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Weekend Musings: Better Posture, The Meaning of Flowers & Much More!

March Comes In Like a Lion…

Darlings, how was your first week of March? 

March can still be chilly, but with it comes the hints of warmer weather and of course, spring. 

This month at Honey Good, we are celebrating the month of moxie. Moxie is described as, “force of character, determination, or nerve.” To have moxie means you won’t let a set-back get in your way. That you have passion, persist and have that certain something to always keep going strong. 

Celebrate yourself every day, Darlings. Feed that moxie spirit and always wear a smile! 

TEDxWomen – Jane Fonda

What does it mean to live in your third act of life?

Actress, activist, producer and so much more, Jane Fonda has had a life full of experiences. In this wonderful TedxWomen talk, Jane opens up about her third act of life, and how she gained a better self-understanding as she aged. 

Jane is truly a GRANDWOMAN with moxie

Do you Have Bad Posture? 

Do you struggle with bad posture, especially after 50? As we age, our bodies change, and all those years of hunching over a computer catch up to us. 

If this is an issue that you face, have no fear! If you work at it, you can improve your posture and make your body feel younger and more limber. 

Here is a great video of exercises to help improve your posture after 50!

Every Flower Has a Meaning 

Did you know that every beautiful flower has a meaning? 

Edelweiss means courage and devotion, hibiscus symbolizes delicate beauty and red tulips show your dedication. 

If you’re thinking about giving flowers to someone, consider making it even more special by letting them know what each flower means, and why you picked them for that person. 

Want to know the meaning or symbolism of more flowers? 

Click HERE for a great slideshow! 

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  1. Jane Fonda’s Ted Talk truly inspired me, & although I have not been a fan because of her past actions & politics, I was able to get past that & listen to her inspiring speech. I shared it with my children $ with many friends, some of whom wold not consider even listening because they cannot forgive her for what she did & said during the Vietnam Nam War. I too am a woman with moxie, & I’m glad I was able to get past that so I could experience her insightful presentation. Thank you for writing your column, which I continue to enjoy. I would love to send some photos to you in an email. If you might be interested, please let me know how to do that. Thank you, Rita

    1. You are wise.Why deprive ourselves of worthwhile knowledge and why harbor anger. You gave me a great idea to pass onto my computer guy. Pictures of my reader on my web page. Oh by the way, I will have a FACEBOOK PRIVATE GROUP GOING live next week. You can sigh up now on my Honey Good Facebook to preview and write on but it won’t be perfect until next week. Thank you so much for mentioning photos. You can send me yours in an email to Warmly, Honey

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