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Take time to think about who you are after 50


I know that you are pushed for time. And, I know you lack time to concentrate on your innermost feelings. I know you have little time for serenity, for the quiet of the day to ‘just be,’ to think about who you are after 50.

I differ from you because I had to make the time to ‘just be and think about who I am. When I became a writer, an authentic storyteller, I was forced to think about who I was after 50. What a marvelous gift I accidentally gave myself!

However, I had no intention of learning about myself and no idea I would understand so much! Through my authentic stories, I learned what makes me tick, my attitudes on life, my aptitudes (not technology,) my family’s influence on me, and how to orchestrate (most of the time) a life filled with harmony. Therefore my suggestion is… Buy a Journal, darling!

Journaling After 50 for a Clear Mind

I believe journaling will initiate you to find your private time to ‘just be’ and learn who you are after 50. Buy yourself a beautiful journal that suits your fancy! I love this journal from Amazon! It has a honey bee! 

Journaling is a discipline and not easy, but it is very worthwhile. After a time, you will understand yourself better. You will appreciate your family members and how they influenced your way of thinking and living, how you handled your experiences, and your choices. 

Your journal will give you time to learn about who you are after 50. You will write down your thoughts, and oh, what a treasure you will have in its contents. Your journal will be your private diary.  

I believe every woman has her private fairy godmother that lies within her soul. The problem is that women do not take the time to tap into her. She can make you aware of your accumulated wealth of knowledge and wisdom, what you are proud of. Of what you have seen, what you can do, your understanding of human nature, and the importance of noble character, virtue, and goodness.

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What to Write

I suggest you sit down and think about your day.

Ask yourself: “How much attention during the day do you spend doing things that do not serve me? Then, think about small life changes. Dream, darling, dream! It is wonderful to dream. Dreams are marvelous thoughts and can come true with the proper attitude, feistiness, spirituality, and the ‘lack of fear of flying!’ Trust me, I know.

You will live into your answer through your dreams. Write your thoughts down… in your beautiful and telling journal.

I believe in following your heart. I write about my heart theory often; that your heart is your guiding light and knows you better than anyone. It is your inner self talking to you. So many of you listen with your heads instead of your hearts.

Remember, your heart is your instinct, your natural self. It knows. Tap into her, and I believe you will age exquisitely! Your beautiful journal will help you do this.

Have Purpose After 50

It is essential, especially after age 50, to have a purpose in life; a part of each day is infused with quiet time and meaning. When you start your journal, here are a few hints to get you going.

Write down what you do well, who you love, your passions, and what the world needs. This will start you on unlocking your simple secrets; your inner feelings.

I want you to start with a straightforward conversation through pros in your journal. Write down how you want to live a long, meaningful, and happy life.

Then go back to your childhood and start journaling about your inner feelings and all of your essential experiences; your feelings about your parents and their influence, your grandparents, sibs, teachers, and friends. Being an authentic writer is of the utmost importance.

Journaling Creates Calm

For me, writing or journaling creates calm. It gives me time to ‘just be.’ I write in the early morning hours in our condo in the sky when the stars are still lighting the sky. I do this by choice because I like the quiet of the night. By the time I have finished my entry, the sun is rising in the East. I have given myself time to think about who I am after 50. I am calm and ready to start my razzle dazzle day.

It is hard to explain the feeling of picking up a pen and beginning journaling your thoughts on a clean sheet of paper.

And, not every one of you will experience the feelings I experience. But nevertheless, you will never know unless you give journaling a try. And as I always say, anything is possible with a clear mind and a clearer heart.

Have you discovered journaling? What has it done for you after 50?

I’d love to hear from you! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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August 24, 2022


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