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Dear reader of mine,

I am going to share with you my new favorite word. To my way of thinking, I cannot think of any word more important because it involves everything we do in our lives. The word is attitude; our personal barometer that registers our highs and lows. The old cliche, “Attitude gives you the latitude to lead a charmed life,” is so true.

I was up early, as usual, on this cold wintery day. The wind is howling outside my condo-in-the-sky. Her howling sound informs me, she is one resilient dame. I smile and say out loud, “she’s got attitude!”

At once I have a flash of understanding in this one word of what makes me tick! For the first time since I began storytelling, I was able to come up with one word that describes my total persona. Attitude.

My attitude is my guiding light. It affects the way I reason, the way I see life, the way I dress and talk, and love and walk. My attitude controls my purpose and my vision of life. Your attitude controls yours.

Think about your attitude. Do you normally feel high or low? Do you see your glass half full or half empty? If your attitude usually puts you on a low, don’t despair. Perhaps you have regrets and are often disenchanted with life or are depressed. The first thing I suggest you do is acknowledge that a positive attitude provides you with a window of possibilities. Hopefully, you can uplift yourself.

My advice is to face your druthers head on. Think to yourself, “My life is not a bad life. It is a bad moment in my life.” That’s the attitude, darling!!


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  • Put the problem in perspective. I see the color gray, not black. 95% of problems are gray.
  • Feel your disappointment. It is raw. It is real.
  • Don’t tuck any regrets in a corner and dwell on what it might have been. Solve it.
  • Be kind to yourself, always.
  • Look for the silver lining. There is always one. There is always hope and joy. Trust me, I know.
  • Don’t forget to give yourself credit. Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. Remember we have a fresh canvas every 24 hours! That’s the attitude to have dear reader!


I often pinch myself that I have the type of attitude to live through every situation with optimism and hope. My worst scenarios were dealing with cancer, widowhood, and suicide. And one of my adult children deciding she no longer wanted her mother. I have been tested. How do I continue to see my glass half full? I want to. Am I a cockeyed optimist? You betcha!

For those of you who feel as I do, have you wondered why you are so fortunate? Is it in our genes? Perhaps our inner strength, our resilience, our coping powers? Is a positive attitude learned by observing the behavior in others we admire? Whether it be a parent, grandparent, or a friend and we want to mirror their behavior? I am not sure. Are we like this because we observed those who see their glass half empty and were turned off? Maybe?

I see the good in everything. Even when mine isn’t, I envision a glass half full. I become determined to fill it up! I won’t let my glass become empty. My attitude is filled with hope. I believe things will get better. Don’t you? My attitude is laced with a fierce tenacity. I know where there is a will there’s a way! That’s the attitude!

I believe a positive attitude is made up of a pinch of hope, a pinch of resilience, and a pinch of cockeyed optimism. A pinch of our genes, a pinch of observing the positive attitudes of others, and a pinch of coping. Lastly, a pinch of where there’s a will there’s a way and our life experiences.


Next, dear reader, I will share with you a special recollection. Once, when my grandson was four years old we were sitting at the kitchen table having a cookie and milk. I filled a glass of water half way. I put it between us and said, “Robbie, do you see the glass half full or half empty?”

“He replied, “Half full, Honey.” I hugged him with joy. My joy for him was great.

I recall running into the other room and bringing back construction paper and magic markers. On the paper, I drew four glasses and he colored each of them half way up. One was yellow, one red, one blue, and one was green. I wrote at the top of the paper: ALWAYS SEE THE GLASS HALF FULL.

Later on in his life I had an artist recreate the picture we did together. I had it framed and the last time I was with him it was hanging.

Dear reader of mine, our attitude is our style. We own it. It dwells inside us. It is who we are. Improve it, accept it, love it, be grateful you have it because it is yours for the keeping. I am smiling!!! Amen.

What are your tips for painting a positive attitude? Do you find it difficult, or does it come naturally? 

