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Passages After 50

It is the month of May, Darlings, and this month’s theme is all about blooming! Whether that’s in life, love, career, personal experiences, or within yourself, you can bloom and flourish no matter what age you are.

Continuing to Bloom After 50+

We hold in our little hands the power to continue to bloom after 50. We also have the power to wilt. In fact, I can think of a few main reasons why we have the tendency to wilt after 50. One of the reasons is fear of the unknown, another reason is lack of determination, and lastly the awful word, negativity. Negativity and feeling a lack of determination sets in when we fear the unknown. Especially now during COVID-19.

For those of you who feel you have to gather up your courage in order to spread your wings when entering a new passage in life, I will tell you with all sincerity, even the most outgoing, educated and courageous woman has to take a deep breath when she decides to spread her wings into unknown territory. But she does it. Why? Because she determines she would rather jump into the unknown than fixating or wondering about potential problems that may or may not arise.

In other words, she decides to replace negativity with positivity. This will ultimately, or hopefully, allow her to override her fears of the unknown. She becomes a determined, blooming risk-taker. I am smiling!

Sit Quietly and Visualize

The first order of the day is to sit quietly and visualize all the good things you have accomplished in your life because you took risks. Little things like learning to drive a car! I was afraid when I sat behind the wheel for the first time. Weren’t you? But we did it because we were determined and did not allow our fear to stand in the way.

You can likely think back on many things you were afraid to tackle, but you did with success. So, my Darlings, you have had years of positive success to prepare yourself for this new passage in life after 50. Think positive. Fight the fear. Get determined!

Replace Fear & Negativity By Becoming Visible & Vital

You want to come to the positive conclusion that your goal is to remain a visible and vital woman as long as you are alive. So with conviction, determined fierceness and, of course, some natural fear, take in the good feeling of blooming and flowering rather than the negative emotion of wilting after 50.

You have several approaches to take in order to feel your bloom. You have to choose your path based on your desires and your aspirations. Something you fancy!

Some of you will prefer the privacy of your home, which most of us will because of Coronavirus and it’s lasting effects. Regardless, I understand that your happiness may be confined to those four walls and that is all good because it is there you feel visible.

You may want to read great novels or work in watercolors or oils with soft music playing throughout your home. How marvelous! Or, you may want to make a quilt for a grand. You may want to needlepoint or redo a room in your home. Just do it!

Take Initiative

Take the initiative and order those books you have had a desire to sink your teeth into. Talk to a professional and figure out what brushes and paints and easel you will need to take up painting. Aren’t you feeling better already? Oh my, Darlings, there are so many avenues to delve into after 50. I am getting excited just thinking about them.

Going back to college for your degree, traveling the world (when able), taking up a creative project, joining a group of women (such as GRANDwomen with Moxie), or couples for perhaps a movie or book review are all important things! And don’t forget to foster the right kind of relationships at this stage of life.

Or what about working on relationships that have gone astray? I know it takes two to tango. If the others don’t want to do the dance, you must work at accepting that there are things you cannot change. Seek out professional counseling. Most importantly, be thankful you are not the other person who is carrying all that negative and angry baggage.

Take In The Good

I live my life by taking in the good. On occasion, I have to fake it by smiling when I feel stressed. Smiling immediately lifts my spirits and I get into my blooming mood.

It may seem trite that I wake up each morning feeling grateful. And sure, I have my stuff, just like you have your stuff. It’s life, my sweet readers. But, I override my stuff because I am appreciative of everything. And I think most of you are, too. This also feeds the positive to flower.

This morning, I woke up thinking about my wonderful new group of women on GRANDwomen with Moxie and how complete strangers are becoming friends and supporting each other through this difficult time. I also thought of my good health, as well as my husband, Shelly’s, and my pooch, America’s. Finally, I thought about all my tasks for the day and jumped out of bed with a smile to accomplish them!

We transition after 50 from building careers and raising children to having personal and meaningful days to engage in activities that make us happy. That means growing and reaching for our personal desires. They are out there. It is up to you to latch onto them in order to flower. To feel visible and relevant… If you do this, you will feel the bloom.

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How Do You Embrace Blooming After 50? Tell me in the comments below. 

May 3, 2020

Passages After 50

How to Bloom in Life After 50 & Beyond!

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  1. Pamela Smith says:

    Your final paragraph spoke wisdom to my head…and heart. Thank. you.

  2. Virginia Withers says:

    So well said, Honey…much needed words of inspiration. I really have so much to be proud and thankful for…I returned to school after 50 to earn two degrees, and have spent summers since 2012 in Jerusalem with an archaeological site. I am now their artifact photographer. However, at home I sometimes don’t feel so ‘visible’…these words remind me that I have the choice to take it all even further…Honey and Friends are like flowers in a garden🌷🌸🌹

  3. Colleen Capstick says:

    At 61 I’m just below the Coronavirus danger zone but I’ve decided to help my community by volunteering during this crisis. The drive thru virus sights need help with the non medical steps of the process. I fell empowered to do my part at this crazy time!

  4. Maria Davies says:

    As usual, you inspire.
    When I retired, 7 years ago from a successful real estate career I decided that retirement meant total freedom. A bit intimidating but oh the feeling of possibilities! after trying various activities/groups, I discontinued some, started other ones. Now I’m involved with a group dedicated to preserving the marvelous history & culture of my beloved island. I belong to the Grenada Green Group, trying to minimize our carbon footprint. I guest write for several web sites. I’m working on compiling a compendium of folk medicine & I’m working on gathering an oral history of Grenada as told by Grenadians over 60. I also produce a newsletter & maintain my own web site.
    Do I sometimes get worried? scared? overwhelmed? Sure but what a journey it’s been.

  5. Eileen Ballman says:

    I began my 3rd and final career at 50! I taught for 10 years, retired but subbed 6 more years and then moved to working in a wonderful import store to shake it up. I wrote and published a book Fragments of an Everywoman’s Life at 65. I am fit and active with a host of terrific women in my court. I am becoming a grandmother in July and can’t wait to feel that joy. I have done nothing but bloom in my 50s and beyond. Go for it all ladies, you’ve got this.

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