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The Importance of Collecting Friends and Keepsakes

The Importance of Collecting Friends and Keepsakes

Did you know I am a world-class collector? However, I am not a person who enjoys clutter nor am I a hoarder. As well, I don’t gather dust on the top of my bookcase, but, I collect select books. Why do I collect? Well, for personal happiness. I am sure you feel as I do. Darling, the importance of collecting has to do with personal joy.

Most women are very sentimental and I am one of those women. My home shows it! Keepsakes are everywhere because my family is very dear to me. I walk by family heirlooms from my mom, grandma, grandchildren, children, and friends have given me, every day.

I never purposely started collecting. Except for family keepsakes, my collecting always started with one piece that brought joy. But one piece led to another and over time I had a collection that brought great personal happiness. My reward? Simple pleasure.

Gathering Storybook Dolls

I realized at a very early age the emotional joy I received as I gathered my first collection of Storybook Dolls. One of my grandfathers was a world traveler with 14 grandchildren. He never forgot to bring each of us a small gift. My first gift was a Storybook Doll from Italy. I told my grandfather how much I loved her and thereafter he gifted me with dollies from different countries around the world. I had shelves in my bedroom for my dollies and I would dream of visiting their countries when I grew up so I could learn all about their customs and lifestyles. And, I have had the good fortune to do just that.

Collecting My Thoughts

My next collection was spent gathering my thoughts. It is not easy for any young person to grow up. This was a time in my young life to gather my thoughts in a diary. It came to pass that one diary led to another diary throughout my junior high and high school years. My diary became my friend. Each nightly entry began with, “Dear Diary”, and ended with, “Goodnight, Dear Diary.” I wrote in my diaries until I left for college. Unfortunately, when my parents downsized, my mother threw my diaries and my Storybook Dolls away while I was in college. I remember feeling heartbroken and wondered, “How could she?” I still get upset after all of these years.

Gathering Women in My Life

In college, I joined a sorority and started gathering friends from all over the United States. I recall my first meet-up with a girl from L.A., her name was Anita. I remember saying in a very drama-rama way, “You’re from L.A.!?!?” She had short platinum-colored hair and wore shocking pink fingernail and toenail polish. She was very nice. As a young girl from the small town of Kankakee by the Sea, a girl from L.A. was a big deal. I was probably a big deal to her; a small-town girl whose hair was a natural chestnut color and wore clear fingernail and toenail polish!

I also met Barbara, a plain Jane with a brilliant mind who taught me how to study and write a ‘mean outline’ for college exams. I realized at this time I enjoyed spending time with girls who had other thoughts and goals. And, I returned a favor! I taught her how to put on makeup, style her hair, and add some style to her life! We were constantly in conversation, asking one another questions because we peeked each other’s fancy.

I liked spending time with girls. I learned from them, shared secrets with them, and though I did not realize it, I was gaining a sense of what type of girlfriend I wanted to gather into my collection of friends.

While Living in Honolulu

When I moved to Honolulu, I joined my first group of women. Not a clique but a group of several women with the same interests but different personalities and lifestyles. I loved the group setting because the women were of all walks of life, all ages, all religions, several nationalities, some married with children, some single, some career-minded, and some homemakers who gathered together and chit-chatted and worked for a common goal.

My International Collection of Friends

When I married my Ultimate Concierge, he belonged to a large International Real Estate group out of Paris, France. Suddenly and to my great joy, I had a group of international women friends from around the world. I was in my glory collecting new friends and gathering them around me. These women have been friends of mine going on 30 years. We are a group so diverse that it is magical. I cannot begin to express how blessed I am to have them in my life.

Groups and Collections

From my group of Storybook Dolls to my groups of Human Dolls, I have gathered women from all walks of life. It is ironic that my group of international dolls grew into international friends. I love when life comes full circle.

Starting My Own Groups

When the New York Times approached me to write an article on multigenerational groups, I was so happy. So, I collected and gathered women from the age of 28 to 97-years-old and invited them to my home. After a two-hour discussion, the women did not want to stop talking and wanted to meet again.

I started a group that stayed together for 4 years. The theme: FEELING INVISIBLE. The group was so committed they stayed together until I moved away.

My private Facebook group GRANDwomen with moxie… Where loneliness disappears, is so engaged and we are trending to the 2,000 member mark. I love the group. We have Zoom meet-ups, exchange thoughts, advertise our businesses on Saturday and we stop loneliness.

And, my blog,… though I know only a handful of you, this group of women has become my friends through words. I am so blessed with this collection.

My Favorite Type of Collection

The common denominator that all women have is plain and wonderfully simple. Women need women. And, that is the reason groups are so inviting.

If I had to make a statement on why I consider myself a world-class collector, I would say, “I have a need and desire to bloom spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. And, I have a thirst for beautiful and sentimental objects. I need objects that I love to surround my visual and emotional needs because they touch the core of my inner feelings. With women in my life, I feel whole.”

I am smiling.

What are you a collector of? I would love to hear more about you and the things you love in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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