala says:

    Dear Honey,

    Thanks for sharing your travels. As you know, I am a dialysis patient now, so I don’t get far from home.
    A big trip for me is to go from Mount Vernon, Wa, to Tacoma. Am so glad that I was fortunate to travel to other countries when I could. Blooming is so important!

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