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Why Should You Write a Motivational Letter to Yourself

Why Should You Write a Motivational Letter to Yourself

In life, you’d find yourself constantly having to inspire and motivate the people around you. Maybe your child is facing an early life crisis (yes, that’s a real thing) and needs a little pep talk to keep their day going. Or maybe your spouse has a big presentation the next day and needs his spirit fired up.

Oftentimes, you might get so busy inspiring others that you could forget to motivate the most important person in your life – yourself. If you don’t motivate yourself, you’ll only be pouring from an empty cup, and as time goes on, you’ll find that you can no longer offer words of comfort to your loved ones.

So how do you fill your cup again? Well, the best way to rejuvenate your spirit and keep yourself going is by writing a motivation letter to yourself. Pretend that you’re writing inspirational letters to a friend or family member who means the world to you.

If you aren’t sure about the usefulness of self-written motivation letters, here are some reasons that may convince you to write one today.

Writing Letters Helps You Find Reassurance

There are days when you feel like you’re drowning in an overwhelming pool of self-doubt. It happens to the best of us. Even when you’re doing a great job, a tiny sliver of doubt often niggles in the dark recesses of your mind.

Writing a motivation letter to yourself helps you find reassurance and boost your self-esteem. With such a letter, you can assure yourself of your ability to handle the mess and keep things under control.

Even though this letter won’t automatically dispel all your doubts and problems, it will definitely give you the extra push and encouragement you need to go ahead.

Outline Your Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations

Let’s admit it: most times, we go through life in a haze without stopping for a moment to outline our aspirations and define what we really want from life. For instance, your life aspiration could be to have a fulfilling career. But in what field? What time limit have you set for this aspiration? Are there any milestones to be celebrated along the way?

Writing a motivation letter to yourself gives you a moment for self-reflection. It helps you to do some soul searching and create specific goals, dreams, and aspirations. Don’t worry about finding writing motivation for your motivation letter (pun intended). The words will flow naturally once you begin to self-reflect.

Increases Self-Awareness

Do you ever think of who you are as a person? Not as a wife, or mother, or colleague but as a real person with a path laid out to follow? Well, most women don’t do that often. A lot of them get so caught up in the roles they play in the lives of others that they forget who they really are.

Writing a motivation letter to yourself helps you to understand the features and traits that make you authentic and special. It makes you aware of your value and who you really are.

How to Write a Motivational Letter to Yourself

Writing a motivation letter to yourself may seem awkward when you first pick up a pen. In fact, you may not feel motivated to write anything at all. However, once you practice a brief moment of self-reflection, the words will start to flow naturally.

Here are a few tips to help you write a motivation letter to yourself.

Make it Personal

Remember that your motivation letter is talking to YOU. As such, you should make it deeply personal. No matter how awkward it may seem, try to ensure that you don’t write an impersonal letter that sounds like you’re talking to a third party.

You could start the letter by addressing yourself by your first name. However, a more personal approach would be to address yourself as “self”. If this feels too unfamiliar to you, try to imagine that you’re writing a love letter to yourself. How personal would you go when writing such a letter? Your answer to this question will determine how personal your self-motivation letter should be.

Address All Your Flaws and Insecurities

Don’t be afraid to get raw and undiluted in a letter to yourself. As humans, we all have flaws and insecurities that we may be too ashamed to tell anyone else. However, remember that you’re talking to yourself, not a third party or a stranger. So you have to approach yourself as confident and sexy.

If you can’t be honest with others, you should be able to open up to yourself. Admit and address any insecurities or flaws you feel you may have. Always remember that this is a no-judgment zone. You’re not allowed to judge yourself, while your pen or paper will definitely not be making any judgments.

Include a Plan

Even though the essence of a self-motivation letter is to inspire, motivate and reassure yourself, it should also include a solid plan. What steps do you want to take to create a better life and future for yourself? What resources will you need to move ahead?

Without a strategy, the motivation derived from your letter will simply dissipate into thin air. As such, it is advisable to outline what exactly you want to do and the steps you will take to achieve your goals.

Motivate Yourself!

Writing a motivation letter may seem like a complete waste of time for most of us. However, the benefits listed above will open your eyes to the importance of writing a self-motivation letter every now and then. Now, pick up a pen, a sticky note and let’s try it out, shall we?

Have you ever considered writing a motivational letter to yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of this page!


Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and writer with a Ph.D. in History from Stanford University. So far, she has led a fulfilling career in education, bridging the learning gap between students and enhancing academic performance. She currently works with a professional college essay writing service, where she delivers high-quality term papers, essays, and dissertations. She also loves to motivate through her writing!



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