Read the entries of Honey’s Diary where she explores the long-term and daily journeys of relationships over 50. From love and marriage after 50, relationships with adult children and grandchildren, to blended families and friendships old and new, all the while nurturing the most important relationship of all – the one with ourselves – so we can stay confident and visible as we grow older.

3 qualities for relationship after 50

The Top 3 Qualities to Look For If You Want a Relationship After 50

Don’t let attraction fool you. Today, Honey Good contributor Lisa Copeland challenges you to think about the qualities you value in a significant other…


Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

No daughter can escape being influenced by her mother…


Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

If you have yet to purchase a gift for the important Mom in your life, you may be feeling frantic… But not to worry!


Making The Time for Your Relationship

Today I’m sharing a few ways you can show your man that you care…


4 Simple Words That Will Change Your Relationships With Men After 50

What I’m going to share with you today is important information you’ll want to know and remember. I’ll give you a hint… it’s just four simple words.


Women Who Make Me Happy After 50

Why I am excited to spend time with some of my favorite female friends and colleagues this week. And, why women who make us happy over 50 really matter…


Act III: A Big Surprise

The last story I wrote about Zelda, Geraldine, and Bullyista was going to be the final chapter, but the saga continued…


Why Women Over 50 are BLOOMERS, Not Boomers

There are women over 50 who continuously flourish and bloom. What is their secret? What are the emotional ingredients that make their lives delicious?


The Shift

Two weeks ago I was in a quandary. I called my best friend, Gail, for advice. It had to do with an important issue that had to be quickly resolved. But how?


A Bloomer’s Attitude After 50

A ‘bloomer’s’ desire is to live her life outside the box. She is a gutsy woman; fiercely acknowledging she controls her destiny while keeping ‘her reality’ in check. If she fumbles, she picks herself up and does whatever is necessary to make herself feel exceptional.


Three Dating Mistakes After 50

wasn’t always good at dating. In fact, back in the day when I was clueless about finding love, I made some major dating mistakes that truly kept me from finding the right guy for a very long time.


What Kind of Arrangement Are You?

I was recently reading an interview that Brigitte Macron, the French President’s wife, gave to a French magazine. In the article, she described herself as more than ‘a decorative vase of flowers.’ And, of course, that is true.


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