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The Surprising Joys of Wanderlust After 50: Ignite Your Passion for Adventure

Wanderlust should bring about a strong desire to travel and see new things and spark new curiosities.

Wanderlust should bring about a strong desire to travel and see new things and spark new curiosities.


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I think the benefit of wanderlust is one of the ultimate currencies. You are giving yourself a chance to fill your pockets with the wonder of exploration and discovery. What could be better than to embark on this type of adventure after 50?
To be able to wander and gallivant through twists and turns of unknown places. Bringing travel and personal growth into your life is magical in so many ways.
To entertain your deep thoughts or leave your cares behind. Wandering gives you the ability to grow and enrich your thinking patterns. Or meet and greet new places and people. It is marvelous for the soul of women over 50. Trust me, I know.


Image of Honey good with wanderlust holding travel book.

Wanderlust can bring you a strong desire to explore your own backyard, our incredible United States, or the breathtaking world.

You have to make up your mind up to embrace wanderlust. You can embark on a long walk in an arboretum. Or you can plan a day trip to two places in your community that are waiting for you to explore. You can travel in your own country (read here about how you can join my planned group trip next year exploring our beautiful national parks). Or be extravagant and plan a trip around the world. The point is … to wander.
Start with the destination you want to explore. Then make your plan with no sidetracking aloud. You are on a mission … set your goal and do your research. Plan to leave your home orderly. Buy some new sunglasses. (Like these, my new favorites I picked them up in Greece! I’m wearing them in the above photo! Don’t you just love them?) Don’t forget a great hat to protect your face from the sun, and sunblock with zinc (even in the winter!).
Additionally, please don’t forget to buy a journal to record your adventure. I never leave home without doing and having the above!

If you’re feeling invisible, you are not alone. It is a worldwide epidemic. Wanderlust can inspire feelings of belonging to a broader world and different cultures.


Presently, I would love to share what ignited my wanderlust. I am my grandfather’s granddaughter. How proud he would be to see my thirst for wandering the world. He traveled yearly and in those days it was not the norm. He spoke with a broken tongue, he was a man of few words but embarked on trips around the world several times!
It is a pity we never had the opportunity to discuss and share our adventures with one another. I would love to know what drove him to have such wanderlust.
On his travels, he would never forget to remember his 14 grandchildren and five daughters-in-law with gifts. I still have a ring from Egypt. He gifted me with storybook dolls from around the world that my mother threw away when I left for college. And bottles of french perfume that I dabbed daily on myself starting as a young girl.
I get tears in my eyes when I write about him, this grandfather of mine. More than anything because I want to shower him with thanks and kisses for showing me how to take a big bite out of life! He was a grand role model.
For those of you who want to dip your painted toes in the water but are afraid, I would love to be your role model.


honey good with paris pillow is a worldly woman

Wanderlust is essential to staying curious as a woman over 50.

If you are hesitating, here are a couple of tips:

1. The first rule of thumb is not to let fear or lethargy prevent you from exploring the sites of your community, the USA, or other parts of the world.

Fear and lethargy are two of the most negative words in a woman’s vocabulary. So, my advice is to put them on the back burner!
If you are stuck use your adult children or grandchildren as ploys! Invite them to journey with you. Now you are stuck and it is a good stuck. It gets you committed, you have to start planning, and lo and behold, you will feel an adrenaline rush.
Lethargy and fear will automatically move to the back burner. Because you are now a role model to your adult children or your grandchildren through your positive actions; not your words. You are taking them on an exciting journey and you are the mistress of this adventure.

2. Put your mind at ease — block out fear.

Last year I traveled through three countries in Europe; France, Italy, and Greece. People were out and about exploring, as they should be! It was such a joy to be out exploring after our bout in Elsewhere.
People have rebounded and are happy because they are no longer willing to isolate themselves from the world. For example, Mykonos in the Greek Islands is expecting 300,000 to 5000,000 visitors a day this season! A larger growth of tourists than before the epidemic.
Come out of your cocoons and leap into the unknown with family members. Even if the reason of inviting them is to get you back into the race of life.
While we are on the subject of introducing your grandchildren to wanderlust, choose a trip that keeps them close to you, no wandering without you. The purpose of the trip is to be ‘together;’ not meet for dinner.
We have taken our grands so far to London, Paris, and Normandy. I made them educational trips. They were never out on their own because the purpose of the trips was to explore together. Our multigenerational together times are one of my favorite memories. And, theirs.
Start wandering darling. The best is yet to come!


wanderlust after 50 on Honey Good thinking of travel

Have you considered wanderlust of the mind? It’s a thing, darling!

Next, I will explore the topic of an entirely different type of wanderlust. Wanderlust of the mind. We all have our personal emotional baggage. After all, we are not programmed robots. We are human. None of us can pretend that our lives are all sweetness and light.
We have a choice; we can stew or we can solve. Period. Stewing is not healthy. On the other hand, solving is enlightening.
What is your most pressing burden or impediment that prevents you from ultimate joy? I know mine and I am sure you know yours. Read this story if you want to explore more of the topic of having joy hope and serenity, and if you’re struggling, read How to Remove Roadblocks and Enjoy Your Success


I wander through my mind with a most pressing burden. I have finally acknowledged I have the wisdom to realize this. However, the issue remains that I lack the tools to solve the problem. I am sure you find yourself in these situations from time to time.
Recently, I have traveled with wanderlust through my feelings and suddenly reached a fork in the road and got stuck. I realized I do not have the tools without help from a professional.
So ultimately, I took the next step. I invited her to join me on a journey through my mind to search for the magic elixir. One that will induce love and respect from others who I feel are harming me. Hopefully, this will alleviate my anger toward myself. My lack of ability to take a stand in uncomfortable situations.


holding hands in a garden

Communication is the most important part of a strong relationship and finding your way through any issues you’re going through.

Until I understand why I take the wrong high road in uncomfortable situations — silence — I will not be able to be forthright to others or true to myself.
This situation has been going on for years and has to come to a head. At its starting point years back and moving forward until now, I took the wrong high road. Silence.
Pretending all is fine and sweeping the problem under the table never solves a problem. Remaining silent because one does not know how to communicate diplomatically is a disservice to oneself and others.
Communication is a skill when there is serious conflict. To roar baby roar on the high road of your journey. In combination with the right communication tools is the key to the perfect trip.
First and foremost, the main requirement is to be an honest broker to yourself.
Silence is not golden. Communication is.
Wanderlust through the mind must be well thought out. With help if needed. And should be an organized journey to your pot of gold … resolve.
I will wander through my mind as long as it takes to find the ‘right’ answer that will give me peace. When I have peace of mind and regained my self-respect in this matter, I will be able to say this journey was a discovery. An enlightened time in my life and my travel will not have been in vain.

Have you considered that there are two types of wanderlust? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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November 12, 2023

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  1. DeRita Vitto says:

    Thank you for the simple advice especially when you want to do something to spend time with your grandkids and not go too far off 😊 and the glasses are stunning I have to find me a pair like that..

  2. Carol says:

    Great ideas and advice!

  3. Patricia Nisenholz says:

    Spiritual and Physical wanderlust ~ Interesting…
    I LOVED your part on the mind/spirit wanderlust. I work on this all the time to no avail….I am the generation of “Children should be seen and not heard”. Guess I have not gotten the message, that message is SO old..
    Just returned from a wanderlust trip to Sicily & Malta.. where my spiritual wanderlust was fulfilled.

    • Susan Good says:

      You have an abundance of good thoughts and ideas. Don’t suppress them. Shout them to the mountain top even if you are the only one who hears them. Glad your trip was a great adventure. Warmly Honey

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