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for my grandchild
A Grandmother’s Journal
By S. Honey Good

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Dear Friends,


You are a giver of kisses, a provider of treats, and a source of unconditional love and solace. You are a grandmother, and your grandchildren know exactly what to call you. But, do they know who you are?

I have always said that the greatest gifts we leave our grandchildren are the lessons we share, the adventures we catalog, and the love we shower. It is my heartfelt pleasure to present you with this journal to record your own treasured stories, family history, and personal vignettes.

Sharing stories from your past gives your grandchildren a sense of identity, a connection to their heritage, and a deeper relationship with you…

With the gift of this journal, your grandchildren will know you for more than kisses and comfort. They will learn about their family through your stories and, more importantly, about the values that they will hand down to future generations.”


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Susan “Honey” Good serves as the voice of women after 50 all over the world. Years ago, Honey started a journal hoping it would help her find a new purpose in life. Feeling the need to open up her thoughts to others, Honey soon turned her journal into a website. Her life stories and musings immediately resonated with women 50 and over, from all walks of life. In Honey’s storytelling, they found echoes of their own experiences. Her heartaches and over-the-top joys mirrored their own. Honey became their friend and confidante. Today, and its related social media sites are a community of kindred spirits where Honey and her female readers interact, share, give each other support, and celebrate life after 50.


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I purchased this book for my mom, a new grandmother, to document our family history, her experiences, life lessons and motherly advice. Even though it’s technically for my nieces, I am so excited to read as well. Honey Good, the author, provides really wonderful and thought provoking prompts. I wish this book existed so I could have a piece of my grandmother with me, but I am glad the my nieces and their children and their children will feel very connected to my amazing mom. This book is very special and the perfect gift for any mom or grandma in your life.


This book is well written and stunningly beautiful. Too often, the lessons from those we love are stored in their heads, locked away and lost with them when they pass. This book is the key to keeping family lessons and loves as life-long tales passed from generation to generation. Well done, Honey Good!


I presented Stories For My Grandchild to my mother today. She absolutely loved the prompts Honey wrote! She is excited about filling in the details of her story and surprising my adult daughters as her gift to THEM this Mother’s Day. I am sure they will be filled with sentimental tears of gratitude reading their Abuelita’s words in her handwriting. What a keepsake heirloom to have as they go forward in their respective lives. Thank you for the beautifully illustrated treasure!

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