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embrace change as a woman over 50

You can embrace change as a woman over 50 if you have a positive attitude.

“You are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

– Winnie the Pooh

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How Does One Embrace Change?

Choosing to embrace change is not just a skill to learn, it is a necessity! Change is the only constant in life and if we don’t figure out how to embrace it, we will suffer.
Darlings, we have lived through life-changing events, and every time we have had to adapt. The quality of a woman’s life over 50 depends on her mindset. Our attitude and our adaptation. Our minds are so powerful; therefore, what we plant is what we reap.

Many women over 50, when faced with change, sink into despair. They freeze. Other women faced with change have the natural ability to view change as positive growth. They are capable of seeing change as a welcome challenge. These women bloom. And you can, too.

When I am confronted with negative challenges that bring about forced change, I can gather my resources, my knowledge, and true grit attitude, and turn whatever lemons are thrown my way into lemonade. Many women find this problematic and freeze. I freeze, too. But not for long. My positive attitude allows me to adapt and bloom above the fray.

We face all types of unpleasant changes. It is normal to experience a variety of emotions from fear to anger to sadness. But only for a few days. Then you must adapt with resolve and move into solution mode or you will feel helpless. When you adapt, you bloom. 

All of us go through change. Some changes are minor, some are major, and some are just plain marvelous. Hopefully, we take lessons away from all of them.

making lemonade out of lemons is how you embrace change

To embrace change, you must be ready to make lemonade out of lemons.

How to Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

When life gives me lemons, I force myself to make lemonade. This gives me a positive, can-do attitude when I am faced with an unpleasant change.

I suffered emotionally through bouts with cancer, and I sobbed over the loss of a husband. Furthermore, I ached over betrayals and lived through significant disappointments. I was shocked over a family suicide, I have had problems with adult children, and I moved across an ocean. Truth be told, I could go on and on.

These were exhausting, life-changing events that did not evaporate overnight. I lived through them because of my attitude and innate strength to gather all my resources, so I was able to adapt.

How I Confronted Life-Changing Events

  1. I am proactive in taking care of my health, and I bloomed after I survived CANCER. For that, I am so grateful.
  2. I permitted myself to mourn; to feel grief, anger, and fear and over time was able to rebloom. I survived WIDOWHOOD and I loved again.
  3. Being true to myself gave me permission to remove unhealthy relationships from my life, and I bloomed. I weathered BETRAYALS. New friendships blossomed.
  4. I figured out how to pick myself up and turn my disappointments into successes. After, I embraced GROWTH, and so, I bloomed.
  5. Understanding the capacity I had to give 100% of my love to my husband’s grandchildren and my daughter-in-law, we bloomed as a family. We survived SUICIDE. We choose to live on, remembering those we will always love.
  6. I realized, unfortunately, some actions in families are unforgivable. I reached a point of acceptance and bloomed.

Darlings, do not get me wrong; the positive changes in my life can fill volumes of books and for that, I am one grateful woman over 50. I am smiling.

I Believe You Can Adapt to Anything

Each day, I try to turn my positive attitude up to high. A positive attitude is the number one reason I always somehow land on my feet. Darlings, your attitude is a great asset. With positivity, you can adapt to anything.

Women embrace change with positivivity

Women are adaptable and can learn to embrace change through positivity!

A Woman Can Adapt to Everything

This is how I adapt.

I mobilize my positive emotional energy. I gather all my lifelong knowledge stored in my head and sometimes ask the advice of those I respect for help. Necessity is the mother of invention, and most of us will find ways to meet a challenge.

Those of you who have convinced yourself it is not possible to meet a challenge, my advice is to unfreeze yourselves today. Have hope and a positive perspective. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

On a lighter note — but true — when I am faced with difficult challenges I think of the words in the storybooks, The Little Engine That Could and Winnie the Pooh.

The Little Engine said, “I think I can! I think I can!” I have found that I can, and so, I do.

