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When life gives us lemons, we just have to make ourselves some sweet lemonade. Here you’ll find our musings, pearls of wisdom, and personal stories to guide you through life’s passages. Explore how to embrace your beauty with style, discover new adventures, navigate the nuances of relationships, pull back the curtain to deal with life changes, and resonate with the reflections of other women. 

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Passages After 50


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Doors for the new HoneyGood.com website will open on September 7, 2022. Welcome to the ‘brand’ new Honey Good. For those unaware of my business story, it began several years ago when I got bored with my daily lifestyle. Little did I know I would never have a boring moment again! My journey into storytelling […]

Welcome to the brand new Honey Good Website

Passages After 50

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Darlings, today we have a wonderful article written by Dr. Bethany Johnson. She is a professor of sociology with 20 years of teaching in the classroom and online. Today, she writes about what it means to be a GRANDwoman with moxie in her eyes. I just love hearing what a GRANDwoman is to you. Her […]

Are You a GRANDwoman with Moxie?

Passages After 50

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Happy Almost March!  Darlings, happy almost Month of Moxie! Today, we wrap up the month of love, and it’s also a leap day. Yes, that means that today is a day that only comes every 4 years. Isn’t that wild? Imagine if you were born on February, 29th! Your birthday only comes every 4 years […]

Weekend Musings: Spring Travel, Leap Year History & Much More!

Passages After 50

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Darlings, I hope you all had a wonderful day of love yesterday. What a week it has been yet again. However, experiencing daily ups and downs are just part of life, and we must all learn to live and grow through them, am I right?  So, if you spent this week […]

Weekend Musings: Fun Workouts, Skincare Products & Much More!

Passages After 50

The Art of Gift Giving From the Heart

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Happy Month of Love, Darlings!  Today is officially the first day of February. Can you believe it? This month Honey Good is all about love, connection and dealing with loneliness. I know these are all topics our Honey Good Readers care about and enjoy reading.  We will be tackling these topics and of course, more. […]

Weekend Musings: Royal Gowns, Romantic Getaways & Much More!

Passages After 50

Many women over 50 do. I have found, the key to feeling relevant, important, and VISIBLE lies within you. I hope my free eBook will help you rediscover your purpose, and see the value that I so clearly see in you. 

as a woman, do you feel invisible?


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