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February 17, 2022


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  1. Donna Lee Perkins says:

    I love this article. It is so very true!!!!

    Donna Lee Perkins

  2. Lynne Clarke says:

    Dear Honey,
    I have experienced the same worst scenarios (except suicide) as you, and I, like you, choose to have a positive, upbeat attitude because that’s what makes life worth living. I have so much to be grateful for!
    Lynne (Grandma Honey) Clarke

    • Honey Good says:

      You and I have much in common even our grandmother name. Every time I hear one of my grandchildren call me Honey I feel all warm and happy and loving. It is the best name. Good for you to be grateful with an upbeat attitude. Warmly, Honey

  3. Sara Halverson says:

    Hi honey.
    Loved this article. I am like that too.
    Would you ever expound on your situation with your estranged adult daughter. I am in a similar situation and also have a couple of friends who are.
    It’s a strange and touchy circumstance and I certainly don’t want to invade your privacy.
    Your thoughts?
    Sara Halverson

    • Honey Good says:

      My thought: Shame on them to estrange their mothers from their family’s lives and to put a damper on all the other members on the family tree. And, shame on me for taking the high road and not speaking out and putting her in her place, publicly within the whole family. I can tell you this: After doing my homework I learned this is a rampant problem. We moms are not at all alone. It is not openly discussed because mom’s are embarrassed. They think others will them as failing as a mother. That is very often not the case. My daughter failed as a daughter and role model for her children. Remember this: the apple does not fall far from the tree unless the tree is on a hill! If you and your friends feel you have done everything to amend your situation, which I have done, then it is time for you and them ( unfortunately) to ‘accept’ what cannot be changed and live your lives. Warmly, Honey

  4. Irene says:

    WOW! This has to be one the best articles you have shared ❌. I am 2 ½ months down the road to having found that my husband of 40 years had been having a texting / emotional affair that had progressed to hugs and a walk in a park with a former 36 year old employee.
    I don’t want to be defined by his weak conscience. We are both going to counseling. Progress is being made to build our marriage and have a better one going forward. I get triggers that set me off into a spiral of thoughts and feelings .
    Today is another one of those days . He is starting to get a bit impatient with me bringing up things that I did find out. I have prayed that I have forgiven him and handed the situation over to God. But the thoughts still come back 😕
    Your article about Attitude is resonating through me . I don’t want to be defined by this affair of his.
    By choosing an “attitude “ how is it not pretending that all is ok?
    Your statement’ My life is not a bad life. It is a bad moment in my life. – is my mantra going forward.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts, wisdom, outlook and life with me .

    • Honey Good says:

      Bad moments are character builders.We grow from them. It may not be noticeable in the moment but I know, we grow. You will take something positive away from this unsettling experience. Trust me. Look for it, too. Warmly, Honey

  5. Dawn McDonnell says:

    Ha! Life can be a four letter word! But so is work, play, hurt & love.
    Truly I have learned our glass ; your glass is rarely if any time 1/2 full or 1/2 empty.
    For when it is 1/2 empty your looking to fill it- If it’s 1/2 full you still have plenty of room to fill it! This way of philosophy is ones life is always being filled ; it’s just a matter of with what…….. when your cup runner over than that is the fulfilled life in your cup with the dive hope it’s Moseley a deliciously filled cup overcome the challenges of this life .

    What a great website, & Blog


    • Honey Good says:

      It just depends on what you fill it with…that’s life! I am smiling. Thank you for your interesting and worthwhile comment. Warmly, Honey

  6. Janice Gineris says:

    Susan, in my opinion this is one of the best articles you have ever penned. It is very open and thought provoking . Your honestly and attitude shines thru revealing the real you. Keep up the good work!
    Your friend from K3,

    • Honey Good says:

      Thank you Janice. Our attitude enters into everything we do. it is great gift to leave to our grandchildren, in their heads!!! I hope you are fine. I am hopeful that Elsewhere will fade away. Go Trump! Keep in touch. Warmly, your friend…

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