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5 Fabulous french beauty products for women over 50

French Beauty Products

Ooh la la, fall is a great time to change up your beauty routine — why not try some French beauty products? They’re simply just the thing right now.

I recently visited Paris, which happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world. You could say I’m something of a francophile. French women have that certain je ne sais quoi that you like to emulate in some ways. They’re known for their style as well as for taking care of themselves. So why not try some French beauty products?

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Without further ado … Here are 5 French beauty products to add to your routine.


#1 French Beauty Product – Panier des Sens Orange Blossom Hand Cream

French beauty product, Panier des Sens

This fabulous hand lotion helps nourish and protect the skin. Its formula contains Olive and Sweet Almond oil daily for soft and supple hands. Best of all, 96% of the total ingredients are from natural origin!

One reviewer raved, “The minute I put this on my hands, I could tell how moisturizing it would be. The deep moisture hangs on even through several hand washing. Very high quality product. The scent is very pleasant.”

Get your “hands” on some here on Amazon.

#2 French Beauty Product – Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

French beauty product - Caudalie


One reviewer raved, “I’ve loved this mask for years now. A genuinely notice a difference, pores seem less congested, spots calmed down, a general bright and glowy look.”

The Instant Detox Mask purifies stressed skin. Your skin’s texture will be visibly refined, it tightens pores. Leaving your complexion radiant and even.

Get this clay detox mask here on Amazon.

#3 French Beauty Product – Farmacy Honey Halo Ceramide Face Moisturizer Cream

after 50 skincare, Farmacy

This luxurious facial moisturizer is made with antioxidant-rich, ultra-hydrating buckwheat honey that renews the skin’s appearance for a dewy, healthy-looking glow. Ooh la la.

One reviewer over 50 said, “I have over 50 skin and started experiencing dryness after having oily skin all my life. I’ve tried so many products I can’t keep count. My sister had this product I tried it and was sold.”

Get this fantastic facial moisturizing cream here on Amazon.

#4 French Beauty Product – La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin


French beauty products for women over 50If you have sensitive skin, this French product is for you. It’s completely free of fragrances, preservatives, and parabins.

One reviewer raved, “I’ve looked high and low for years, and I finally found what works for me. I have really dry skin. This moisturizer leaves my skin soft, hydrated, supply, and dewy. And lasts all day! Absolutely the best!”

Get this hydrating facial moisturizer for sensitive skin here on Amazon.

#5 French Beauty Product – NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick

beauty products after 50, for the lipsThis next French beauty product for women over 50 is for the lips. It nourishes, repairs, soothes and protects your lips. It’s perfect to apply before swiping on a luscious coat of red lipstick, darlings.

One reviewer said, “My favorite product to moisturizer my lips, the scent is light and feminine feels more elegant than any other balm or chapstick.”

Get this lovely, soothing lip balm here on Amazon.

To sum it up, I hope this post has encouraged you to try something ooh la la French for your fall beauty routine!

Do you have a favorite French beauty product? Please share in the comments, darling!

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August 26, 2022


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    Hello there honey yes I have that fabulous fragrance 5:40 thanks for sharing when you first mention it I went out and got it I know I smell like a million dollars it’s intoxicating❤️👠

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