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As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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Welcome to the brand new Honey Good Website


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Welcome to Honey Good. For those unaware of my business story, it began several years ago when I got bored with my daily lifestyle. Little did I know I would never have a boring moment again! My journey into storytelling and an online company started as a hobby. In my wildest dreams, I never expected it to grow into a business. I think, at times, ignorance is bliss.

It began by chance. At a first-time meeting, an author asked me how I spent my days. Always an open book, I explained to her I was bored with my busyness. Believing in serendipity, I know our meeting was in the stars! 

Without any hesitation, she told me, “If you keep a journal for three months, you will find your voice.” Her words, “you will find your voice,” enamored me. They were so dramatic! And, I love drama. 

Driving home later that afternoon, I kept repeating, “I ‘will’ find my voice!” Little did I know her words would propel me from a hobby of writing a journal into an eventual blogging business I knew nothing about! Furthermore, I was in my sixties.

The consequences, positive and negative, have been enormous; life-changing; a real-life drama! Turning a hobby into a branded business has been difficult. I should write a book!

What sets HoneyGood.com apart from all the rest? I am an authentic storyteller, a mentor, who has earned her Ph.D. in life! My stories are a melting pot of authenticity and wisdom learned from my personal experiences. And, oh what I have learned! 

Other fabulous lifestyle bloggers are authorities in a specific category or are generalists. 

I am a small-town girl from Kankakee by the Sea who has and is living, inwardly and outwardly, an extraordinary life with twists and turns of experiences, great and sad, that most women never experience.  

My joy is sharing my true stories, my hills and valleys with women after 50, and younger women too. 

celebrate life after 50, Honey Good's private Facebook group


My site is not competing with other Lifestyle sites. I am creating a palate that will bring joy, knowledge, balance, optimism, and a certain serenity to women after 50 and younger women also. 

How will Honey Good be different from my old site? 

The site will be easier to navigate.

The site has a new facelift. 

The site is adding additional contributing storytellers with expertise.


My goal, through my stories, is for women to learn there is a gold mine within them. Once accepted and executed, this knowledge will allow them to use their infinite power, energy, and wisdom. At times there is an immediate solution to a difficulty and other times it may take days or months. Trust me, I know!

My question to you…if not now, when?

I am smiling!

What topics are you most excited for? Please share in the comments!

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Honey's Book, Stories for My Grandchild

September 7, 2022


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  1. Claire Allan says:

    Dear Honey,
    I am enjoying the look and design of your new website. I am excited to be able to connect with you and other women around the world, to learn and grow from all our shared experiences. I am looking forward to feeling less alone.

    • Susan Good says:

      Hi! Thank you. Please join one of my private facebook groups if you want to. One is Celebrate Life- where loneliness and invisibility disappears. Another one is Widows and the third is Estranged mothers and grandmothers – Millions strong. I don’t want you to feel alone. Warmly and in friendship- Honey

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