Honey Good answering questions from Ask Honey about feeling lonely and estrangement and handling a friendship breakup

My Journey Through Gaslighting, Estrangement, and the Unexpected Gift of Surrender

Gaslighting, Estrangement, and Surrender This story is written for the tens of thousands of good mothers, grandmothers, grandchildren, and all the other women who have been gaslighted by another person. Gaslighting Another Person is a Travesty Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you into believing something that isn’t true. Gaslighting can manipulate others who know you […]

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Traveling with Grandchildren

Passing Down Traditions from Generation to Generation

How to pass down traditions from generation to generation is up to us, darling. We are the glue that holds the family together, and we also hold all the combinations to our family’s past. We are the storytellers and teachers who can present vivid stories of our past and teach our grandchildren the importance of […]

Grandchildren, Passages After 50, Relationships

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Honey Good answering Ask Honey questions of safe travel after 50

Halloween Jokes for Kids and Grandkids

Laughter has the magical ability to bridge generations. Every chuckle, giggle, and guffaw are like love spells being cast. The Halloween season presents a perfect opportunity to connect with our grandchildren in a playful, “spooktacular” way. I’ve gathered a collection of Halloween jokes for grandkids that will have you and your grandchildren in stitches. Whether […]

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Bedroom refresh for summer and discussing how to say no to grandchildren

How To Say No To Your Grandchildren

*Affiliate Disclosure The Secret Weapon of Cool Grandmas: Saying No Without Saying No Ah, the joys of being a grandma! Unconditional love, silly adventures, and that magical bond that only exists between a grandchild and their grandmother. But even in this sunshine-filled relationship, there are times when you need to step in and say no. […]

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