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Are You a GRANDwoman with Moxie?

Darlings, today we have a wonderful article written by Dr. Bethany Johnson. She is a professor of sociology with 20 years of teaching in the classroom and online. Today, she writes about what it means to be a GRANDwoman with moxie in her eyes. I just love hearing what a GRANDwoman is to you. Her perspective is enlightening. I am smiling!

Are You a GRANDwoman with Moxie?

I have only recently been given the privilege to become a contributing writer for Honey Good and I am already viewing my fellow GRANDwomen through the eyes of “MOXIE.”  To be honest, I had to ask what the term meant just so I was on the right track when writing an article of GRANDwomen and MOXIE. The more I read Honey Good’s view of MOXIE, the more I found I already know so many GRANDwomen with this wonderful characteristic!

What I Think a GRANDwoman with MOXIE is Like

When looking at life and women using the term MOXIE as my lens, specific characteristics kept popping in my mind. Here are just a few of them that I feel contribute to being a GRANDwoman with MOXIE:


A GRANDwoman with MOXIE is one that inspires her friends, family and those around her. She is one who sets the path aflame with excitement, possibility, and designs a way to make a fruitful impact in life.

I read a Good Housekeeping article that highlighted inspiring women and here are two that I found fascinating:

Marie Wilson, 77, who founded the White House Project and creator of Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Ms. Wilson stated that what she feels keeps us strong is the ability to make changes in the world and that she gets up every day knowing this is something that she must do.

Heather Booth, 72, a fighter for justice and democracy. Ms. Booth is passionate about creating a society where all people are treated with dignity and respect. In the article, she states, “and at this age, I am grateful to have a little more confidence than I did earlier” in order to face a crisis and create change.

What is it that you strive to inspire in your life and the life of others?

surviving female friendships


A GRANDwoman with MOXIE is one that holds a great passion in her life especially for something more than herself. This GRANDwoman sees true meaning and joy in her passion which, in her mind, also serves a purpose. And, this passion can range from creating art that tells a story, being a role model for others (maybe her grandchildren or younger adult), to volunteering for an organization.

One of my dearest and closest friends, Dr. Rhonda Morgan, a retired college professor, has been volunteering as a librarian at our local women’s prison for 15 years. Last year, she turned her passion for helping female inmates into an organization, The Red Clay Ministries. This ministry serves the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of female inmates. Visit Red Clay’s website at

Share with us what you are passionate about.


Having MOXIE means that a GRANDwoman has the will and power to face today’s challenges yet still remains grateful for what she has been given. It is easy to lose sight of the good in our lives when we are constantly bombarded with hardships, struggles, and strife.

Finding gratitude is the foundation of happiness and being positive. No matter the issue, a GRANDwoman will always be able to recognize the positive in her life and be grateful for it. One way to create a habit of gratitude is to mention three things daily that you are grateful for. Each day sends us new things to be grateful for, we just need to practice recognizing them. 

What are your three things for today?


A GRANDwoman with MOXIE is determined to an extreme fault! Nothing seems to stop her. This can be good and bad, however…

When a GRANDwoman with MOXIE makes up her mind, she is a force to be reckoned with. She hears the nay-sayers, she’s heard the negative and doubts; yet she knows her ability, has faith and sees the potential outcome.

Often people will see the obstacles in their path and deter to something else, but a GRANDwoman will stay the course. Being a college professor means that I am in a constant environment ripe with political arguing. I have been passed over for positions because someone didn’t like my personal political views. Or, I have heard students complain about professors pushing their views in class. I have sat in meetings with the air so thick of tension due to people not being civil with each other. And, I have often thought of leaving the college classroom simply to get away from what can be a toxic environment. 

However, just as I think I will, a student will come to talk to me about the difference I am making to them. Due to this, I am now determined to remain in an environment that is more against me than with me. I am determined to be a calm and encouraging spot for students. As well, I am determined to see the tension as a catalyst to keep helping rather than walking away. 

Is there something in your life that you are determined about?

Never Jealous

MOXIE gives a GRANDwoman the satisfying assurance of one’s self and, thus, she is never jealous of others. This GRANDwoman feels no need to compare herself with others nor does she envy what others may have.

This may be in part due to the gratitude for what she has, which allows her to be happy for what others have without feeling envious or jealous. MOXIE allows for her to never measure herself up to other people’s standards, accomplishments or abilities. She knows her strengths, her weaknesses, and her abilities.

With MOXIE, a GRANDwoman stands firm in who she is.

To MOXIE with Love

There are so many other characteristics that can make a GRANDwoman full of MOXIE.  I hope that you are able to recognize some of the ones I mentioned and/or others in yourself.

Find that MOXIE in yourself and set it free! Honey Good is a wonderful source of discovering your MOXIE and encouraging it, so keep reading the articles to discover new ways of being a GRANDwoman with MOXIE.

How are you a GRANDwoman with Moxie?

Dr. Bethany Johnson is a professor of sociology with 20 years of teaching in the classroom and online. As well, she has a B.S. and Master’s degree in sociology, as well as, an Ed.D in Workforce Education. Her passion is motivating people towards a positive and self-rising mindset in today’s busy world. Her heart also lies in helping women recognize that one’s age does not define who you are or what you can do. 

She currently lives in Georgia with her husband and son. She loves reading, spending time with family and friends, as well as, traveling. If you find her on a beach, she is in her happy place! As well, she can be contacted at



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  1. Thank you for defining a GRANDwoman! It was helpful to witness the areas I fit and those I can work on. I read the term GRANDwoman but never quite identified.with what it meant. Your examples were helpful too.
    Dear Honey the red and black outfit with the leather skirt was stunning! It made me want to design something like it and start sewing and I haven’t sewn in years. Beautiful!

    Thank you again for this great piece of work,

    1. I do agree. There is always, for every woman, someone who knows more and has more than we do. We have to appreciate who we are and then we will have peace. I am glad you you took a takeaway. Warmly, Honey

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