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11 Moments Worth Celebrating by Women After 50

Celebrating by Women After 50

How many of you have taken the time to write down moments about your life that are worth celebrating as a woman after 50? I doubt many have.

In fact, I  wouldn’t be writing on this topic if a woman hadn’t asked me to muse about it. For a full day, darlings, I pondered. I sat down at my computer several times and could not find my voice. Then I realized why.

A moment worth celebrating in the life of a woman after 50 is the sum of several short moments. It is the acquisition of knowledge through experience that creates those ah-ha moments to celebrate. Right?

Now you know that a moment to celebrate does not just appear out of the sky unless you are referring to your birthday or the birth of a grandchild. I will discuss 11 moments every woman over 50 should celebrate because of the astonishing range of life experiences and lessons learned. These experiences catapulted her into worthwhile great moments.

A Woman Should Celebrate Herself After 50

  1. Her confidence. She knows she does not have to cut her long hair short or stop wearing high fashion and high heels because she is 50 plus.
  2. Her resolve.  She knows how important it is to say what she wants to say and do what she wants to do.
  3. She is the benefactor of her own life. She values her emotional and physical health and puts her needs on the front burner.
    She lives by a set of values.
  4. Her purpose. She is aware that to be visible and vibrant she has to live a purposeful life.
  5. Her wisdom. What a lovely gift she has earned.
  6. Her Joy. Joy is loving what she does.
  7. Her passion.  She showers love on her significant other, her family and friends.
  8. Her inner beauty. She recognizes her inner beauty is her true beauty.
  9. Her curiosity. She knows life is a treasure trove of marvelousness and she seeks it.
  10. Her heart and mind. She does not follow the flock; she follows her heart and her head. They are a team and she knows it.
  11. Her gratitude. She knows a grateful person is a happy person.

Darlings, I found my voice!

Eleven moments worth celebrating only happens when a woman over 50 knows first and foremost how to celebrate herself. Amen!

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