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How to Stop Living in the Past and Embrace Your Age and Stage of Life!

Stop Living In The Past

I truly do not know how to live in the past, save for my loving and happy memories and the lessons I learned along the way. I review these in my mind when I am reminded. Other than that, I have no time to waste in the past. Do you? If so, this is how to stop living in the past and embrace your age and stage of life…

Start by building a life that thrills you. I can tell you that I am filled to the brim with my daily life. As I often say, “I live a razzle, dazzle lifestyle and I adore it!”

Oh, sure, I get frazzled, too. However, on hectic days I tell myself, “Better to be frazzled than sitting around thinking about what was.”

There is a Reason Some People Live in the Past

The reason you might live in the past is very simple: You are lost. You lack motivation. You don’t know how to make daily goals or even dreams. So, you revert to your memories and tell stories about what was. Or, you sit and daydream about this, that and the other. Or, perhaps you feel sorry for yourself asking, “Why can’t the present be like my past?”

Your present can be better than the “good ‘ole days,” but you must have a plan like you did the first half of your life. The first half of your life your plan was laid out. You went to school, met a guy, got married, possibly had a career, had a family, bought a home, raised your children, did volunteering and now… what is the plan? I have a plan that can change everything for you: Stop living in the past because your life is not over yet! You have so much more to see, do and even become.

Stop Living In The Past

Take These Steps To Start by Embracing Your Age and Stage in Life

You must say to yourself, “I am not over the hill. I have time to climb a new hill. Therefore, I will not waste my time or energy living in my past, wishing I could turn back the time. Instead, I will look eagerly with some natural trepidation to the future.” Here were my five ways to not allow my past to become my present.

1. Stay in the Present: I became motivated to live in the present and not dwell on what once was by designing a new plan for this stage of my life. This is what my plan became.

2. Find a New Life Purpose: I emotionally and physically felt the need to find a new purpose in life. I wanted to feel passionate about a project, a project that was mine.

3. Thrive as a Cancer Survivor: I had been ill, surviving cancer, and so I decided I would discipline myself to eat healthily and work out. This was vital.

4. Stay Connected: I am a loner, and yet I enjoy people. I know it seems contradictory, so I decided I wanted to stay connected with special like-minded women who I call girlfriends. Another promise I made to myself was to stay connected with my scattered family living in seven different states. I would try and be the best mother and grandmother to our children and our 25 grands. I would be a role model for the rest of my life.

5. Not Repeat the Past: And lastly, I would not do what I did in the past. A new chapter awaited me.

That was my plan, and I am fulfilling all five of my goals. It was not easy. Nothing that has real meaning is easy.

Five Signs You Are Stuck in the Past

I know a person who lives in the past. It is one of my meaningful relationships. So, I am extremely aware of the pitfalls. If you have any of these signs, I think you are suffering from an addiction to what was… your past. Here are the signs.

First, you constantly tell stories about your past. Second, you don’t plan for a better today. Also, you have very few, if any, relationships with interesting people. Next, you are sure your future will never reach the pinnacle of your past. You feel you have peaked. Finally, you are stuck. Not a good excuse! You have given up and decided to live in the past.

I think you must approach your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond with discipline because nothing good in life happens by accident. You have to make a plan and then work your plan.

Plan To Embrace Every Moment!

I am a proponent of keeping a personal journal for three months. This is a great start in forming your plan. You are expressing your thoughts, and you are enforcing self-discipline; a discipline you will surely need as you seek an interesting purpose in your life.

I never missed a day of journaling even though my husband and I were traveling. I programmed my Dropbox and wrote daily… on airplanes, hotel rooms, automobiles and in several different countries. I did not miss a day.

Through journaling I found a new purpose and passion in, in the community that we have now built, in my new book and — soon– in MOXIE! Now, I have no time to live in the past because the present is a frantic, fun whirlwind of friends and new experiences. I live in the present and await tomorrow with enthusiasm. This present-day mindset has become my greatest gift.

What are your secrets to embracing the journey at every age? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Awesome post, Honey! You have several quotes that I am intending to use in a conversation with someone I know that is stuck in the past!

  2. This is very thought provoking and inspirational today Honey, great story, wonderful advice! I think everyone gets a bit off-track at times in their life. I needed this right now and I plan to start another journal today!

  3. Thank you, Honey. Your wise advice is exactly what I needed. I have, indeed, been living in the past. (especially during holiday season). I will definitely keep this post and follow your wise recommendations.

  4. Great post with many good suggestions. It does take discipline with the ability to take risks, and then to maintain the momentum. And when that wave ends, to begin riding a new one. I sometimes miss family (parents) and friends from my past who are deceased, more so around holidays. Staying busy with new & engaging projects helps fill the void. New friendships can also help….and silly talk, being goofy, funny movies & laughter!

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