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The Importance of Being a Curious Woman After 50

I have written previously about the wonderful group of women who meet each month at my home to discuss relevant topics we confront during the second half of our lives. At one point during yesterday’s discussion, one of my friends mentioned being curious. Upon hearing the word, I felt a rush of joie de vivre because first, the word puts me on a high, and second, I want to share the importance of being a curious woman after 50 with all of you. A curious woman is eager to know and eager to learn; she is intrigued and inquisitive.

She becomes a woman of substance in her own mind and feels her relevancy and visibility.

With tongue in cheek, I want to mention the quote, “Curiosity killed the cat” because I am not referring to your curiosity of other people’s affairs. I am talking about inherent qualities some of us have that open positive and productive doors.  We should not be passive women. We should also not be negative women. But rather, we should be curious women! Isn’t that a grand idea?

The Benefits of Being a Curious Woman After 50

Everyone who is lacking purpose and positivity should add a little ‘awe’ into their life. Being curious is awesome. It gives us joy, excitement, knowledge, anticipation and even the feeling of serenity.  Can you sit back for a moment and consider something that piqued your curiosity recently? Can you remember the emotional feeling of awe? It is pure wonderment. For instance, you can’t put down a great book late at night because it has you curious or you are going to meet your newborn grandchild and you are tantalized with curiosity. You see, darlings, even those of you who do not think you have a curious side are still curious at times.

For those of you, and I know plenty of women, who have but a few spurts of curiosity, I think fear prevents you from being more curious explorers. I have friends that are stuck in their same old routines because they fear taking a risk. New challenges would never enter their minds; they are afraid of uncertainty. They can’t see the opportunity to grow through learning and discovery. And so many other women are set in their own opinions.

My friend who mentioned the word ‘curious’ at our group meeting yesterday is the oldest woman to climb up the steep trails to visit the Silver Back Gorillas in Rwanda. She could have been carried up in a hammock, as many older people are, but not this woman.  And, my darlings, nothing stopped her. Not fear, not arthritis, not her husband who did not even want to go.  Instead, she lived out her dream because she was curious.

I am fortunate to have a role model, a mother, who left her mark on me. Nothing escaped her curiosity. I observed her learning this and trying that and going here and there and laughing a lot. She questioned. She propelled herself forward, saying, “Let’s see what happens.” That’s curiosity.

My Advice To You

So this is my advice. Be bold. Take risks. Don’t be confined. I know many of you haven’t lived out your own dreams because you are scared or stuck in your opinions and a set way of life.

But NOW is Your Time… 

The children have left. You may be retired. You have time for yourself again. Be grateful. Get familiar with your new needs and think outside the box. You have freedom. What are you going to do with your time?  You are going to become a curious woman after 50. 

  1. Curious Conversations. Ask questions of your friends and others. You will learn. Yesterday I asked my friend about her upcoming trip to Dubai. She told me she and her husband were going to a Spa in the desert. My ultimate concierge and I were in Dubai five years ago. We are going back in May. Because I had a conversation and was curious about her trip, look what I learned.
  2. Give Something New a Try. I started writing a journal in my sixties. Now I own a website, and I am a full-time writer. I understand the Internet and all social media platforms. All of this happened because I was not afraid to be curious and try to learn new skills.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid if You Stumble Into Something New. Open yourself up when you stumble, by chance, onto something. This has happened so many times in my life. I stumbled into forming my Focus Group. I invited a few women to a one-time meeting at my home because a young advertising man wanted to learn what women over 50 found interesting. After the meeting I was curious if women over 50 would like to meet monthly and discuss life issues. I thought about it for two weeks then said to myself, “Why not!” I made the appropriate phone calls and not one woman turned me down. We are now in our third year, and every woman has stayed with the group.

My Takeaway For You

Be curious, darlings. Don’t fear opening a new door, even if it leads to the unknown. You don’t want to look back with regret, and you don’t want to look forward to nothing. Ride your wave. 

February 16, 2018


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  1. Faith Dunkel-Mueller says:

    I’m 63 and attending yoga teacher certification!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I anxiously await your tips for starting a focus group of women.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      If you wish to start your own I would advise no more than 10 women. On your first meeting, decide as a group that you will meet on a certain day of the week once a month. My group meets for 2 hours on the first Wed. of each month. You should be the leader but your group may want to have a different leader a month at a different home. We meet each month at 10:00 am at my home. I serve coffee, tea and water and donuts or muffins. We sit around my dining room table. I prepare the discussion each month but as a group, we decide on the topic or topics. I may be doing a tutorial on Focus Groups in the near future or have Honey Groups with tutorials I just wanted to give you a few tips. I hope this helps. Warmly, Honey

  3. Pepper D says:

    Throughout my life, my motto has been ‘I’ll try anything once’, within legal limits, of course. Experiences, foods, literature, art – whatever – anything to get me out of my comfort zones to expand my horizons. And I continue to do so. Got my pilots licence in my 20’s; I have done scuba diving, sky diving, rock climbing, got my motorcycle license and did the roads in numerous state; learned equestrian, learned and did the many how-to’s in home construction/remodelling, took a class on automotive repair, and even some fun stuff like tap and ballroom dancing.. Heading into my 60s, started pole dancing at 62, martial arts at 61, Just last month started taking Tarot classes and learning astrology, and will be volunteering with animal care on a local farm.
    I also like to see new places. Although I haven’t been able to go on vacations or trips for a very very long time (last one was in ’92), I have moved a couple times during those years. And one of the things I LOVE to do is explore my own ‘backyard’. Jump in the car and just go – the next town over, or one that is 50 miles away or even 75 or 100. But on that day, just drive to that new town where I haven’t been before, and explore it – it’s parks, restaurants, bakeries, shops, the attractions and history. Every state has hundreds and hundreds of towns – very small (downtown is 3 blocks long) and medium sized. Here in our state, some are in the desert areas, some are on the ocean. But each one is like a mini day adventure.
    Another thing I do is head out and drive the roads around my home – exploring – where does this street go and what is on it? And, finally, if I am zipping down the freeway and miss my exit – no bit deal, take the next one – you can always turn around or find a new adventure.
    There is always something new to learn, see, experience – just have to be open to it.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You have been blessed with the curiosity gene! You have traveled far and wide sine ’92, you did not go far but you traveled and learned and enjoyed and probably learned more than those who fly to Europe. Good for you. I applaud you. Warmly, Honey

  4. Wendy says:

    I just discovered you and your website today and I’m very much enjoying reading your many posts! Thank you! In regards to this particular post, I watched American Idol back in 2009 and became an instant fan of one of the contestants, Adam Lambert. He has his own music, of course, and also is the lead singer for Queen, and has been for a few years now. They have toured all over the world (to sold out audiences) and I have seen both Adam alone and with Queen several times. When my husband can’t or won’t accompany me, I go alone. I have made friends from all over the world because of this fandom and this is my joy!! Aside from my family, of course, which is my priority. I have always loved concerts and these concerts top the list! BEST concerts ever and I never tire of them! Along with enjoying the concerts, it is so rewarding to celebrate with my many new friends (as we meet up at, before and after the concerts).. Such fun!

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