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Groups For Women: The Metaphorical Music That Makes My Heart Sing

Soothing Melodies

Listening to any form of music can soothe any type of mood.

On a personal note, I am far more drawn to the composer’s music than to a lyricist’s lyrics.

A composer’s music puts my mind in a variety of moods. Initially, music draws me to my present self, wherever I happen to be at that moment. I forget the rat race and all of my stress drifts away as I float into a relaxed, contemplative state of mind. Physically and emotionally, music transforms our mindsets.

Feeding Our Souls

Of course, the type of music we listen to feeds our souls in many different ways. It can disrupt, create a sense of calm or even release different types of energy. It can spur creativity or even make us laugh.

Music truly has the ability to change our moods; however, that’s solely for the moment.

The Power Rests Within You

In the end, music can’t make us do anything we do not want to do. Therefore, darlings, the most positive strategy to combat loneliness is in your hands. It is in YOU!

For those of you who are searching for a strategic type of music to listen to in order to combat loneliness on a short term basis, I suggest listening to blues. The blues have an uplifting quality and melodies that allow you to fully experience your loneliness. I think the lyrics of most blues songs teach us about endurance. Overall, this type of music has an uplifting effect that helps those of us who are lonely get out of our cocoon moods.

But remember, there’s no one who can keep you out of the cocoon for long periods of time aside from you!

We Are All More Alike Than We Think

Music connects us to other people. Going to small concerts, listening to music with a large number of people in the audience or taking dance classes or music classes can definitely help. In this instance, music becomes a positive strategy to fight loneliness because you are getting out of your cocoon and actually taking charge of your life.

As I have mentioned in my musings, loneliness comes in all shapes, in all forms and at all ages; no one is immune. At one time or another, everyone faces loneliness because of our personal experiences.

Many of us are able to rise to the occasion and our loneliness passes relatively quickly. Others are more in the middle lane. And then there are those of us, young and old alike for a thousand different reasons, who struggle to fight the loneliness.

Examining The Most Robust Loneliness Study

Over the past few months, I have thought a lot about the topic of loneliness. Today I looked up the world’s largest survey on loneliness, the BBC Loneliness Experiment. 40% of people aged 16-24 said they felt lonely often or very often, compared to 29% of people aged 65- 74 and 27% of people aged over 75.

Loneliness is a very complex topic. For example, women across all age groups are lonelier than men except for one particular group: single women! Married women are lonelier than married men and single men are the most lonely of all!

Two extremely important facets to take into account: on a very positive note, women communicate they are lonely. On a negative note, women tend to have one-on-one friendships and oftentimes miss the exchange of group conversation and interaction.

I enjoy my relationships with all sorts of women. I feel emotionally warm sharing my thoughts and listening to other women’s feelings. Learning from other women and helping other women have always been essential parts of my life. I love the interaction of words and the sounds of laughter when I am in a group of women. After all, my motto at Honey Good is women need women.

Coffee with Honey

So my Honey Bees tell me, “Put your money where your mouth is Honey and get out there and do something!” Julia, Editor of Honey Good, suggested I host a recurring Facebook Live so we can all chat during a designated time each week. Perhaps it’s a Coffee with Honey on Wednesday. What do you think, darlings?

Personally I love the idea! Of course, I would prefer we have coffee in person, but who knows–Coffee with Honey could lead to an event where we would meet in person somewhere, somehow.

I would also like to create a separate Coffee with Honey event on Instagram. It would be nice if we could combine the two because we would have a multigenerational group of women of all ages. I am thinking out loud at this point as I’m typing and I would love your input on any of this!

Back to the subject of the day–music as a positive strategy for loneliness. Please remember that it certainly helps, but it is not permanent. However, group meetups are permanent. For me, groups are a type of metaphorical music that really makes my heart sing. Yours too?

Would you tune into Coffee with Honey on Facebook or Instagram? Which platform would you prefer? Please let me know any ideas you have in the comments below or on Facebook!


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Warmly, Honey


  1. Hi Honey

    Love this topic i started listening to cello lately i think the reason behind it is brings back memories of my grandfather playing the violin .everytime we would go visit him he would bring out is violin and we would get so happy 🙂 we would be dancing and jumping while he was playing .:) this topic started the day with a warm smile 🙂

    The cello brings me calmness even if it has a intense sound 🙂

    Enjoy your day honey xox L

    1. You made my day with your comment. I awakened to it this am. When my ultimate concierge and I go out in the evening we play music for symphonic music for our pooch, America. When we arrive home, I leave it on for myself for a while. Have a nice day. Warmly, Honey

  2. Loneliness has been an issue for me since we have moved a couple times in recent years. Even though we are very social and involved and have always had many friends, it has been more difficult in recent years. I would be a part of a coffee group, however, I’m involved in a women’s bible study on Wednesday morning. That would be the only morning I couldn’t be involved.

    1. Thank you for letting me know of your interest. I will keep you posted and try to remember Wed. is not a good day. Warmly, Honey

  3. Hi Honey! I would definitely tune into Coffee with Honey if it were a set time and date. I have missed some of the Facebook Live chats because of short notice. Facebook would be more interactive than Insta.

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