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Finding Your Passion After 50


I believe in the power of finding your passion after 50. A passionate woman lives life to her fullest. She is curious and lives outside the box. She is open to change. Her life is filled with abundance. She is able to find her passion after 50 because she has learned to be passionate about self-care, the ability to think about her needs. Passion creates energy.

I am a woman with many passions. At the top of my list of passions, as a woman after 50, is the physical world and self-care. These two passions have led me to develop other passions I never imagined possible.

My physical world is the combination of the Sea, Sun, Moon, and Stars, trees, flowers, plants, and landscapes. Nature in all forms brings clarity and calmness into my life. There are many times I prefer nature’s language to the human tongue. The sounds of the Sea and the movement of the Aspen leaves speak to me as well as the beauty of sunrises and sunsets and twinkling stars and the man in the moon and the lovely scent of flowers… each bringing a sense of peace and clarity into my busy schedule. What I find most valuable about the physical world is that it awakens strong emotions and solid thinking without the spoken word. Nature in her wonderous way speaks volumes to me as I observe in wonderment her beauty. I have found many of my answers in the stillness of our friendship.

Self-care is essential!

I am passionate about self-care. Self-care has become a late-in-life passion. I have learned it is never too late to incorporate a new philosophy into one’s life. It is unfortunate that women fifty and older were taught as little girls to be caregivers and to be seen and not heard. Many of us were blind to the importance of taking note of ‘our’ needs and desires. Without self-care, I would not be able to create.

Finding Your Passion After 50

As young women, most of us felt it was selfish to think of ourselves first. And, as older women many of us still feel guilt-ridden about saying ‘no,’ so we say ‘yes’ when we really want to say and even scream, ‘no, no, no!’ The key to finding your passion after 50 is that you must be true to you and what you need.

So, my darlings, consider the you in you. Love yourself. It is not a selfish act. You will be happy nurturing your physical needs and thoughts. You will find happiness and contentment. This attitude change creates positive energy that will be noticed and respected. You will be able to teach your grands by your example. You will find your passion after 50.

What is passion?

I would define passion as an intense desire or enthusiasm that gives off positive energy. Passion arouses energetic feelings of excitement and joy.

Think about your personal lifestyle. Do you have a passion that is lying dormant?

As women over 50, it is your time to find new creative opportunities. I know from your messages that many of you want to experience just as much passion in the second act of your life as you had in the first half.

Finding Your Passion After 50

I can attest, you can.

Therefore, It is time you invest in the form of self-care. Darlings, find your right path. It may be an untested new endeavor that arouses a passion, or you may want to reinvigorate a love from the past. My neighbor, a retired attorney, took up photography. It is a new found passion, and his photographs are amazing. I believe a part of passion is in the search. So go searching, darlings.

I realize many women over 50 are floundering. They are bored. Many are alone. Many are not alone but know they are in a rut. They are feeling sorry for themselves. They feel invisible.

I have sympathy for those of you who are reading my musings and can relate. I know it takes energy to figure out your path. We all have hidden passions. Firstly, remember, self-care. All personal journeys begin with taking stock of, the you in you.

My passionate feelings for nature and self-care lead me to joy. It took time — and practice — to realize that it is not selfish to think of my needs first. This self-respect and self-love have allowed other passions to develop that I dare say would never have blossomed. Life after 50 can be a joyful adventure; it’s up to us to bloom where we are planted. Together now…let’s grow!

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October 14, 2018

Passages After 50, Relationships

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  1. Carole says:

    Beautiful…I needed this today

  2. Maryreed Gerloff says:

    I just bought my first horse in 40 years and ride everyday. It was my passion growing up and I feel 13 again when I am with my horse.
    Of course I cannot do what I did when I was young but the relationship I have with this magnificent animal fulfills me and I leave the barn with a smile of contentment and accomplishment that I can still enjoy the sport of my youth!

  3. cindy says:

    Six months ago, I retired at the age of 59. Well actually forced out of the medical field after 30 years of service. Upon doing so my health improved immensely. I love making my house a home and doing domestic things, however, I am somewhat unsure of where I am in life and still feel that I have something that needs be be done in my life. I was offered a part time position in the medical field, which I was at first honored that she contacted me but I have some reservations…the commute, my health. The money is always helpful, but one is never promised a tomorrow. Unfortunately working is all I know how to do, society has reinforced that point. I guess I will just continue to pray about it.

    • Connie says:

      Cindy,please give yourself time. I retired at 57, after over 30 years in the aerospace world. It took me 6 years and Honey Goods article “Finding your passion after 50”, that made me realize that I HAVE found my passions! (I just didn’t realize it). Sometimes it just takes a sentence or a word.

      • Susan "Honey" Good says:

        You made my day, my week, my month. I am so glad you found your passion and you are content. Warmly, Honey

  4. Theresa Miller says:

    Loved this article. Thank you!

  5. Connie says:

    You are so uplifting! This musing made me realize that I have truly reclaimed many passions. I have given myself permission to spend time with them… pencil drawing, my love of my beautiful cats, creating vibrant healthy cuisine for the eye and body, creating beautiful surroundings, life is grand! Thankyou!

  6. John M. Stone, CCIM, CPM, CIPS says:

    Great column for everyone!

  7. Mari Cardinal Walker says:

    Hi Honey, I became an artist at age 62. And have been selling my artwork for the past 6 years in an art Gallery on the Oregon coast! I never knew I had any talent when I was younger.

  8. Penny L. Luckenbaugh says:

    This was a real day-brightener- and BTW- you look FABULOUS.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Well, thank you. We all have a hidden passion. Seek it and you will eventually find it. Warmly, Honey

  9. AnnMarie MacGillivray says:

    Hello! I just read your article and it was light and uplifting and I thank you!
    I, myself, am 53 yrs old…recently resigned from working as an art teacher in an inner city public school for only 5 years. Something I worked long and hard to achieve finding little satisfaction in the career. Burnt out and realizing that after waiting 20 years to enter my profession (was a stay at home mom) I was left disappointed and unmotivated.
    I entered the teaching profession in art bc I was originally a fine art major – turned art educator for traditional practicality… that was then. This is now and I’m in a tail spin realizing I may have made a mistake.
    I want to find my passion in the greatest way and don’t know how. Feeling that my age is against me, and unsure of which step to take to find it.
    Do you have any suggestions for direction??

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