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5 Tips For Wearing Denim After 50

A good pair of jeans is timeless.

Sure, our style preferences change over time as we change, but a constant that tends to make its way into our wardrobe year after year- DENIM!

I know I’ve talked about it before, but finding jeans after 50 can be challenging because we, understandably crave stylish, flattering, comfortable denim that wears well and doesn’t reveal our bums. I leave the low cut jeans and the constant tugging to the younger generations. I want jeans that fit me and my lifestyle after 50. Am I asking too much? No way!

Here are my top tips for buying jeans for women over 50…

1. Don’t be afraid to stay abreast of the trends.

Over 50 doesn’t mean over being stylish. I am not suggesting that you allow trends to define your look, but do consider that new can sometimes mean improved. Check out what is hot and of-the-moment and allow it to inspire you to pick denim that offers a modern take on timeless style.

2. Try colored denim.

Black denim in particular is extremely versatile and lends a different attitude to your outfit than blue denim. I especially love this look for fall and winter, and whether we like it or not, my friends, that time of the year is coming!

3. Denim isn’t just for jeans.

Denim jackets, shirts and dresses are fantastic ways to switch things up. I often speak — and write — of the classic appeal of the white shirt. A well tailored, flattering denim shirt fits into this category as well…a timeless style winner!

4. Visit a tailor.

If you have a hard time finding the right length jeans that fit just perfectly in the waist and leg, ask the store if they offer alterations. Having jeans altered is necessary if you find a pair you love, but there seems to be no right size. Purchase the largest size you need and have the parts that are too large taken in to give you the best fit. If the store doesn’t offer alterations or if you bought online, many dry cleaners can help! Nothing is more chic than well tailored clothing. If it is not made to fit you, have someone with skill make it so!

5. Look for a little stretch.

Regardless of age, I find a little stretch an indispensable ingredient in finding your favorite jeans. A little give takes me from “When can I take these off?” to “When can I wear these again?” And that, darlings, is the most exciting element of great style… loving the way you look and how it reflects the woman you are inside.

If you have something to say about fashion after 50 let’s talk! Share your tips either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitterand Instagram.


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