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Weekend Musings: Memorial Day, Gardening & Much More!

Why am I smiling? Because it’s almost June 1st. June means the start of summer and summer leads to warm weather, travel, and seeing more of my family and friends. I just adore summer in Chicago, and I can’t wait to explore all of the places I missed while we were on COVID-19 lockdown. Especially museums! It’s also Memorial Day weekend, and everyone who works gets Monday off as well.

The end of May has and always will be an exciting week. But my darling, let’s not forget what Memorial Day weekend is really about. As says:

“Memorial Day itself is about so much more than grilling recipes, corn on the cob, and delicious desserts. It’s a sacred day of observance, centered on acknowledging, remembering, and thanking the millions of people in uniform who gave their lives for this country. Before anything else, it’s about those brave heroes and the incredible sacrifice they made.”

God Bless America. Thank you to the heroes who protect and lost their lives for our beloved country. We are forever thankful.

And now, on to the weekend musings…

History of the Holidays: History of Memorial Day

Because I have a such curious nature, I of course couldn’t stop at reading just one article on Memorial Day, I went to YouTube as well. I found this wonderful documentary from The History Channel that documents and explains the history of Memorial Day. If you’re like me and enjoy learning about America’s history, you will enjoy this documentary! Happy learning.

27 Plant and Garden Hacks

I know a lot of you enjoy growing and tending to your own gardens, so I thought I would go on an excursion and find you some plant and garden hacks that you could use. This great video includes 27 plant and garden hacks, such as how to easily grow seeds, plant trees, and much more.

What are some of your favorite plant and garden hacks?

How To Apply Foundation for Mature Skin

I love makeup, and I know all of you do too! I was thinking about how popular makeup tutorials and interesting makeup looks are for the younger generation, and I wanted to start sharing makeup tips I find online for us to take advantage of. So, let’s start with the foundation of makeup…foundation!

What I love about this video is they explain how to apply the foundation to mature skin. I know we have all had issues with it. So let’s learn!


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