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10 Ways To Live A Sweeter Life For Those 50+

Today is National Chocolate Day and I assume that the majority of people around the world like to say that every day should be Chocolate Day. It is said that this day was chosen because of the introduction of chocolate in Europe in 1550. Being of curious mind–how boring life would be without curiosity and I dare say chocolate–I investigated the original source of this deliciously sweet delight. It was Christopher Columbus who brought the first cocoa beans back to Europe and Don Hernando Cortes, a Spanish explorer, who realized its commercial value. Over time, the custom of drinking the chocolate spread across all of Europe and the rest is history.

Given the chocolate theme of today, my goal was to write a post entitled ‘A Sweet Story.’ However, I could not choose one sweet story over another because like all of you over 50+, I have had a handful of sweet stories. Choosing solely one story would be impossible.

10 Ways To Live A Sweeter Life

Let me be clear that I know life is filled with the bitter and the sweet. Trust me, I am a realist. Therefore, I believe leading a sweet life does not have to do with perfection. A sweet life comes from tapping into our inner feelings with purpose and passion, living our lives with meaning and substance. Sometimes this is a great struggle because of the interference of other people and the unexpected tricks life plays on us. A wise woman knows she will be confronted with unexpected obstacles and uses her ability to accentuate the positive. Highlighting the positive is one of the ways I lead a sweet life.

Involve Yourself in New Interests

Opening a new door involves exploring a mystery and finding new quests. Take up a new hobby. This past week, I learned that a porcupine can kill a male lion. I was having dinner with four other friends. One of the men was a retired neurologist who was asked to do research on lions! His wife convinced him to do this and it opened a world of newfound interests. Who would have thought? Having traveled to Africa, I was equally fascinated and curious to learn a small porcupine, with its long quills, has the ability to take out the king of the jungle. I am still fascinated by our discussion.

I was in the lobby of our building and had a conversation with a 93-year-old woman. She told me she had been taking boxing lessons for the past year. Being curious, I posed a few questions and eventually asked for the company name. Well darlings, I have taken up boxing! Twice a week, Adam and I spar and now I am looking at boxing in a new and sweet light!!!

Listen to the Rain

Allow it to soothe your spirit. This is another way to live a sweet life.  I smell the freshness of the rain and notice its gift to the grass, trees and plants as they drink it in. I feel a combination of happiness and a sense of renewal.

Enjoy the Silence of the Night

Our lives are filled with clamor and frustration. At least mine is. Clamor with people, family and life in general. Frustration abounds with my daily doses of run-ins with my computer. Thank goodness for Command Z, Ines my computer goddess and the silence of the night, which provides a haven of calm that revives my spirits. Take time, darlings, to enjoy and seek out quiet to lead a sweet life.

Put the Past Behind You

Unchain yourself from your past. Live forward, not backward. I write this often because it is how I live my life and in this arena, I know for certain I am right. Hopefully, you revel in your day and smell the roses by living in the moment. I guarantee you will enjoy a sweeter life by doing so.

Do the Right Thing

So many people often do the wrong thing even though they know what they should be doing. However, for several reasons, we continue ignoring or avoiding what we should. This hurts others. It also oftentimes hurts ourselves because we don’t act on our feelings. When you do the right thing, you will be proud of who you are and live a sweeter life.

It takes courage to be vulnerable. Nevertheless, by doing so, you will experience your freedom, which is liberating. If you are incapable of opening up to others, practice by opening up to someone you trust with all your heart. You will feel the liberation as you begin to take small little steps in expressing your feelings to others by opening your heart. It is a powerful feeling to be the real you. Through what seem like small steps, I promise that you will begin to lead a sweeter life.

Say No

I understand that you may fear offending others. However, when you know it is right, you must have the courage and confidence to say no. You will be respected if you use this option wisely. Never be harsh. Be thoughtful yet direct and your life will be even sweeter.

Take Luxurious Baths

Take time for yourself. Fill your tub with warm water and bath salts. Close the door, turn on soft music and let the gentle warmth cascade over you while you take to heart that a good thing is marvelous, darlings.

Seek Authenticity

In order to lead a sweet life, peer through the fog of fakery. Value the word genuine. Seek out a lifestyle that feeds your heart and mind. Have the strength to walk away from objects and people. Listen to your heart. If you are lacking personal authenticity, take a hard look at yourself.

Spread Love Whenever You Can

Love gives validation to our lives. Love similarly gives meaning to our lives. It is the most important emotion we feel because it binds us together and centers us with a meaningful purpose.

Celebrating the Orchids

Seek ‘Good Humor’

Humor lightens our lives and brightens others’ days. When I was a little girl, the Good Humor ice cream man would ride past my home, ringing his bell. I would scramble out my front door with my dog and wave him down saying with a smiling face, “Good Humor man, Oh, Good Humor man wait, please wait!” I would run back into the house with my pooch not far behind and ask my mom for a dime to buy a Good Humor bar and two dimes if she wanted one too. Then I would run back outside pay the kind gentleman.

When the Good Humor ice cream bars were being savored by mom and me, we were laughing and licking our sweet chocolate bars. I was so happy and life was so very very sweet, both metaphorically and literally.

Savoring The Sweetness of Today

There are many ways of living a sweet life. Today, do so by eating a handful of these indulgent treats. Splurge, darlings! Be happy drinking a chocolate milkshake, eating a chocolate piece of cake or dipping into the candy box and rewarding yourself with a sweet or two–or more! Reflect on the sweet things in your life and be grateful. Open up a pathway and engage in a new personal adventure between you and yourself so you can further enhance your life after 50+.

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  1. Love your blog, especially the note about chocolate. Did you know that my little island of Grenada is a producer of some incredible chocolate & cocoa products? One man, Kim Russel, in particular, produces the finest, purest, organic chocolate on his small estate.

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