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Simple LuxuryThe first thing that pops into our minds when we think of the word luxury are material possessions. Right? I happen to love the meaning of the word for a different reason. Luxury, to me, is a ‘lasting’ state of great emotional comfort. A material possession brings a woman instant comfort, like a shooting star. An emotional state of luxury, that I find intoxicating reminds me of the North Star, shining bright and stable. 

How do you view the word luxury?

Winter is fast approaching in my beautiful Chicago. I luxuriate as I leave the warmth of our condo in the sky and step out into the cold fresh air. As I inhale I immediately feel refreshed. I often think of the warmth of my past life in Honolulu and for a fleeting few minutes, I feel myself relax and look back…

Ten years of living in Honolulu, Hawaii, had the most profound and positive impact on my life. I am, to this day, so grateful for the experience.

I hope my story will have an impact on you.

Living in the Islands connected me to my love of nature, to simply be, and my deep spirituality. To this day I am ever so grateful.

It was not until I moved to the Islands did I realize that this had been implanted in my DNA. My love of nature and my deep spirituality and desire for luxurious simplicity was part of me. The Islands brought it to light. I am grateful.

Life on an Island, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and the vision of Diamond Head from one of my daughter’s bedrooms. The sun seemed to rise out of the Sea each morning. There was the moon’s reflection on the ever-changing ocean. Orchid plants gave me a daily dose of joy. The trade winds quietly blowing through the open windows of our home, brought untold happiness and personal growth. For ten years, I could simply be

What is more luxurious?

Oh sure, I had misgivings, problems, and nonsense going on in my life. But the Island environment, an easy laid back simple lifestyle, kept me focused on what was really important. Always, I would fall back into a healthy reality. 

I am grateful.

From Island Life to My Beautiful Chicago

I left the lifestyle due to the unexpected death of my late husband. A year and one day later, I moved to ‘my beautiful Chicago.’  And a year after that, moved into my apartment in the sky overlooking the grandiose Lake Michigan reminding me, happily, of my still-missed Pacific Ocean and island life.

To feed my soul I have orchids and live palms that bring nature into my life. I truly thrive as I watch the morning sunrise out of Lake Michigan and the evening moon and stars shining light over the water. On very cloudy days, I open a window and, on rare occasions, I catch part of a cloud as it seeps in to say, hello. Our condo in the sky has become my Island. 

I am grateful.

“No man is an island, no man stands alone.” Life gets in our way. Right?

Like you, I have obligations and family demands. I have community interests, social pressures, and the ever-widening demands of a full life. My mind often reels in the city. Whereas the island luxuriously reeled me back into my personal reality and what was important. The island’s mood helped me deflect that which I did not need or really want. She simplified my lifestyle.

I am sure my story makes you question the environment you are living in and how it intertwines and affects your daily mood.

What is the answer to a meaningful lifestyle? What constitutes living in the lap of emotional luxury for you may be totally different from what it is for me. I hope you will want to create your own version.

Tips for Living in Simple Luxury:

  • Pare down on material possessions (shooting stars).
  • Be who you are. Don’t wear a mask.
  • Do away with unnecessary complications.
  • Delete people who do not make your heart sing or bring something to the table.
  • Simplification of one’s outer look will never be enough.
  • Live. Love. Laugh.
  • Be grateful.

What does emotional luxury mean to you?

Above all, our answers lie in your DNA. so listen to your heart (the North Star.) It knows. And, then when the time is right let me know. I love to share.

Have you ever considered the idea of emotional luxury? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

Warmly, Honey

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December 5, 2021


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Dearest Honey,

    I’m living in my emotional luxury as I type. I am on our beautiful island of Oahu for the month of December, spending it with family and friends….I too am grateful

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