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Fashion Trends and Technology for the 50+ Woman

Fashion Trends and Technology for the 50+ Woman

Today’s style story is really an education about trends and technology for the 50+ woman.

Recently, I talked about aging exquisitely; if you missed the story read it here. Aging exquisitely has absolutely nothing to do with how we look as we age, and everything to do with the importance of feeding vitality through new experiences, new people, and embracing new opportunities.

Instagram is a social network, like Facebook. Without going into far too boring detail, the way that one uses Instagram is by downloading an app on your mobile phone. I am on it, darlings, and I love it! Instagram is a social network driven largely by images… an instant gratification kind of place to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and trends. It is very fashion and lifestyle driven! It’s also a great place to keep in touch with your children and especially the Grands. Ask them and I bet your Grands will say to you, “Yes, of course, I have an Instagram account!”

Becoming Visible

And while Instagram is largely the domain of the young, more than a few stylish women after 50, like myself, have taken to Instagram to see and to be seen. Part of my mission in staying vital is reminding the world that life after 50 is fabulous and that women after 50 are fashionable and beautiful.

Of course, we are also wise and full of life’s lessons, I am not downplaying that, but the world has always accepted women of a certain age as wise. I am interested in the world seeing us as more than that because I see me as more than that, and I see you as more than that. We are visible! I am very visible on Instagram. Find me there: @iamhoneygood.

Meet some of the amazing 50 plus people I have connected with on Instagram. I think you will find them fascinating…

Fabulous Connections on Instagram

Age of Happiness – @ageofhappiness

An international project designed to change the perspective of life after 50. I just love the idea and the joie de vivre captured on this account. Follow them!

StyleSudest – @stylesudest

Ari is the self-proclaimed “oldest blogger in Montreal, Canada.” That’s just one of the many things I love about her! Follow Ari!

MulherSemPausa – @otro.eridaschaefer

Get out your reading glasses, darlings! You’ll need them to type in the long name of this account but it’s well worth it. Erida hails from Brazil and exudes a lifestyle that, as her bio says, takes “no pause for menopause.” Ah, hormones, the universal language of women!

Style at a Certain Age – @styleatacertainage

Beth Djalali is a style blogger from Georgia and her feed is chock full of enviable Southern style.

Chic Over 50 – @chicover50

Shauna aims to help older women look and feel their best. And, as a blogger, she makes me feel inspired. Such fun style!

Madame Hall – @madamehall

Lisa Hall is an Australian designer who crafts apparel inspired by exotic Indian textiles. She is so truly unique and stunning… right down to her nose piercing. You won’t want to miss out on following Lisa!

The Silver Stylist – @thesilverstylist

Lisa Hale is a model, stylist, and blogger who makes being perfectly put together appear effortless. And that hair… I adore! – @iamhoneygood

I’m wrapping things up with a shameless plug for my own Instagram account. I often feature pictures, tips, and trends there that you won’t find on the blog so be sure to follow me there.

HG Instagram

Fashion Trends and Technology for the 50+ Woman HG instagram

Other Accounts I Love!

Are you on Instagram? Who are Your Favorite 50+ Instagrammers? Do Tell and Let’s Connect!

Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. My fav over 50 insta gram accounts are without a doubt these women for bringing sexy back over 50
    And for my fashion favs

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