We’ll come together to celebrate life’s beautiful moments and passages (and everything that comes with it).  At Celebrate, our motto is to express feelings, share stories, and grow, alongside each other in sisterhood. See you inside!

Women Over 50: Celebrate Visibility

I have found that life is far more abundant sharing it with women at any age and around the world. There’s something so empowering about coming together, where girlfriends become sisters and we embrace everything life throws at us. I’m a firm believer that women need women. 

we need each other.

Remember darling,

At Sisters in Widowhood you lean on one another during your traumatic and sad journey. You will find and give support, embrace your sisters, and in turn will be embraced. You will experience the nurturing power of sisterhood as you travel through each challenge. Eventually with the help of your sisters you will find hope as you move forward into recovery. I know. I was a widow. 


This community is a beacon of solidarity for rejected mothers and grandmothers everywhere. Share your story and find solace among those who walk a similar path. The silent shadow of adult child estrangement disappears in this sanctuary. Women need women. Inside the group, you’ll find genuine friendships resulting in a healthier, happier, positive you. Join us and learn to roar again.  

Estranged Mothers and Grandmothers: Millions Strong

“Welcome to the most beautiful and caring group of ladies. Their love and warmth has made me feel I am worthy and special, even living on the other side of the world.”


GROUP testimonials


GROUP testimonials

“So blessed to have met you on line and you have brought me much joy with all that you do for your Celebrate Life After 50!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart”



“Just being the wonderful person you already are, Honey! That’s a big inspiration in my life. Hugs!”



“I love your vulnerability, honesty, and feeling in your post Honey. I am most definitely not a 'Red' I'm not a shrinking violet by any means..but I lean on my husband for everything important.. Once a real estate broker asked us (yrs ago) who's the 'document holder' between you..no doubt..that has always been him. I feel empathy and such recognition in how you feel, we love our guys, and happy to shout it. I just thank you for sharing.”