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Best Beauty Posts for 2021 for women over 50Who doesn’t love a round-up with all the good things in one place? We surveyed you, women over 50, to see what category of posts you like best, and beauty came in right after inspiration. On Monday we shared our top 10 most popular lifestyle and inspiration posts, and today we’ll give the beauty category the same treatment! We’re sharing our top beauty posts of 2021.

Even though some of these posts were published prior to 2021, they continue to resonate and be relevant to our readers. Please share if they resonate with you!

May 2022 be your most beautiful yet. 

Honey Good’s Most Popular Beauty Posts of 2021

#10 Most Popular Beauty Post of 2021

Make Your Eyes Sparkle This Year: How to Do Smokey Eyes After 50

First up on our list of Honey Good’s most popular beauty posts of 2021, we have some great tricks to nail down the smokey eye look. Ooh la la.

“Have you tried to embrace the look of a sultry, smokey eye, but have found the technique difficult? Sometimes, dear reader, we just have to mix things up. Embrace serendipity, as I like to say. Today, I’m sharing how you — yes, you! — can embrace a makeup trend that will put the “spark” into your sparkling 2022… How to do smokey eyes after 50.”

#9 Best Mascaras for Women Over 50+

As you read through this collection, you’ll see that many of our most popular beauty posts are specified for women over 50. As it should be! This is what we at Honey Good are here for!

“We women, 50 and over, know that as we age our eyes need a little extra love and care. That’s why I put a list together of my favorite mascaras for common issues we may encounter as we get better with age.”

#8 How to Wear High Heels After the Age of 50

Our next most popular beauty post of 2021 was all about the heels! I say women over 50 should definitely wear high heels, dear reader! Have you been missing your heels? Read this post to see how to bring them back into your life.

“If I invited you into my closet to view my collection of fabulous and fashionable shoes you would never think my shoe collection belonged to a grandmother with foot problems.

You see, dear reader, I have figured out a way to still “strut my stuff” in glamorous high heels after 50.”

#7 The Best Makeup Brushes for Women Over 50

Makeup brushes are key when creating beautiful makeup looks for women over 50. You simply have to use the best to be the best. Learn all about makeup brushes in this blog.

“For every woman over 50 who is still applying makeup with her fingers or bemoaning the curse of bad brushes that shed and streak, I’ve rounded up the top tools of the trade; the best makeup brushes for older women that are essential to a perfect look. These should be part of our beauty routine.”

#6 Fashion Trends and Technology for the Woman 50+

“Recently, I talked about aging exquisitely; if you missed the story read it here. Aging exquisitely has absolutely nothing to do with how we look as we age, and everything to do with the importance of feeding vitality through new experiences, new people, and embracing new opportunities.

Instagram is a social network, like Facebook. Without going into far too boring detail, the way that one uses Instagram is by downloading an app on your mobile phone. I am on it, darlings, and I love it! Instagram is a social network-driven largely by images… an instant gratification kind of place to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and trends. It is very fashion and lifestyle-driven! It’s also a great place to keep in touch with your children and especially the Grands. Ask them and I bet your Grands will say to you, “Yes, of course, I have an Instagram account!”

#5 How Short is Too Short When It Comes to Fashion After 50

This post is all about our hemlines and what some of the most famous women 50+ have to say about them.

I love our community of women on HoneyGood.com and my private Facebook group, GRANDwomen With Moxie: Where Loneliness Disappears. We are a group of women who are smart, brave, opinionated yet kind. So, let’s talk about something controversial. Nope, not politics…hemlines! After 50, darling, how short is too short? I need to know what you think!

#4 Most Popular Beauty Post of 2021

The Best Winter Hats for Women Over 50

They say timing is everything and this popular post is just the thing for the start of winter! 

#3 6 Pro Tips on How to Adjust Your Makeup When You Decide to Go Grey

Once you’ve answered the to-go-grey-or-not-go-grey question, the next thing to discover is the best makeup look to compliment your new look! 

“Once we have made the decision to let our hair go grey, there’s also the question of whether we need to make changes to our wardrobe and makeup. As a makeup artist who specializes in helping women 50+ look their best, I’m often asked whether it’s necessary to make changes to our makeup if we decide to take that leap. And my answer is always a definite “yes.”  To look our best when we go grey, a few tweaks are in order, so I hope these six tips will help you navigate the process.”

#2 Most Popular Beauty Post of 2021

Best Magnifying Mirrors for Women Over 50

Next up on our collection of best beauty posts, this one has had so many reads and shares! 

“My beauty tips have been well received, which led me to think that I’ve been remiss in mentioning the absolute, hands down, most important tip for looking gorgeous after 50… the best magnifying mirrors so that you can see what you’re doing, dear reader! I hope you get a chuckle over this tip and yet, at our age, you probably know that I’m very serious.

Here are the best magnifying mirrors to try…”

Drumroll, please…!

#1 Most Popular Beauty Post of 2021

Best Brows After 50 & How to Get Them

Let’s face it, eyebrows after 50 can be a problem! This post breaks down the dos and don’ts, as well as how to shape your eyebrows based on hair color and face shape. 

“Good eyebrows, ones that add structure and definition to our faces, can be attained at any age. The problem for many of us at 50+ is that we went a bit crazy back in the day with eyebrow plucking. But not to worry, dear readers, over-plucked (or over waxed) brows can be fixed.”

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this round-up and found some new beauty tips and tricks for women 50+. Please share if you found it helpful!

What is your #1 beauty tip for women over 50? Please tell me in the comments or start a discussion on my private Facebook Group.



January 5, 2022


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