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Falling In Love With Your Body – The POWER of POSITIVITY!

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Why It’s Hard to Fall In Love With Our Bodies

There is a cultural ‘message’ out there in our so-called western civilized world.

I am being kind when I write, cultural message. I meant to say, cultural pressure. Thin is in. You must be slim to be attractive is the preference of the day. It’s those airbrushed ads, diet plans galore, and fashion designers who decide that slim hips and tiny breasts are in. But they totally fail to reflect on what makes a woman beautiful. It is her femininity.

The power of the media dictates our lives. No wonder more than three-quarters of women in the world wish they were ‘smaller.’

My question: Is thin really beautiful? And, are thinner women happier? And, how can a woman fall in love with her body?

The power of positivity.

Power of Positivity

I love to wander through art museums. When I enter a gallery of Renaissance art I notice how beautiful the wide-hipped and heavier women are. I learned in one of my Art History classes that the famous artists portrayed their nudes heavyset with rounded bellies because fertility was a defining trait of beauty and class. A woman of wealth was able to lounge and enjoy food! The artists of the time were men and what did men embrace, Darling…a fertile woman with wealth! The artist was sending a clear cultural message of the times.

And, over time artists continued to change the image of the woman’s body in order to fit society’s cultural message. Remember Twiggy in the 1960s? The diet fad? To look like Twiggy was the dream. And oh how the male designers got into the fray with skinny jeans and little tank tops, totally forgetting that women were born to have hips and breasts! It was also the time women began to turn to surgery. A smaller nose, breast reduction, liposuction, tanning machines, and of course, botox. Oh, what we have gone through over the centuries to try and portray ‘the cultural message’.

The Cultural Message

In the above two paragraphs, I explained the differences brought on by a cultural message. The full-bodied woman of the 16th Century with wide hips and rounded stomach depicting fertility and wealth and the 20th Century ‘Twiggy-like body’ that drove and is still driving what is considered sex appeal. And that my darling tells part of the story.

To some, thin is beautiful. To others Zaftig (a Yiddish word meaning full rounded bodied) is beautiful. Do I think thin women are happier? I really don’t. Do I think a woman can fall in love with her body? Yes, if she uses the power of positivity. If she is able to comprehend that the mass media has programed her to think she has to be airbrushed to be a beautiful woman and is wise enough to know that is a farce.

If you are a woman whose outlook on life is fueled by the power of positivity; giving thanks for your blessings, you will smile often, walk tall, have a clear vision of your needs and desires, and therefore, feel your power. If you have the power of positivity in your corner, your weight can be 200 pounds and you can be a gorgeous woman because your beauty comes from your aura.

A Positive Thinking Grandwoman

I know women of all ages, all weight ranges, with all types of looks.

A while ago I met two young girls in a shop. They were short, stout, one wore thick glasses and one had frizzy hair. They did not have a fashion sense but OMG when I left them I thought they were really something gosh darn it! They had smiles from ear to ear, and great laughs, and their personality and warmth were over the top. However, I knew they felt beautiful because they had that special aura. Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the girls was married to a handsome hunk of a guy.

To be a GRANDWOMAN you want to feel the power of positivity. The power of positive thinking is remarkable.

To be a positive thinking woman you have to think about what you want and how to get it. If you do develop this attitude it can change your life.

How to Love Your Body Comes From Positive Thinking

How to love your bodyExercise more. Join a gym, sign up and pay for 10 sessions. You will now exude energy. A very positive feeling.

How to love your body…Take a daily walk. Nature gives us positive energy. Walking increases energy, gives you alone time to think, and is a stress reliever. This activity will create a positive outlook.

How to love your body…Create a positive environment. Healthy snacks. Healthy meals. You will feel positivity in your home.

How to love your body…Read positive books, listen to podcasts, and watch positive documentaries. Use of your mind instills knowledge. What could be more positive?

How to love your body… Express your feelings. Have trustworthy friends to confide in and understand. Speak to your feeling. As well, when you hear your feelings reflect your thoughts and you will become more mindful of your actions.

It Can Be Hard To Think Positively

Darling, it is a fact that human beings find it difficult to think positively. It seems we pay more attention to negative thoughts than positive ones and if we are disappointed we dwell on them.

If you are joyful you are joyful, no big deal. The bad news is news. The good news is not news. However, what you should understand is that negativity is addictive but the power of positivity is so much nicer.

So start by loving who you are. The inner you. Reinforce this with positive actions. The more positive your actions become the more love you will feel about ‘the you in you.’ And the more love you internalize about yourself, the taller you will walk. The more often you will smile. And, you will create an aura around you that is far more beautiful than any physical form.

Do you find it hard to think positively about your body, Darlings? Let me know if the comments below! 

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