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Let’s Celebrate National Wine Day With Fun Wine Accessories!

Let’s Celebrate National Wine Day With Fun Wine Accessories!

Let's Celebrate National Wine Day With Fun Wine Accessories!

Happy National Wine Day! If you’re like me, you love a great glass of red wine after a hard day of work. Not only is it tasty, but the occasional glass of red wine has been proven to be good for our health.

The History of Wine On National Wine Day

The story of wine is entwined in cultures all over the world and has been a part of life since 4100 B.C (that we know of). Did you know that Egyptians made and used wine in ceremonies because it looked like blood? I know, sounds gross, but how interesting! Recently, in northern Israel, 500 gallons of wine were discovered in a 3,700-year-old cellar. (Find more facts about wine, HERE)

We could talk about the history of wine around the world forever, but instead, let’s talk about fun wine accessories for our homes and apartments.

If you love wine, you may already have some of these accessories, but it’s fun to browse nonetheless. Let’s take a look!

Fun Wine Accessories For Wine Lovers!

Wine Aerator Electric Wine Decanter: With a push of a button aerate your wine is straight to your glass. This product softens tannins and enriches your wine for a better taste. It also preserves your wine longer and keeps your wine fresh while you drink. This aerator is easy to use, comes with a USB charger, and is great for any wine lover! 




Le Chateau Wine Decanter – Hand Blown Glass: This wine decanter is absolutely stunning, and will be a great addition to any home! It’s hand-blown crystal, and lead-free. This decanter will enhance the aroma and purity of any white or red wine! Not to mention it’s stylish. 





VoChill Personal Wine Chiller: Do you like to enjoy your white wine and hate that it goes warm? This VoChill personal wine chiller will solve all your problems. A fun gift for any white wine lover in your life, or yourself! 






Cork Genius Wine Opener Set: This 4-in-1 Cork Genius set is a great buy! Included you get an air pump bottle opener, bottle-top aerator, wine foil cutter, and a vacuum seal wine stopper! With the air-pump wine opener, you can easily and safely remove wine corks with a push, pump, and pop – never use a corkscrew again. Doesn’t that sound nice!






Hand Blown Italian Style Crystal Burgundy Wine Glasses: Every person and every home needs a beautiful set of red wine glasses. These hand-blown Italian-style crystal wine glasses will be a beautiful addition to your collection – and so fun to drink out of! 






Bariboo Stackable Countertop Wine Rack:  If you’re looking for a sleek and beautiful countertop wine rack, this one is great because it’s stackable and compact! It also won’t be an eyesore in your home. If you need a place to store your wines, this is a great option!


SipCaddy Shower Beer and Bath Wine Holder: Are you a person who loves to take a bath with a glass of wine? If you are, I’m sure you’re always afraid you may drop your wine or have it slip off onto the floor or into the bath… well, this SipCaddy will keep your wine safe from slips and spills. What a fun idea, and a great form of self-care!




White Wine Glasses Set of 4: Now, don’t forget your set of white wine glasses! This set of 4 white wine glasses from Elixir are sleek and stunning. They will make your guests feel like royalty. They are hand-blown and have a nice slender stem. Just beautiful! 



Luxury Wine Accessories

If luxury wine accessories are more your taste, darling, here are a few for you to browse! Enjoy and have fun shopping.

  1. Stölzle Olympia Twister Tumblers, Set of Six
  2. Baccarat – Box of Assorted Wine Glasses, Set of 6
  3. Versace – White Wine Glass Set
  4. Foundry Select Floor Wine Bottle & Glass Rack 
  5. Chandelier Tabletop Wine Glass Rack – Ten Strawberry Street
  6. Frontgate – L’Atelier du Vin Le Globe Wine Tools Set
  7. Vinotemp 2-Bottle Thermoelectric Open Wine Cooler
  8. Aerin – Leon Bottle Opener

Happy National Wine Day! Enjoy your glass of wine.

Did you find something you liked or enjoyed? Please comment at the bottom of this page and let me know. Or, if there are any great wine accessories that I missed, please share your favorites!

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