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Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50


Today we’re talking makeup tricks for eyes after 50. Our eyes are one of the things that change as we age, but with a few of my favorite makeup tricks for eyes after 50, you can make the most of those pretty peepers in just minutes a day. Here’s how…

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50: Hooded Eyes

When skin starts to cover all or part of the eyelid, this is called “hooded eyes.”

Some are born with hooded eyes, but as time marches on, many of us end up with hooded eyes.

However, there are things that can be done — aside from plastic surgery — to contour the eyes, giving them the appearance of being more open. Proper makeup placement is a must; the key is to apply a range of shadows in the correct places on eyelids.

Start by applying a light shadow to the brow bone to help open up eyes and highlight that area.

Next, tilt your head back slightly and apply a medium color shadow to your eyelids.

Finally, line the upper lash, as close as possible to the base of the lashes, with a dark color using a wedge brush. This step is multipurpose: it defines the eyes, making them “pop,” as well as gives lashes the faux appearance of being much fuller, which again emphasizes the eyes.

This is why, darlings, shadow often comes in trios. I challenge you to learn to use them all!

One trip to try is Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Intense Eyeshadow Trio here.  And, if you need a detailed tutorial and you have the time, watch this fab little video via Look Fabulous Forever, with step-by-step instructions for contouring hooded eyes.

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50: Sparse Brows

Eyebrows become thinner and less defined with age.  Time to fill, shape and define your brows because, as beauty expert Laura Mercier says, “A fuller brow looks younger.”

One option is to have your brows professionally tinted once a month. Not only does this help define brows but the tint will emphasize even the lightest of hairs, making brows appear much fuller. Have you tried having your brows tinted?

After brows are tinted or dyed, you may still want to fill them in. Depending on the type of brow product you are most comfortable with, there are three basic types of brow fillers.

I really like Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Wiz” here if you like a pencil. Tom Ford makes a lovely gel with filling fibers which is AMAZING if that is your preference. Or, those who prefer a powder will love this brow powder duo via Anastasia Beverly Hills found here.

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50: Crepey + Dark  Lids

Dry skin may just be the bane of aging, but hydration is key to slowing down the hands of time! As the skin on our eyelids gets thinner, it may also become looser and drier, of course.

Nourish the delicate eye area by applying hydrating serum not only to the lower eyelids but to the upper eyelids as well!  I recommend, as does Allure Magazine, Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream available here.

Apply whatever product you like, darlings, but do it daily and do NOT forget to apply cream or serum to your eyelids, being careful, of course, not to get the product into eyes where it may irritate. After all, our eyes are sensitive.

The skin on the eyelids often begins to darken with age. That’s no problem! A great primer and a favorite shade of eyeshadow will do just the trick. Don’t use a primer? Reconsider it! The technology behind eye primer prevents your eyeshadow from creasing and migrating away from the area shadow was applied to.  I like Rare Beauty’s Weightless Eyeshadow Primer here.

Makeup Tricks for Eyes After 50: Sparse Lashes

Give sparse lashes the boot with a few tricks of the trade!

My best and number one tip is to get this brow and eyelash serum. You will notice a difference in the fullness of your eyebrows as early as 8 weeks.

Next, using a wedge brush, apply your darkest shadow at the roots of your lashes to create a soft, subtle line that gives the appearance of thicker eyelashes and opens eyes to boot.

Lastly, apply a great thickening mascara to pump lashes up even more. I have a couple of favorite mascaras — Chanel Inimitable and, a great budget-friendly option, L’Oreal Paris Voluminous x5 — but I’d love to hear about your go-to mascara. I’m always on the hunt for new brands, so do tell!

If you’re looking for how-to videos, please go to my round-up post of the Top 10 Beauty Tutorials on Youtube.

What’s your number one eye makeup tip? Please share in the comments. Sharing is caring.

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June 24, 2022


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  1. Cindy Nuckols says:

    Your eyes smile of a Soul full of life that only time has brought you and yet you’re excited about whats around the corner. Thats the epitome of aging and your eyes say that about you.


    I love the lash extensions mascara from Thrive Causemetics. Bonus is they provide one for a woman in need for everyone you buy. https://thrivecausemetics.com/products/liquid-lash-extensions-mascara

  3. Nancy says:

    They sound like great tips, and I can’t wait to try them! I do want to pass on a tip on a really effective make up remover, which works especially well on waterproof mascara. It is Garnier Micellar make up remover, the one with the turquoise cap. You shake it up and soak a cotton ball with it and just apply it to your eyes with no rubbing or pulling needed. The mascara just comes right off, and is the only remover I’ve found that dissolves it so easily and gently. Thanks again for your great posts, and I love your support and sharing with all of us beautiful older gals.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Oh! Thank you for the tip. I will look for the product. Thank you for your great support and sharing yourself with the community and me. Warmly, Honey

  4. Terry says:

    Hi, Honey!
    You always look so lovely, and you apply your makeup beautifully! I haven’t noticed you mentioning a silver or white product you put on your lids, nearest your eyelash line. Is it a pencil? It really seems to make your eyes pop, and I need the help in that department (both a product suggestion and how/where to apply it!!!) Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      It is a white pencil from NARS. The color is white. I place a white dot in the corner of each eye, too. Thank you for the compliment. Warmly, Honey

  5. Marisa Nieves says:

    Hi Honey!
    Try this wonderful mascara, Sisley So Curl !!!!
    Big hug from Portugal

  6. Sally says:

    Eye brow and eye lid serum shows brow powder not serum.
    Please tell us the serum…
    Thank you or your blog

  7. fnf mod says:

    Your eyes beam with the life that time alone has given you, and yet you are anticipating what lies ahead. That represents the peak of aging, and your eyes speak volumes about you.

  8. Popika says:

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