honey climbs the stairs to set goals


Life, my dear readers, is like a magnificent staircase. Within its ascending steps lies the journey toward fulfillment and success. Trust me, I know. A necessary part of earning my own “Ph.D. in life” was understanding the incredible power of goal setting at every age, and especially over 50! Let us embark on this empowering […]

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Honey Good outside of Giorgio Armani shop, smiling and enjoying 2023

Through My Ups and Downs, I Am a Fierce Woman

Yesterday was a day filled with adventure and excitement. I called one of my closest friends, Sheila. I chose her and not Emily, Sharon, Gail, or Cherye because her brother is a psychoanalyst. When we spoke, I told her I felt like a person who suffered from PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. I was crying. “Why […]

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How to create goals, Honey Good writes in planner, smiling.


*Affiliate Disclosure For me, the fall is a time to ‘get it together,’ and that means goal setting and formulating plans. I couldn’t say why I tend to get in the mode of beginning new projects in the fall. Perhaps it’s a throwback to getting ready for school to begin. Later, we would help our […]

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Honey Good reinvent yourself after 50 with new friends in your life

Reinvent Yourself After 50: Growing Into New Friendships

Lately, I’ve been pondering how you reinvent yourself, particularly through evolved and new friendships after 50. In today’s Sunday Story, I thought I’d talk about how the two are connected. When it comes to reinventing ourselves after 50, I don’t mean we become different people, I mean that we are going through different stages in […]

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Honey Good answering Ask Honey questions of safe travel after 50

My Journey to Become ‘The Modern Matriarch’

Darlings, The definition of a Modern Matriarch is a woman who is powerful within a family, group, or organization.  Each of you over 50 is a ‘modern matriarch.’ We are one! We are joined at the hip. We are women over 50, hear us roar… You may enjoy reading What Your DNA Tells a Woman […]

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Many women over 50 do. I have found, the key to feeling relevant, important, and VISIBLE lies within you. I hope my free eBook will help you rediscover your purpose, and see the value that I so clearly see in you. 

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