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Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Good eyebrows, ones that add structure and definition to our faces, can be attained at any age. The problem for many of us at 50+ is that we went a bit crazy back in the day with eyebrow plucking. But not to worry, dear readers, over plucked (or over waxed) brows can be fixed.

There are many ways to “fix” your brows because, as you know, eyebrows become thinner and less defined with age. However, a solution as simple as filling and shaping your brows gives them a much more defined, younger look. You can also opt to have your eyebrows professionally tinted once a month. Not only does this help define your brows but it will emphasize even your lightest hairs, giving the illusion of a fuller brow.

After brows are tinted or dyed, you may still want to fill them in, depending on the type of brow product you are most comfortable with. Here and here are a couple I love.

Need Even More Inspiration?

Step one: Stop tweezing brows and take a supplement that encourages hair growth. Do this immediately!

Step two: Shape and fill overly sparse brows through the “growing out” process to keep them manageable.

Step three: Get inspired by the brows of these stunning celebrities who are all over 50!

Gloria Estefan

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

At 61 years old, the Cuban-American “Conga” hit singer, Gloria Estefan, still has impressively glamorous eyebrows.

Why do her brows work? Gloria’s eyebrows have a soft arch that flatters the natural shape of her eyes.

One of the fun facts about this influential Latin artist is that, not only is her melodic voice show-stopping, but her hand at doing eyebrows is just as impressive. So much so that, reportedly, her girlfriends come to her when they need their brows perfected.

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Courteney Cox

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Many of us came to fall in love with Courteney Cox as Monica Geller on Friends. Next, she took her humor to the divorced and after 40s scene in Cougar Town, which seemed to imply that life is good when there’s an endless supply of wine available.

Courteney’s brow shape works with her long, slim face. With a slimmer, almost oval like shape, a wispy, high-arch works to complement the narrow width of her face.

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Brooke Shields

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Actress and model, Brooke Shields, has one of the most famous sets of brows in Hollywood.

Even during the 90s, when the world wanted stick thin brows, she made sure her eyebrows maintained a natural thickness to them. No wonder Brooke inspired a limited edition MAC Cosmetic line dedicated to the sexy and sophisticated natural look.

Best Brows After 50 And How To Get Them

Do You Have Any Brow Secrets to Share?

How do you keep your brows in shape? Do tell! I would so love to hear from you either in the comments below TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. With hair that was naturally black, I turned salt and pepper very young. As I aged and my brows thinned, I had a terrible time trying to find a grey brow filler. Brunette looked red, dark brown didn’t match the black hairs, and blonde -yes, I was talked into trying it- looked ridiculous. Finally, I came upon Joan Rivers Hair Root Concealer in salt and pepper. Altho it’s not specifically made for brows, it is easy to apply, doesn’t wear or sweat off, and the color is PERFECT!!! Thought I’d pass this tip along to other “peppers” out there.

  2. Hi Honey! A generation or two ago it became de rigueur for young women to tweeze their eyebrows almost into oblivion. Whether the style was modeled after Marlene Dietrich, Twiggy, Drew Barrymore or countless other celebrities, it’s just what we did. Nearly everyone I knew tweezed their eyebrows; that, or they were lying. I damaged the tail of my brows, the right one even worse than the left by routinely and compulsively holding on to my beloved silver Tweezerman. What the hell was I thinking! Fast forward to today, where young women still pluck, wax and thread, but thankfully not to the degree we did! With all that said, there is hope for those who seriously messed up: microblading, eyebrow transplantation and countless serums, oils and conditioners. The thing is most growth serums are carefully guarded by their disclaimers and cannot promise much actual growth if the follicle is permanently damaged. What has helped me (aside from putting down the Tweezerman) was a product I still occasionally buy called M2Beaute. It does–I think–add visibility to tiny hairs and adds a glossy color to them. I will forever use a clear gel and brow pencil. I currently use Bobbi Brown grey, YSL grey and Babor blond or all three at once!

    1. Thank you for all the information. Truly enjoyed reading. But, then I always enjoy your messages to me. I never leave one without smiling, laughing or learning. Warmly, Honey

  3. Hi Honey, I had a thyroid problem which caused me to lose most of my body hair. I have only half-eyebrows and almost no eyelashes. How can I get instructions for filling in my brows? I seem to make a mess of it on a daily basis .

    1. Hang tight. I may do a FaceBook Live next week on my own eyebrows. Beauty shops have trained specialists that fill in eyebrows, permanently but you must be careful and see their work before you allow the procedure. Warmly, Honey

  4. Arriving a bit late to the game on this topic (I just joined and now I’m reading all the posts) I have extremely fair (almost white) eyebrows that have not been plucked but are virtually invisible and somewhat thin. Recently, I discovered this product which is sort of like mascara for the eyebrows and it’s called “Milk Kush Fiber Brow Gel.” I use the color “Haze” which creates the most natural appearance (much better than pencil) and I bought it at Sephora.

    1. You are becoming my resource! A book and now Milk Kush Fiber Brow Gel. I will purchase at Sephora! How did you find Warmly, Honey

      1. I found through Abby Ellin’s piece in the Nov. 11th New York Times. I am not much of a “joiner” but everything in the article truly resonated with me and the idea of a platform for intergenerational women’s gatherings really got my mind and heart percolating and I immediately wanted to join. Your entire enterprise is inspiring, creative and needed. From one Lang to another . . . cheers!

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