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Tips on how to wear dark lipstick as an older woman


Dark lips are dramatically in style. And I was thrilled to learn that something I wear every day—dark lipstick—is trending again.

Dark lips, as Vogue put it, are “scene-stealing…whether onyx, Bordeaux-stained, or graphic magenta, cool-toned lips are dominating the runways this season.”

I want my lips to stand out, just as I want to stand out. I don’t shrink back and become invisible because of age. I consider age only a number. But let’s have a quick reality check for a moment.  Will women over 50 really be rocking black lipstick? Most decidedly we will not. But there are many shades this side of the Goth-inspired onyx and black cherry that Vogue is hyping that are appropriate for women 50 and over.

My personal favorite

I feel very feminine in dark lips, and my own go-to shade, Tom Ford’s Black Dahlia, is smooth, silky, sexy and stays on my lips. Of course, wearing dark lips comes with its own particular challenges: namely getting it applied appropriately and then getting it to stay put – especially if you’re as fond of wearing white shirts as I am.

Tips for wear dark lipstick over 50

Here are five tips I can share with you, as someone who wears dark lipstick daily.

1.    Exfoliate and moisturize: Chapped lips are much more noticeable with dark shades, and in addition, for whatever reason, dark lipsticks seem to be a bit more drying. A gentle exfoliation and a thorough moisturizing will go a long way towards smoothing your look.

2.    Lip liner is your friend: When dark lipstick starts to wander, it’s far more noticeable than lighter shades, so lining is a crucial step. After lining the natural contours of your mouth, proceed to fill in the your entire lip; it anchors the color to come and helps it stay put.

3.    Apply to taut lips: Again, because it’s so dramatic, you don’t want to risk the possibility you miss creases on your lips (otherwise known as wrinkles, dear readers!). So hold them taut to apply across the entire surface of the lip.

4.    Check your teeth: Sometimes color transfers to your teeth, and when it’s dark, it really shows. Keep your tissues handy.

5.    Be bold: Dark lips are bold and sensual. Always wear them with confidence.

5 shades of dark lipstick for women over 50

1. Tom Ford Rouge a Levres in Black Dahlia ($53)—I wear this bold matte shade from Tom Ford nearly every day. It’s luxurious and velvety, and most importantly, it stays with me through what are some very busy workdays.


2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Matte in Trust Issues ($20)—This goes on liquid and dries matte, though with a light sheen that adds dimension to every shade.

3. Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Eton Moi ($90)—Even before you even get to the lipstick, take a good look at this particular tube. It’s a little piece of art you can carry with you throughout the day! Luxe in the extreme, it’s super pigmented in a plum shade for less frequent re-application.

4. Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce Matte Lipstick in Dolce Jealous ($38)—This goes on super lightweight for a feathery feel in a seductive, rich plum shade that they claim is “sex in a tube.”

5. Gucci’s Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick in Dark Romance ($40)—Retro-inspired but formulated with a modern feel, this one really grips the lips with bold, saturated color. It’s made with a mix of waxes and resin for a sophisticated, weightless finish.

There is no reason to shirk from dark lipstick if you are over 50, dear readers. Be adventurous and try it out!

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