And, I will end with the quote I began with my musings.

Winnie the Pooh gave Christopher Robin this mantra, “You are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Accepting the challenge of change with a good attitude will make you a better version of you. Embrace change with a competitive spirit and know that after the fall comes the rise; every low will be followed by a high. That’s the ride we call life. Jump in!



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October 18, 2023


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  1. SoCal Allison says:

    Thank you, Honey. I sure needed this today. The Little Engine and Winnie the Pooh are also my favorite mantras. I must move ahead on my own life’s journey and realize now it will be a positive, not a negative. Time to forge a new path!

  2. Diana Banks says:

    Such a good word!
    Thank you!

  3. dc says:

    Great words to live by-it’s not getting knocked down but how long you stay down. The strength is inside you but you have to use it. Get going!

  4. Karen Jackson says:

    Thank you for this post! It was certainly a “God-thing”! My school system has a new superintendent and she has been called to the task to save money for the system. In doing so, she has four plans, all of which include closing my wonderful school among others. You can imagine the uproar and low morale of educators and parents! Your column has provided a needed boost in the right direction that I can share with my colleagues. And, I LOVE Winnie the Pooh! I am going to put the quote up in my third grade classroom. 😉 God IS good all the time and ALL the time God is good!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Your students are fortunate to have you. I am sad for you that the school is closing. You must look at it this way…a new door will open when another door closes. That is how we bloom and we should teach that to our little ones at their young age. I am glad you will put up the WTP quote. Marvelous words for all ages. Blessings. Warmly, Honey

  5. Designer1 says:

    Thank you Honey for writing this just when I needed to hear it. My husband has been out of work for almost 3 yrs and remains cancer free after being diagnosed last year. He has had a terrible time in trying to get another job and after countless rejections, he wants to move to a warmer climate (where my son lives) and flip houses. He is a hard worker, a smart man and a high achiever, but I am paralyzed with fear as it means major life changes and high risk. I have been praying for an answer to our problems, and I feel like your words were written just for me. Thank you Honey for your always timely advice and your ever optimistic outlook.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Please take ‘pen and paper’ and make two columns. Be honest and write down the Positives and Negatives of a life change. You will live into the answer. Embase change, if it is logical. A warm climate, a husband who wants to move, and a child close by go into the positive column immediately. Doesn’t that tell you something?!? Warmly, Honey

  6. Brooke says:

    An excellent post Honey! Embracing change is what I have taught my children and is my mantra. Agree that there is that immediate freeze when faced with challenge, but formulating a new plan and moving forward is what must be done.
    I have been through many difficult problems, we all experience as women, mothers and wives. My most recent being selling my home of many years to move across an ocean and start a new life. The outcome is that my life is even better now and I never would have guessed that could be so! Thank you for sharing❤️

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Dear Brooke, My mother was at our home for dinner last night. We were in the kitchen and I was cooking. I told her I had cooked for almost 90 nights in a row and I actually liked cooking. She said, “When you try hard to do something you will find when you learn to do it well… you like what you are doing! It is the same with difficult problems.If you do not let the fear of trying freeze you and you challenge yourself you move forward into a new experience that will have positive results in some manner. I am so glad your move from Hawaii to California is more than you dreamed possible. xo

  7. Mary Kay Jara says:

    I have actually been in the position where the hospital where I worked closed three times. I understand the heartbreak and confusion. Every time though everyone landed in a good place. In this day and age we all have to be able to embrace change. Good luck!

  8. patricia nisenholz says:

    You continue to amaze me with everything you share. I find myself shaking my head as I read your posts as they mirror mine. Today’s really touched me. Thank you ~ for being YOU.

    • Susan Good says:

      What a compliment coming from you! Thank you. How are you spending your time? What is new? Come on the trip to the Great National Parks with me. Bring your hubby.Next September. We can get to know one another in person. Wouldn’t that be lovely and interesting. Warmly, Honey

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