Stories For My Grandchild - A Grandmother's Journal

Abrams Books took notice of Honey Good’s stature among women and grandmothers as well as the national recognition she has received and sought her out to pen their concept journal, STORIES FOR MY GRANDCHILD.

Her stylish, beautifully-illustrated keepsake journal covers numerous topics in a Q & A format so grandparents can pass down personal stories and family history in the first person. The book also features Honey Good’s wise personal quotes about the joys of grandmotherhood. Honey speaks from experience with a blended family that includes 27 Grands.

Honey Good’s smart, succinct, often humorous, sometimes poignant self-reflections are relatable and on point and have carried over to her beautiful book featuring astute subjects and questions ranging from how she amused herself as a child to what dating was like when she was a teenager, and how she navigated challenges and opportunities throughout adulthood. Each entry offers a grandmother an opportunity to give her grandchild a connection to their heritage and a deeper relationship with their grandmother. The journaling prompts and personal quotes were conceived by Honey Good who is actively redefining this stage of life on her award-winning website, with an impressive following of over 200,000.