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The “Game” of Life and What I Need

Susan Honey Good the game of life

My life is multifaceted, and I like it just fine. I lead a colorful life. My problem with so much colorfulness is there are not enough hours in the day to be all things to all people, and that includes time for myself. Every woman has to have a little time for herself. Right?


Each Friday, I MAKE time to enjoy being a girlfriend. Not long ago, I decided to join a group of women who meet for lunch, cards, and togetherness each Friday. I have known these women for years! I enjoy their company, and I appreciate the card game, and the friendship adds to this game of life.


The other days of the week, I am involved, primarily, in being ‘mistress to my husband,’ ‘mistress of my home ’ and ‘mistress to HoneyGood.com.’ And, then there are the children and the Grands and travel, and my pooch, America, that I adore.


Over the past decade, I have slowly, because of HoneyGood.com, dropped out of daily interaction with groups. Like a newborn baby, each year this community of ours has grown, adding more and more responsibilities to my role as the ‘Mistress’ of HoneyGood.com; my little hobby turned business.

Therefore, each year my interactions with group friendships have diminished. I no longer have as much time to play golf or play cards or join book and movie clubs. Aside from my weekly group, I see close friends for an occasional lunch date and a variety of friends, as couples, during the evening, going to movies, concerts and afterward dinner.

Susan Honey Good


The first time I played cards in the Friday ‘group’ it is hard to explain what came over me; I’d describe it as a shockwave of surprise and a warm feeling as I listened to the ladies banter back and forth. I knew all of the women, of course, because we all belonged to the same country club, a huge group! Over the years, women get to know one another.


I had forgotten the lovely networking and interaction among the group that made our club ‘a whole.’ Where had I been? I had missed out on years of bonding with groups of girlfriends that I once had in droves before I began writing! And, I missed it. Not the golf, not the cards, not the movie or book clubs so much. I missed being a constant part of ‘girly’ togetherness where moods are lifted, and gabfests occur.

“No man is an Island. No man stands, alone.” I do not want to be an Island. On the other hand, I have to be my own person, dance to my own drummer, because that is who I am. So, I want my business, and I want to belong. It is difficult, at best, to be all things to all people… including one’s self.

When a woman takes a different path, as I have, not doing what the other women do, she is often forgotten because she does not have the time to be part of groups. In all honesty, she is sometimes admired and respected for her path and other times resented. I think she is praised when she makes a point of bonding with the group.

Susan Honey Good


Half of me has never been much of a conformist. I like that, just fine. My home reflects my individuality. The way I dress reflects my personal preferences. My new found career  — started in my sixties — depicts my need to live outside the box, to be challenged, curious and excited to wake up each day.

The other half of me is a conformist who knows that group friendships in a woman’s life, to include my own, are very meaningful and powerful. Each relationship we nurture makes life a little more vibrant.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a treasure chest of wonderful friends. My friends are not in one group. They are all over. I wish, at times, I could pool them all together into one group and have a party. OMG, this group would be so eclectic, so exciting and colorful. Maybe I will do just that! And add one more item to my agenda. I am smiling!


As women, we often try to have it all, balancing family, friends, career, and personal development. There is so much on our plates that it is easy to neglect specific pieces of the pie. For me, I realized that in my ‘razzle and dazzle’ lifestyle I have been neglecting the sparkle that female bonding adds to the game of life. It may be tough to have it all, but I’m up for the challenge!

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to nurture the parts of me that shine when I surround myself with women whose friendships help fill my soul.

Are you looking for female friendship? Come join my private Facebook group, Celebrate Life. Online sisterhood awaits!

Do you stay connected to female friends? What do you do to make the time for all the relationships that fulfill you? 

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December 19, 2023

Passages After 50, Relationships

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  1. Rosemary Donnelly says:

    Thank you for today’s wisdom. You have captured my feelings and expressed them perfectly. As I pursue my purpose in this stage of life, I often feel wedged between my solitary pursuits and my desire for the easy connection of girlfriends. Thank you for inspiring me to maintain a balance between the two…

  2. Kathy Meyers says:

    My friendships with my female friends are a very important part of my life. I have found that in my early 60’s my friends, also about the same age, are busier than ever! I myself have a husband who is recently retired so I am spending more time with him than ever before when he worked long hours. I make time for friends because it nourishes my soul. There is no replacement for female friends! I just love mine!

  3. Diane K. Bray says:

    At 64, I left the West Coast (where I had lived for 35 years & raised 2 kids as a single mom). I sold my house myself (w/o a realtor), retired from a great job, downsized my household, gave my car & furniture to my son, packed my belongings in a POD & shipped it to the East Coast. I made wedding plans, threw myself a going away party for family & friends, hopped on a plane with my fiancé who was living on the East Coast (I met him over 40 years ago) & we flew to Kauai to get married on the beach & honeymoon there. After the honeymoon we flew to North Carolina to start our life together. After 3 yrs. of marriage I LOVE my new life & it only gets better by the day! Downside: I miss my family & friends terribly, but I connect every day by phone, email, FB or text with at least 2 or more friends each day. My life is abundant, exciting and filled with fun and adventure every day! I took a risk 3 years ago & I have been forever enriched. I love your emails & wish we could have coffee. I think we have much in common. Blessings & Joy to you! Diane B. (I now live in Cincinnati).

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      You are a doer. You do the positive and make the negatives, positives. You are my kind of girlfriend. If you get to Chicago give me a heads up and we will meet for coffee! Blessings and joy, back to you. Warmly, Honey

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