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10 Tips to Live a Charmed Life Until You Are 100 Years Young

As I often say, “I am so busy, I am dizzy. I am so frazzled, but dazzled.” I know these terms do not pinpoint my activities, but I think they let you know I am on an emotional high most days because I am an active woman over 50. Working out my mind, I am always curious. I experience frustration too and want to scream, but that balance is also healthy. In other words, I keep learning.

I work out my body with my trainer Adam, who has a master’s degree. He also works with older clients who box and lift while working on their balance and stretching. Strolling around my beautiful Chicago with America always puts me in a cheery mood. I regularly eat a fairly well-balanced diet, I don’t smoke and I love social connections. I try, try and try. It comes down to this, darlings: if you want to stay physically and emotionally active, start with a positive attitude. 

3 Generations in Arizona

Last week, most of you know I was in Arizona with my daughter Jenny’s family. My granddaughter had surgery and I wanted to be with her, my daughter, my son-in-law and other grand. It suddenly dawned on me that my daughter is just as busy as I am.

As we discussed one of her latest endeavors, out of the blue I mentioned that we owe our attitude, our zest and our curiosity for life to my mother, her grandmother. She set an example of how to live a healthy, active life. Continuously active, she used her mind and her body to stay physically healthy. She completed a daily crossword puzzle, played bridge, canasta, mahjong, Scrabble and mastered needlepoint. She read and on top of that, she was a great golfer and skier. Alive and kicking, she is still stunningly beautiful at 98!

I observed her as a child and I must have admired her attitude. My daughter must have admired mine and so it goes, darlings, from one generation to the next. How wonderful is that? Therefore, we must pass on our healthy minds and lifestyles to our grands. 

Why I Am Writing This Story

One woman was 34 years old and the other woman was 80. The first I saw in the morning. The other I met during the late afternoon. I had met the younger woman twice in my life and the older woman I met many years ago because our husbands were friends. The subject matter of both conversations was the same. 

I was having a facial with the younger woman. Laying on the table with closed eyes, we discussed women over 50 because the majority of her clients are 50+. We chatted about what I did, the podcasts she listens to on her drive home and how she would like to participate in one. I encouraged her to try. You know how women go on and on–so fun!

At the end of our chat, I asked her how many older women inspired similar conversations. She answered, “none.” Of course, there are many of you who are involved in interesting careers. Her clientele, unfortunately, was not. I felt a bit sad for those women who feel lonely and invisible. 

My conversation with the other woman revolved around retired husbands. Her husband goes to work every day. When you are with your husband, he has a zest for life. He is still in the hunt. She mentioned that many older women feel that their retired husbands are bored and in a funk. I knew she had put herself into that bucket.

We said our goodbyes and as I was walking home, I knew what I wanted to write about: how to live a blooming, healthy life until you are 100 years young!

Enthusiasm, Darlings, Enthusiasm

I urge you to put on your tutu and dance! What does that mean? It means you have the power to do anything for yourself that is important to you! Your life should be #1 on your hit parade for yourself and for your family. If you want to live a charmed life, I suggest the following tips:

10 Tips to Live a Charmed Life

  1. Learn a new skill you will enjoy. This will provide a rush of excitement and joy!
  2. Volunteering is a marvelous activity for emotional wellbeing.
  3. Love. Quality time with your family fosters emotional health. 
  4. Social connections with women. Women need women, which will help reduce loneliness.
  5. Sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. 8 hours of sleep should be the minimum. If you cannot, take cat naps during the day.
  6. Live in the present. Google mindfulness to help you with ideas.
  7. Deal with stress. Take time during the day to smell the flowers, even if these breaks only last for 3 minutes. Breathe. 
  8. Eat healthy foods. Missing breakfast causes irritability and fatigue. Concentrate on reducing refined foods, especially sugar. Consume protein daily and be sure to drink water.
  9. Exercise, darlings! You do not have to join a gym. However, you do have to join forces with your mind to create a habit. Walk, swim, stretch or practice whatever feels good to you.
  10. Live, love and laugh your way to good physical health so we can all grow to be 100 years young!

What are the go-to tips that help you lead a charmed life? Let me know your suggestions either in the comments below or on Facebook!


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  1. Wow, you look like you are deep in speaking “dog”! What a conversation this must be!!!!!!! And both of you understand every word or nuance-so glad you two are so happy!!!

    1. We make each other so happy. There are no words to describe how happy America makes me and vice versa. Thank you for your message. Warmly, Honey

  2. I enjoyed your article so much, particularly the description of your mother. As I find in you, Honey, your mother’s lifestyle is such an inspiration!
    To living a full great life I would add gratitude-for the little things that we sometimes miss- a gentle breeze, a kind, courteous word or deed from a stranger, the blessing of encouragement found in this letter. Just one more: to wake up each day with an attitude of expecting good things to come your way.

    1. It is proven that a grateful person is a happy person. We think alike…from a gentle breeze, a kind courteous works, etc. is my exact feelings. Warmly, Honey

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