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Traveling as a woman over 50 does not need to be stressful! I prefer to travel stress free, and I’m sure you do, too! I am an authority on traveling as woman over 50 and want to share all my expert secrets in making the most out of every trip and doing it without pulling your hair out! My secret sauce starts before every trip with robust pre-travel planning, this is the ultimate way to make your adventure carefree and easier on both your body and mind.


stress free travel over 50 starts with planning

If you want to experience stress free travel over 50, you need to follow my expert tips and tricks!

If You Want to Travel Stress Free Over 50, Be Flexible!  

Yes, my darlings, be flexible! When starting to map out your getaway, whether it’s across the world or one state over, always plan on being flexible with not only your travel plans but also how you control your adventures.

Now, you might be saying, “But Honey, how do I travel stress-free without controlling everything?”

I am here to tell you, darlings that trying to control an outcome is impossible. You will only cause yourself unwanted anxiety and stress. We can’t control the uncontrollable, we can only control how we respond.

Yes, plan your travel, but know that there are going to be many things that happen along the way that will cause hitches in your plan. And that is okay, my darlings. If you plan to be flexible, your journey will be much happier and the people around you will be much happier too.

Also, my sweet readers, when you do come across a bump in your plans, remember to take a deep breath. This will make all the difference.

Tips for Finding a Great Travel Agent

Darlings, speaking of planning, one way to relieve stress is to take a vacation using a third-party planner. If you simply do not have the time to work out all your travel wants and needs, a travel agent is a great way to go.

Build a Relationship

Now, finding a good travel agent can take time and research, but it can be done. My biggest advice, my darlings is to have time to build a relationship with the right travel agent for you. Make sure whoever you pick knows your needs, your wants and ensures you are a priority. If you are seeking stress free travel over 50, it is vital that your travel agent knows you and what you are seeking in a trip.

Have They Walked-the-Walk?

I like to use a travel agent who has visited the area I am planning to travel. The best travel agents have great tips and tricks to maximize every part of your vacation and ensure stress free travel as a woman over 50.

Ask for References!

You must guarantee that your travel agent knows what they are doing and that other travelers over 50 have had a great experience using their services. It is not worth risking an inexperienced, lesser-reviewed travel agent. Lastly, do not settle on the first travel agent you find first. Think of it as a job interview. Research and talk to a few before making a decision, my lovelies. I promise you will not regret taking a little extra time to find the perfect match. The ideal travel agent will listen to your desires and stay within your budget, they will not try to upsell you or change your travel plans based on their imaginations.

Planning Travel Without an Agent

My darlings, if do not want to work with a travel agent, that is also completely fine and very doable. There are so many tools on the internet now that can make your travel planning a breeze. You may find ideas by clicking here.

One of my most important pieces of advice to you: Make the time spent planning your travel exciting and joyful. Planning a trip is half the fun! Have your travel companions (including your furry friend) with you and let your dreams run wild. Plan out a location and all the wonderful adventures you may want to have while you’re there. Be open-minded and flexible with your plans. This will make a world of difference. Ultimately, remember that travel is not just about the destination!

planning a trip to be stress free over 50

Gather your travel companions and plan your trip together. Include adventures for everyone!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

This, my darlings not only refers to the time you spend traveling but your planning as well. To keep travel stress-free over 50, time is of the essence.

Dedicate ample time to planning your trip and your excursions. Make sure you feel comfortable with where you’re going and how you’re getting there. You may find this article useful where we showcased some of the safest areas to travel if you are a woman over 50.

Plan out how you’re going to get to the airport and the hotels where you will be staying. Exchange currency ahead of time if you’re planning to travel to a new country, and always know the basic language to travel with ease. I even suggest carrying a small book of phrases or words of the country’s native tongue. This will make you feel more relaxed while you’re in a new region.

On the days you travel, get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, especially if you are traveling internationally. No worries if you are early, it gives you time to have a drink and relax before you board your flight.

In-Flight Relaxation

If you are an anxious flyer, then you may feel nervous thinking of the time you will spend on an airplane. This is very common, my darlings, but there are several things you can do to make the trip easier on yourself. I’ve made a little list so that you can see a few options.

  1. Download meditation apps or calming music on your phone.
  2. Carry a stress ball or a worry stone with you for extra comfort.
  3. Have a travel pillow or a security blanket from home that brings you love.
  4. Carry calming essential oils with you such as lavender, ylang-ylang or peppermint.
  5. For long flights, try natural melatonin to help you sleep. A cup of relaxing chamomile tea is also a great idea.

Finally, my darlings, take advantage of periodically standing up, and walking down the aisles in the airplane. Make sure you’re constantly stretching and getting the circulation flowing through your body. This is very important for anyone sitting for a long period of time. It also will help anxious flyers keep their bodies and minds calm to ensure stress free travel as a woman over 50.

Group Travel Reduces Stress

Recently, group travel has been flashing on my radar. For a woman over 50 looking for stress free experiences, group travel is the ultimate solution. The highlights of group travel include meticulous planning (done by someone else!) and a hassle-free journey. This allows you to immerse yourself in the experience and destinations while skipping the burden of logistics.

My favorite aspect of group travel is the camaraderie. If you find yourself traveling with a group of women over 50, it’s like instant sisterhood.

If safety is a concern, group travel can alleviate some worry. Typically, your group travel includes knowledgeable guides, great cultural insights, and gives travelers the confidence to navigate unfamiliar territory.

If you are interested in group travel, I’ll be hosting an incredible trip through America’s favorite national parks. Come with me! 

group travel to America's national parks

Come see America’s most cherished spaces with me!

Traveling Should Bring Peace, Not Stress. 

Travel, if done correctly, should not be stressful but an opportunity for rejuvenation and exploration!

By assembling the right pieces of the puzzle (a travel agent, group travel, online resources, and flexibility), and being prepared, you can enjoy stress free travel over 50. With a rose-colored attitude, planning and taking trips will bring joy and lasting memories.


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October 11, 2023


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  1. Spiri says:

    I love reading these emails. They’re so spirited, lively and full of energy. You provide such an essential and positive outlook!! Thank you!

  2. Sandrala says:

    Honey, Your advice is good … I have traveled to Russia, French Polynesia, a month in Spain, Mexico, Canada, etcetera. Have really been blessed! Know you have traveled alot, too, & agree that a travel agent is worth their weight in gold! Mine is no longer with us; may she rest in peace. But then, I am no longer traveling either.

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