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How to Keep All Kinds of Romance Alive


I would love you to do a little homework. It’s good for your soul. Jot down, in a short paragraph, how you keep the romance alive and its effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Well… what did you come up with?

How I Look at Romance and Keep it Alive

I am a romantic woman in every sense of the word. The following is me…

A romantic woman is a woman who appreciates keeping the romance alive. Feeling romantic is a large part of her lifestyle. She allows herself to feel the rush, in all forms, of profound romantic elation.

What is profound romantic elation? First and foremost, it is in her capacity to realize the importance of having a romance with life; ranging from the intimacy of her love affair with her husband to motherly love and to the love she feels for her grands. It is also her passion for an art piece or symphony. It may be in the intense joy of smelling the fragrance of her new perfume, or witnessing a stunning morning sunrise and experiencing the sound of a chirping bird or the wet kiss of her pooch. Romance can be found in the connection from a kind-hearted friend or the allure of a trip to an exotic place.

She keeps the romance alive by being an observer and listener to all sounds and all things. Romance is a feeling so positive, it lifts her up to the heights. It is her ability to love and take in all life has to offer and she blooms because of it. Her attitude is all about keeping romance in her life, alive.

How I Keep Romance Alive With My Ultimate Concierge

My love affair with my ultimate concierge is constant. There is no one I love more than my husband. He has, as I often write, earned my devotion. He is always all around me.

Keeping romance alive over the years is ever evolving because the passing of time changes a couple’s lifestyle.  I hate to see this happen, but this is life.

I wish I could go back to the first minute I laid eyes on my husband and relive every second. As I write this, I feel a sadness come over me as I think back to what was and wish it was… what is.

Walking from NYU University, after visiting a grand, from First Street hand in hand to our hotel in the Sixties was a perfect romantic dalliance. Now we take a taxi. The romantic lure has shifted and it is all about time. Time passing changes the dynamics of how to keep a romance alive but it does not change the feeling of deep love, deep respect, and deep friendship.


We Think Alike; Therefore We Are In Sync.

Being in sync keeps the romance alive because we enjoy the same type of lifestyle; our attitudes toward life are the same. Therefore we are in accord on 99% of issues.

We are the same religion, we have the same core values, we enjoy the same type of friends and love adventure and, thank goodness, our politics are the same. I am smiling.

As the saying goes, we are a ‘match made in heaven.’ Our biggest differences: I like to spend money like all women do. He likes to save money like all men do. It is a good balance. I am the cockeyed optimist and he is a careful optimist and that is good, too.

We Are Physically and Emotionally Attracted to One Another

This keeps our romance alive. He tells me I look pretty. I tell him “I am so attracted to you, I can’t stand it!” We always hold hands and every day we tell each other, “I love you.” This keeps the spark alive, naturally.

Sensitive to Each Other’s Feelings, We Are One.

My Ultimate Concierge and I share our most intimate feelings and rise to the occasion to help one another. I melt over this quality in a man. This is key in keeping our romance alive.

We Spend Time Together

This is very important in keeping the romance alive. We enjoy dining alone, watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, while we munch on popcorn. Furthermore, we travel together and share everything. Enjoying alone time is the ultimate compliment a spouse can give to their spouse.

We Add Excitement to Our Life

My Ultimate Concierge and I don’t allow our marriage to become stagnant. We remain interested in the hunt of life. This keeps the romance alive. We each bring ‘the new’ to the table.

We Accept the Challenge of Aging

As couples age, vulnerabilities begin to appear. This is very difficult to accept.

A husband retires, he enters a new passage of life. One spouse no longer has the same physical prowess. Another spouse’s competence is faltering. This is hard on both of them.

The challenge is to have patience and take care of one another and be helpmates. When I broke my ankle, my husband was my Joan of Arc for six months. This kept our romance alive. I revered him. Taking care of one another keeps the romance alive.

We keep our romance alive because we are part of one another. My Ultimate Concierge and I started out on the right foot… we were in sync, but that does not mean that every moment of our marriage is filled with romance. We have trials and tribulations, like everyone.

My Ultimate Concierge and I have the essential components that keep our romance alive. We are collaborators and lovers in every sense, and we work at our marriage and we don’t let anything or anyone come between us. In short, we are committed.


My Life is a Romantic Adventure

My life is wonderful even in its less than stellar moments. I see my life as excitedly diverse and at other times very delicate, and even in its less than stellar moments, I enjoy everything I can take out of it.

There is so much I take in every day. Nothing escapes me. So many things to delight in. I don’t just live, I have an infatuation with life, and I want you to have the same joy!

How Do YOU Keep The Romance Alive in Your Own Relationship?

I would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Much the same as you just described. Always touching, holding hands, looking at each other. I not only love him, I still like him after all these 50+ years. I adore him and he still think I’m cute. He says when he looks at me, I look just like I did when he first knew me.

  2. I feel as though you are writing about my husband any myself we have not been apart for 46 years, I could not imagine my life being any different. I am truly blessed to be with this warm, kind and honest man. Thank you for sharing.

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