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Passages After 50


1680 Greek and Turkish synagogue in Venice

As most of you know, my Ultimate Concierge and I are world travelers.

Since I was a young girl I have had wanderlust. It is in my DNA. I am fortunate to have an Ultimate Concierge who also enjoys seeing the world. As a matter of fact, we are in Venice after spending six days in Paris.

When I was younger, I was perhaps not as prepared as I should have been. But now, as a well-traveled woman over 50, I know better. I know that organization and preparedness lead to a more relaxed and engaged journey.

For those of you wanting to travel, our guide told us there are more tourists in Venice now than before Covid. And, I will tell you, no one to speak of is wearing masks. 


Preparing properly for a destination is an acquired skill. The more you travel, the wiser and more efficient you become. This is self-growth. You are the one to organize plans and set them in motion.

In order to have a fabulous time on your travels, you know you must leave your house in order. And you need to organize your trip properly. It is make-a-list time, darlings! You are the coordinator; the driver of your ship and the wind behind your sail. A worldly traveled woman has to be a proficiently organized woman in every sense of the word.

A well-traveled woman over 50 recognizes her journey is a step-by-step process. You must put a detailed plan in place. Here are some helpful tips from one who knows. 


  1. Travel agent: Pick a good one, darlings. By ‘a good one’ I mean well-traveled; not computer traveled. That is your first question. “Have you been to and explored my destination?” If she says no, I suggest you take a pass. Be sure she is versed in your destination. Let her make your airline and hotel reservations, book professional guides (a must and worth the money), purchase travel insurance with medivac, and, naturally, plan your itinerary with her.
  2. Passports. Check your passports for expiration dates. They must have six months remaining. Make a copy in case you are robbed or lose your passport AND take a picture with your phone. Email it to yourself as a backup.
  3. Visit a travel doctor to update your Immunizations and research your destination for the type of immunizations you need. This is very important. A travel doctor saved my life. I learned that the yellow fever vaccine could harm me. If I had not filled out his form he would have not known I had a medical problem from years past that prevented me from ever taking the vaccine. 
  4. Refill your prescriptions and ask your doctor for antibiotics in case you become ill. 
  5. Call your credit card company and inform them you will be traveling out of the country.  If you don’t, they may put a hold on your credit cards.
  6. Leave your itinerary with loved ones or friends.
  7. Leave the key to your home with a family member.
  8. Provide for your pets. Leave the name and phone number of your vet. Write detailed instructions for the vet or person taking care of your pooch or cat. Tell loved ones where your pet is boarded if they are not staying in your home or with family.
  9. Cancel manicure, trainer, hairdresser, and all other obligations.
  10. Adhere to this rule: Get to the airport at least two hours before your flight! It will save you infinite stress. Make certain your luggage is with you.
packing checklist freebie

Click on the image above to get your FREE printable packing checklist!


A short story: We were flying to Paris. We assumed our doorman and driver put our luggage in the car. We arrived at the airport. No luggage! But, because we were early we were able to call our condo and our luggage was put in a taxi and delivered to the airport. We made our flight with our luggage because we arrived two hours early.

  1. Put these two apps on your cell phone: WhatsApp and Pocket Travel. WhatsApp is a free phone and photo app. 
  2. Call your phone provider and learn cell phone charges. Make sure you have International Travel.
  3. Knowing what and how to pack will make your journey stress free. I don’t want to brag, but I must, because I care about you. Please trust my rules of packing because I am a pro. To learn, read my tips on packing. I have had “near miss” experiences but in traveling to over 60 countries I have never had to buy a necessary item on a trip. Packing properly has another advantage … you learn that you don’t need all the “stuff” in your closet. I “pack my closet” like I pack my suitcase. I don’t over-stuff.

For an extraordinarily detailed account of my packing process, please read this blog!


  1. A portable phone charger. My choice is myCharge. Make sure you have an adapter compatible with the country you will visit.
  2. Packing organizers. I pack undies and bras and pantyhose in these organizers. When I arrive at my destination I take them out of the suitcase and put my organizers in my drawer. Nice and easy and my clothes are kept protected.
  3. Powercube by Allocacoc. This 6-sided plug is an amazing (and needed) accessory. 
  4. Bounmer Reusable Shopping Bag is a tiny crush-able tote to throw in your handbag. They come in multiple colors, are lightweight, and fold into a small pouch.
  5. BAGSMART Electronics Accessories Case. It is an organizer bag for my digital accessory cords, and so on. I  take my laptop, my charger, the cords for my laptop, and my phones. Also my backup with me so I can continue writing on my journey, and this is the best 5 Star storage case. I am in love.


A woman who is prepared is relaxed. She leaves no stone unturned at home and in her itinerary. This woman is able to travel to her destination relaxed and eager.

She can become an explorer, a woman who desires self-growth. She should carry a journal to record her adventures. Her recorded travel experiences will be her personal memories. She takes on exciting challenges and new opportunities, she engages all facets of her emotions. 

Her intellectual curiosity, her substance, and verve will be recorded. The written words telling of her experiences are wonderful memories to leave to her grandchildren.


A well-traveled woman over 50 will smile when her feet finally touch the ground of her destination. She leaves her worries behind because she was efficient in her preparation. This woman arranged her home life and she prepared for health issues. She hired a well-traveled travel agent who prepared an interesting itinerary. 

As her jet takes off into her unknown adventure, she leans back in her seat, takes a deep breath, sighs, and smiles to herself. She’s ready to embark on her journey, feeling as free as a breeze. Her mind and heart are open to taking in new adventures and experiences. She opens her journal as her plane veers toward its destination. She begins to write…

On her return flight, she records…

“Each country was distinct because of its unique literature, music, and art. Because of its philosophy, food, language, architecture, and customs. How can I have a favorite? It is impossible … How have I changed? I have become a more worldly woman. 

Do you have your planning and packing for trips in order? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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June 19, 2022

Passages After 50

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  1. Lynda Davis says:

    Great advice. I too am a seasoned traveller but I took far too many clothes on a recent trip to Paris. Traveling becomes harder as we age and we need to make it as easy as possible. I also did practically no shopping as we can get everything at home and it makes clearing customs easier. Boomerbroadcast.net

    • Honey Good says:

      I think most of us take too much.On our last trip, I did take too many shoes. Never again. Warmly, Honey

  2. Shelle Winkler says:

    Excellent travel tips. Thank you so much for writing this helpful article. I always enjoy your wisdom.

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