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7 Ways to Bloom in Life After 50

Image of Honey Good on a bench in front of a large bush of blooms discussing finding your bloom in life after 50.

Finding your bloom in life after 50 simply requires a new way of looking at things. I’ll show you how.

It’s June, Darlings! And June is the time to bloom – in life, love, career, personal experiences, or even within yourself. No matter your age, you have the power to flourish and blossom.

Continuing to Bloom in Life After 50

We hold the power to keep blooming after 50, just like we hold the power to wilt. Life changes, like empty nests and career shifts, can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. This, along with fear of the unknown, can contribute to negativity. Negativity and a lack of determination can be a dangerous combination.

Think about the most courageous woman you know. Even the bravest among us take a deep breath before venturing into uncharted territory. But they do it. Why? Because they choose to embrace the unknown rather than dwell on potential problems. I call this having a rose-colored attitude.


8 Ways to Find Your Bloom in Life After 50

1. Find Your Quiet Strength

The first step is to take a quiet moment and visualize all the amazing things you’ve accomplished by taking risks. Remember that time you learned to drive? Weren’t you scared? But you did it because you were determined not to let fear hold you back.

You likely have a long list of similar experiences. These accomplishments are proof that you have the inner strength to tackle this new chapter in your life after 50. Think positive, fight the fear, and get determined!

2. Become Visible and Vital

Let’s replace fear and negativity with a commitment to staying visible and vital throughout your life. Embrace the feeling of blooming and flourishing rather than the fear of wilting.

There are many paths to blooming – the key is to choose one that aligns with your desires and aspirations. Some of you may prefer the comfort of your own home, especially with the lingering effects of life changes.


3. Find Joy in Your Space

That’s perfectly alright! Happiness can bloom within those four walls, as long as they feel like a space where you feel visible. Reading great novels, painting with soft music playing, or crafting a quilt for a loved one – these are all enriching activities that can make you bloom.

4. Take Initiative

Take charge! Order those books you’ve been wanting to read, or talk to a professional about the art supplies you’ll need to pursue that painting dream. Isn’t that exciting? There are endless possibilities waiting to be explored after 50!

5. Expanding Your Horizons

Consider going back to college, traveling the world (when possible), taking on a creative project (here are tons of great ideas for new hobbies to pick up). Or join a women’s group in person or online, like my private Facebook group. Spending time with couples for movie or book reviews can also be a source of joy. Don’t forget the importance of fostering positive relationships at this stage in life the bring more bloom into your life.

6. Relationships and Acceptance

Sometimes relationships need work, but remember, it takes two to tango. If the other person isn’t interested in putting in the effort, accept that there are things you can’t control. Seek professional counseling if needed. Most importantly, be grateful that you’re not burdened with negativity and anger.

7. Focus on the Good

Living a life filled with gratitude is key to having bloom in life after 50. Sometimes, a simple smile can instantly lift your spirits and put you in a blooming mood. Appreciating the good things, big and small, can feel trite at times, but it truly does feed the positive energy that allows you to flourish.

This morning, I woke up feeling grateful for my wonderful Facebook group of women. Seeing strangers become friends and support each other through these challenging times is truly inspiring. I also thought about my good health, my husband Shelly, and my beloved dog America. Finally, I visualized all the tasks I wanted to accomplish that day and jumped out of bed with a smile, ready to tackle them!

If you need help visualizing and dreaming, I love making vision boards. Here’s how you should try making a vision board, along with some kits that make it even easier.

Life after 50 is a time to transition from building careers and raising children to creating meaningful days filled with activities that bring you joy. It’s a time to grow and reach for your personal desires. Bloom where you’re planted, and you’ll find all the fulfillment you could want!

How Do You Embrace Blooming After 50? Please share with the community in the comments below. 

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June 4, 2024

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  1. Pamela Smith says:

    Your final paragraph spoke wisdom to my head…and heart. Thank. you.

  2. Maria Davies says:

    As usual, you inspire.
    When I retired, 7 years ago from a successful real estate career I decided that retirement meant total freedom. A bit intimidating but oh the feeling of possibilities! after trying various activities/groups, I discontinued some, started other ones. Now I’m involved with a group dedicated to preserving the marvelous history & culture of my beloved island. I belong to the Grenada Green Group, trying to minimize our carbon footprint. I guest write for several web sites. I’m working on compiling a compendium of folk medicine & I’m working on gathering an oral history of Grenada as told by Grenadians over 60. I also produce a newsletter & maintain my own web site.
    Do I sometimes get worried? scared? overwhelmed? Sure but what a journey it’s been.

  3. Virginia Withers says:

    So well said, Honey…much needed words of inspiration. I really have so much to be proud and thankful for…I returned to school after 50 to earn two degrees, and have spent summers since 2012 in Jerusalem with an archaeological site. I am now their artifact photographer. However, at home I sometimes don’t feel so ‘visible’…these words remind me that I have the choice to take it all even further…Honey and Friends are like flowers in a garden🌷🌸🌹

  4. Eileen Ballman says:

    I began my 3rd and final career at 50! I taught for 10 years, retired but subbed 6 more years and then moved to working in a wonderful import store to shake it up. I wrote and published a book Fragments of an Everywoman’s Life at 65. I am fit and active with a host of terrific women in my court. I am becoming a grandmother in July and can’t wait to feel that joy. I have done nothing but bloom in my 50s and beyond. Go for it all ladies, you’ve got this.

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